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Notes and Queries

Notes and Queries



The fall meeting of the Ohio Academy of History will be held October 17,

1986, at the University of Akron.

Retirements within the professional community include: Jeanette E. Tuve at

the end of the 1984-85 academic year from Cleveland State University and

promoted to the rank of Professor Emerita; Edwin R. King of the University

of Dayton in May 1986; and, in June 1986, Richard W. Smith of Ohio Wesley-

an University.

The Western History Association has put out a call for papers for its

Twenty-Seventh Annual Meeting to be held October 7-10, 1987, in Los An-

geles, California. The Program Committee is particularly interested in ses-

sions that deal with new directions, themes, and methodologies in the study

of the American West, but will give equal consideration to papers dealing

with any aspect of the frontier experience or the West as a region. For further

information contact Paul Andrew Hutton, Chair, WHA Program Committee,

Department of History, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, New Mexi-

co 87131.

Recent books by Ohio historians include: Law, Alcohol and Order: Per-

spectives on National Prohibition, edited by David E. Kyvig of the Universi-

ty of Akron; The United States at War, 1941-1945, by Gary R. Hess of Bowling

Green State University; Cleveland: A Tradition of Reform, edited by David

D. Van Tassel of Case Western Reserve University and John J. Grabowski of

the Western Reserve Historical Society; European Naval and Maritime Histo-

ry, 300-1500, by Timothy J. Runyan of Cleveland State University with Arch-

ibald Lewis; Two German Crowns: Monarchy and Empire in Medieval Ger-

many, by Otis Mitchell of the University of Cincinnati with Wyndham Hall;

North Carolina Faces the Freedmen: Race Relations During Presidential Re-

construction, 1865-67, by Roberta Sue Alexander of the University of Day-

ton; NATO and the Mediterranean, edited by Lawrence S. Kaplan of Kent

State University with Robert W. Clawson and R. Luraghi; Black History and

the Historical Profession, 1915-1980, by August Meier and the late Elliott

Rudwick of Kent State University; The Dutch in America: Immigration, Set-

tlement, and Cultural Change, edited by Robert P. Swierenga of Kent State

University; Oberlin Architecture, College and Town: A Guide to Its Social His-

tory, by Geoffrey T. Blodgett of Oberlin College; The Stoic Tradition from An-

tiquity to the Early Middle Ages, by Marcia L. Colish of Oberlin College with

E. J. Brill; Facism in France: The First Wave, 1924-1933, by Robert Soucy of

Oberlin College; The Architecture of Migration: Log Construction in the Ohio

Country, 1750-1850, by Donald A. Hutslar of the Ohio Historical Society;

Crisis and Decline: The Viceroyalty of Peru in the Seventeenth Century, by

Kenneth J. Andrien of The Ohio State University; Business Enterprise in

American History, by Mansel Blackford and K. Austin Kerr of The Ohio

State University; Trucking and Public Interest: The Emergence of Federal

Regulation, 1914-1940, by William R. Childs of The Ohio State University; A

History of the Soviet Union, by Michael W. Curran of The Ohio State Univer-