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Notes and Queries

Notes and Queries



Recent promotions, appointments, and awards within the profession-

al community of Ohio historians include: Carolyn Komer joined the Bowl-

ing Green State University Center for Archival Collections as a part-time

conservator/bookbinder; Reuben G. Bullard and Willard W. Winter of the

Cincinnati Bible College recently served as core staff members of the Tel

Abila excavations in Jordan; Wilson Hoffman began his tenure as Thorn and

Frances Pendleton Professor of History at Hiram College; John van Atta of

Hiram College was awarded a grant for a summer research project, "Public

Lands and Political Economy in 19th Century America"; Hiram College's

Alice-Mary Talbott received an ACLS travel grant to present a paper at the

17th Spring Symposium of Byzantine Studies in Birmingham, England;

Wallace J. Kosinski returned to John Carroll University after spending the

1981-1982 academic year at the Jagiellonian University in Craco, Poland; Mar-

ian J. Morton of John Carroll University was awarded a fall 1983 Faculty Fel-

lowship and a summer 1983 NEH stipend for her work on the Cleveland Ma-

ternity Homes and Refuges; Barrett L. Beer of Kent State University received

a Fulbright Teaching Fellowship to the University of Trumso, Norway; Yen-

Chien Wang of Kent State University received a National Academy of Sci-

ences award for research in Peking, China; Stephen C. Morton of Kent State

University's American History Research Center and University Archives was

selected to serve on the Steering Committee of the College and University Ar-

chives PAG; William B. Scott of Kenyon College received a National Science

Foundation grant to complete his work on a history of The New School for

Social Sciences; Victoria Wyatt of Kenyon College received an NEH grant to

organize a West Coast Indian art exhibition for the Peabody Museum in New

Haven; The Ohio State University's Marvin R. Zahniser continued to serve

as Executive Secretary Treasurer of The Society for Historians of American

Foreign Relations; John C. Rule, John C. Burnham, and M. Les Benedict of

The Ohio State University served on national committees of the American

Historical Association; Austin Kerr and M. Les Benedict of The Ohio State

University received Fulbright Lectureship awards for the 1982-1983 aca-

demic year; Samuel C. Chu of The Ohio State University served as the Visit-

ing Sun Yat-sen Professor of China Studies at Georgetown University; John

C. Burnham of The Ohio State University served as Tallman Visiting Profes-

sor of History and Psychology at Bodoin College; The Ohio State Universi-

ty's professor Williamson Murray was selected to serve as Visiting Professor

at West Point Military Academy in autumn 1983; Marc L. Raphael of The

Ohio State University was invited to become the editor of American Jewish

History; Carter V. Findley of The Ohio State University was invited to serve

as an Associate Member of The Institute of Turkish Studies; Erving E.

Beauregard of The University of Dayton will be on sabbatical leave during

second term of 1983 to write a biography of John A. Bingham; Robert S.

Alexander replaced Leroy V. Eid as department chairperson at The Univer-

sity of Dayton; Edwin R. King of The University of Dayton received the Out-

standing Teacher Award in the College of Arts and Sciences; Donald T.

Critchlow of The University of Dayton received a grant from the Rockefeller

Foundation/Rockefeller University to study "Prostitution and the Crusade