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Notes and Queries

Notes and Queries



Recent retirements within the professional community include: Ruth Hel-

muth, Case Western Reserve University Archivist; William D. Aeschbacher,

teacher and administrator at the University of Cincinnati; and Lenore R.

O'Boyle and Leon C. Soule of Cleveland State University.

The 1986 Northern Great Plains History Conference will be held Septem-

ber 25-27. For details contact Jack M. Lauber, University of Wisconsin-Eau

Claire, Department of History, Eau Claire, Wisconsin 54701.

The Kentucky Historical Society presented its annual Richard H. Collins

Award to Professor Frank F. Mathias of the University of Dayton and to

William J. Marshall, Assistant Director for Libraries and Special Collections

at the University of Kentucky. The award, designed to recognize outstanding

research and writing, was given for Mathias's article "Kentucky's Struggle

for Common Schools, 1820-1850" and for Marshall's "A.B. Chandler as

Baseball Commissioner, 1945-51." Both articles appeared during 1984 in The

Register of the Kentucky Historical Society.

The New York State Historical Association awarded the 1985 Kerr History

Prize to David M. Ellis for his article "Whitestown: From Yankee Outpost to

Cradle of Reform" which appeared in the January 1984 issue of New York

History. Ellis, P.V. Rogers Professor of History Emeritus at Hamilton College

in Clinton, New York, is the author of several books on New York state histo-

ry, including the standard college text on the subject, and has contributed

numerous articles to journals and reference works.

The Forest History Society, a non-profit education institution founded in

1946 to advance historical understanding of mankind's interaction with the

forest environment through programs in research, publication, service, li-

brary, and archival collecting, awarded three prizes at its November annual

meeting in Austin, Texas: the $500 Forest History Society Biennial Book

Award to Susan R. Schrepfer of Rutgers University for her book The Fight to

Save the Redwoods: A History of Environmental Reform, 1917-1978; the $150

Weyerhaeuser Award for the best article in the Journal of Forest History

during 1984 to William G. Robbins of Oregon State University; and to Thom-

as R. Dunlap of Virginia Polytechnic Institute, the $150 Blegen Award for the

best article in the field of forest history and conservation published in a jour-

nal other than Forest History.

The Westerville (Ohio) Public Library has placed on deposit a Carleton E.

Watkins photographic album with the Ohio Historical Society. Yo-Semite

Valley: Photographic Views of the Falls and Valleys Yo-Semite in Mariposa

County, California (San Francisco, 1863) contains sixty-two mammoth images

in addition to the photographically copied title page and map. For more in-

formation please contact the Photographic Collection, Archives-Library Di-

vision, Ohio Historical Society, 1985 Velma Avenue, Columbus, Ohio 43211.


Gary B. Kent (1 Oxford Street, Mount Waverly, Victoria, Australia 3149) is