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90                                                  OHIO HISTORY


Three books by Louis Filler have recently been re-published: Horace

Mann on the Crisis in Education and Wendell Phillips on Civil Rights and

Freedom: Second Edition with New Preface, both by the University Press of

America; and A Dictionary of American Social Change, by the Robert E.

Krieger Publishing Company.

Other books of interest are: Social Action Collections at the State Histori-

cal Society of Wisconsin: A Guide, issued by the State Historical Society of

Wisconsin; the Forest History Society's David T. Mason: Forestry Advocate,

by Elmo Richardson, and Forest History Museums of the World, compiled

by Kathryn A. Fahl; Elizabeth F. Cutler's Six Fitzgerald Brothers: Lake

Captains All, published by the Wisconsin Marine Historical Society; and

Sprague, Lamont, and Edwall, Washington: Stories of Our People, Land, and

Times, 1881-1981, by the Southeastern Lincoln County Historical Society in

Sprague, Washington.



Ohio History wishes to apologize for several errors in the journal's Annual

1983 issue. In the Notes and Queries section, Carl M. Becker, a faculty mem-

ber at Wright State University in Dayton, was incorrectly listed at Wilmington

College; and the Joseph W. Smith and Standard Oil Company of California

grant mentioned on page 150 was, in fact, received by the Department of His-

tory, Wright State University.


Published by the Ohio Historical Society since 1887, Ohio History hopes

to serve as a clearinghouse for information about Ohio historians, depart-

ments of history, professional meetings, research activities, historical soci-

eties, museums, and libraries. Such an undertaking depends, however, upon

the cooperation of the many individuals and institutions we endeavor to

serve. If you or your organization are interested in placing an announcement in

Notes and Queries, please write to: Ohio History, 1985 Velma Avenue, Colum-

bus, Ohio 43211. Production deadlines dictate that all dated materials (con-

tests, meetings, requests for papers) be in our office five months prior to pub-