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Notes and Queries

Notes and Queries


Recent promotions, appointments, and awards within the professional

community of Ohio historians include: Edmund J. Danziger of Bowling

Green State University has been promoted to Chairman of the Department

of History; Gary R. Hess of Bowling Green State University has been

appointed Acting Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences; a lieutenant

colonel in the Army Reserve, David C. Skaggs of Bowling Green State

University will take a leave of absence to attend the Army War College,

Carlisle Barracks, Pennsylvania, during the 1982-1983 academic year;

Daniel Beaver of the University of Cincinnati received a Charles P. Taft

research grant to advance his research on the War Department and the

American business community; Ronald Pollitt of the University of Cincin-

nati received a Charles P. Taft research grant to continue his research in

England on the Northern Rebellion of 1569; John N. Dickinson of Miami

University has been appointed editor of The Old Northwest; Ronald E.

Shaw of Miami University will take research leave in the Spring of 1983 to

complete his book, A History of the Canal Era in the United States, 1790-

1860; Edward B. Parsons of Miami University-Hamilton Campus, has been

promoted to Professor; Dr. John Saffell, Chairman of the Department of

History and Political Science, has retired after thirty-four years at Mount

Union College; Richard L. Coleman has been appointed as Curator of the

Cornelius Ryan Memorial Collection World War II Papers at the Ohio Uni-

versity Library, and will begin a year-long project of organizing, describing,

and microfilming the collection; Theodore Natsoulas, who recently accepted

a tenure-track position to teach African and Middle Eastern history at the

University of Toledo, received a summer fellowship to study the educational

and religious independence movement of the Kikuyu people of Kenya dur-

ing the period 1929-1955; Bogdan C. Novak of the University of Toledo has

been granted a summer fellowship to examine "Political Attitudes of Amer-

ican Slovenes during World War II"; George Kulchcky of Youngstown State

University has been promoted to Professor; and Lowell Satre of Youngs-

town State University has been promoted to Professor.



The 1981 Kerr History Prize has been awarded to Gordan S. Wood of

Brown University for his article, "Evangelical American and Early Mor-

monism," which appeared in the October 1980 issue of New York History.

The prize is awarded each year for the best article appearing in New York

History, as judged by the New York State Historical Association's trustee

publications committee.

The 1981 New York State Historical Association Manuscript Award, pre-

sented annually to the author of the best unpublished book-length manu-

script dealing with New York state history, has been awarded to David

Narrett for his monograph, "Patterns of Inheritance in Colonial New York

City, 1664-1775: A Study in the History of the Family." Narrett used pro-

bate records and similar documents to analyze family structure, the role of

women, patterns of inheritance, and related social phenomena. His study

offers fresh insights into the legal processes of colonial New York.