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Book Notes

Book Notes



Celebrating the City: A Pictorial Essay of Toledo, 1890-1940. Compiled by

Morgan J. Barclay. (Toledo: Toledo-Lucas County Public Library, 1979.

48p.; illustrations.) The Toledo-Lucas County Public Library and Ohio Prog-

ram in the Humanities combined forces to produce an outstanding exhibit

displaying a selection of the work of two late-nineteenth and early twen-

tieth-century Toledo photographers, Charles Mensing and Norman Hauger.

Thirty-eight of the photographs are reproduced in an exhibition catalog,

along with a forword by University of Toledo urban historian Charles N.

Glaab. The catalog and exhibit are divided into three themes: "Toledo at

Work," "Toledo at Play," and "The Changing Faces of Toledo." Biographical

data for the two photographers and explanatory notes for each photo are



David A. Simmons



The Changing Face of Boston over 350 Years. A Massachusetts Historical

Society Picture Book. Edited by Malcolm Freiberg. (Boston: Massachusetts

Historical Society, 1980. 24p.; illustrations.) The latest in the series of pic-

ture books published by the Massachusetts Historical Society is this collec-

tion of twenty-two views of Boston dating from the seventeenth to the

twentieth century. Included are German, French, British, and American

derived plats, ink drawings, maps, engravings, photographs, and litho-

graphs. All were compiled from the collections of the historical society by

the publications editor to commemorate Boston's "Jubilee 350," three and a

half centuries after the city's founding in 1630. This tiny sampling of the

society's holdings begins to illustrate the transformation of Boston from a

small colonial village to a dense twentieth-century metropolis.


David A. Simmons



Clarence Darrow: A Bibliography. By Willard D. Hunsberger. (Metuchen,

N.J.: The Scarecrow Press, Inc., 1981. 215p.; chronology, bibliography, in-

dex.) Willard D. Hunsberger has compiled a bibliography of Clarence Dar-

row that includes a chronological listing of Darrow's legal and literary

works, writings about Darrow, reviews of Darrow's eight most famous court

cases, and the location of Darrow manuscripts throughout the United

States. Each section contains a brief introduction, and the entries have

cryptic comments on the source being cited. The most useful section of this

work is the listing of repositories holding Darrow manuscripts. The other

sections contain information that is readily available in other formats.


Roger Meade