Ohio History Journal

In Memoriam

In Memoriam



The Ohio Historical Society and Ohio History were saddened by the re-

cent death of James H. Rodabaugh following a lengthy illness. Professor

Rodabaugh's professional services to the Ohio Historical Society included

that of research associate and editor, 1944-1951, and division head,

1951-1963. Additionally, he was the editor of the Ohio Historical Quarterly,

1946-1963, and was on the editorial advisory board of Ohio History from

1977 to the time of his passing. In April 1985, shortly before his death, the

Society's Board of Trustees adopted a resolution honoring Rodabaugh for

his "exemplary service . . . and his steadfast presence as colleague and

friend," awarding him a certificate of appreciation.

Professor Rodabaugh's profound contributions to the Ohio Historical So-

ciety were matched by a multitude of achievements in other facets of Ohio

and American history. He taught at Denison University, Kent State Universi-

ty, and most recently at Miami University. His publications included Robert

Hamilton Bishop, Nursing in Ohio: A History (co-author), and The Negro in

the Old Northwest, and he was a member of the American Historical Associa-

tion, the Organization of American Historians, and the American Association

of State and Local History.

While the history profession in general will sorely miss Professor

Rodabaugh's overall talents, Ohio History in particular will suffer the enor-

mous loss of his penetrating editorial insights. His aid to the journal was lim-

itless, and we will miss the honor of having him on our advisory board.

Memorial contributions may be made in Rodabaugh's name to the Miami

University Fund, the Ohioana Library Association, or to the Ohio Historical