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Book Notes




Choose You This Day: The Legacy of the Hanbys. By Dacia Custer Shoe-

maker. Edited by Harold B. Hancock and Millard J. Miller. (Westerville,

Ohio: The Westerville Historical Society, 1983. xv + 137p.; illustrations,

notes, appendix, selected bibliography, index.) The publication of this

book represents the final realization of Dacia Custer Shoemaker's dream to

rescue the Hanbys from obscurity by preserving and recording many hereto-

fore unknown facts about the famous father and son. A Westerville native

and a graduate of Otterbein College, Shoemaker stumbled upon the Hanby

history when preparing a pageant for Otterbein's 75th anniversary in 1922

and would dedicate the rest of her life to searching through family docu-

ments and mementoes, seeking out Hanby family and friends and rescuing

the Hanby House in Westerville from destruction in order to establish it as a

museum. Her manuscript, however, was lost after her death in 1973 and only

now recovered, edited, amended, and published through the efforts of the

Westerville Historical Society. This story of Bishop William Hanby, a tireless

crusader against social injustice, and his son Benjamin Hanby, the composer

of such songs as "Darling Nelly Gray" and "Up on the Housetop," is well-

researched and well-written. Dacia Custer Shoemaker, the editors Hancock

and Miller, and the Westerville Historical Society deserve plaudits for their

perserverance and vision.

Government and Politics in Ohio. Edited by Carl Lieberman. (Lanham,

Maryland: University Press of America, Inc., 1984. x + 320p.; tables, notes.)

Government and Politics in Ohio provides a useful collection of both original

and previously published articles dealing with governmental institutions, po-

litical history, elections, and politics in Ohio. Focusing, in three sections, on

environmental factors, state government, and local politics in Ohio, the book

includes articles by Laurence Baum, Carl Lieberman, Norman Blume, Kath-

leen L. Barber, and Frank J. Kindrick. Government and Politics in Ohio

could best be used as a supplemental reader in political and history courses

of Ohio.

Soul Mates: The Oberlin Correspondence of Lucy Stone and Antoinette

Brown, 1846-1850. Edited by Carol Lasser and Marlene Merrill. (Oberlin:

Oberlin College, 1983. viii + 100p.; biographical notes.) An interesting col-

lection of letters exchanged by two extraordinary women, Soul Mates ex-

plores the public lives and private thoughts of these pioneering feminists. Set

against the academic atmosphere of the Oberlin community, these voices

from the nineteenth century discuss such issues as abolition, education, and

theology, and speak with a startling clarity to the twentieth century woman,

serving to illustrate the differences and similarities of her conditions. Availa-

ble through the Stone-Blackwell Project, this publication was sponsored as

part of the Sesquicentennial Year celebrations at Oberlin College.