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Notes and Queries

Notes and Queries



The Thirty-Sixth Annual Missouri Valley History Conference will be held in

Omaha, Nebraska, March 11-13, 1993. For further information, contact Dale

Gaeddert, MVHC Coordinator, Department of History, University of Nebraska

at Omaha, Nebraska 68182-0213.


The North American Society for Sport History will hold its Twenty-first Annual

Convention at Albuquerque, New Mexico, on May 28-June 1, 1993. Those inter-

ested in presenting a paper or organizing a session should contact or submit ab-

stracts for review by November 15, 1992, to: Prof. Joan Paul, Department of Hu-

man Performance and Sport Studies, The University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN

37996-2700. Abstracts should be from 250-500 words, have a stated purpose,

briefly describe methods of collecting data and findings, and be primary rather than

secondary research.


The University of Kentucky invites submissions and nominations for the sec-

ond Martin Luther King, Jr., Prize for Research in African-American History. The

$500 award is given biennially to an article published in the preceding two years.

Scholarly articles published in the calendar years 1991 and 1992 are eligible to

compete for the award to be announced in February 1993. Elsa Barkley Brown,

Assistant Professor of History and Society at SUNY/Binghamton, won the first

award in 1991 for her Spring 1989 Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and So-

ciety article, "Womanist Consciousness: Maggie Lena Walker and the Indepen-

dent Order of Saint Luke." Send submissions or nominations to Martin Luther

King, Jr., Prize Committee, Department of History, University of Kentucky, Lex-

ington, Kentucky 40506-0027, by December 31, 1992.


The William Dean Howells Memorial Committee recently announced that Jerry

S. Herron of Wayne State University was awarded the Howells Summer Fellow-

ship for 1992. The funds that support the fellowship were given with the purpose

of encouraging study of and publications on the life and work of William Dean

Howells. The award consisted of two weeks' rent-free lodging at the Howells

Memorial at Kittery Point, Maine, and provided the recipient with access to How-

ells' private library as well as the Howells collections in the Houghton Library

at Harvard University.


T. H. Watkins, vice-president of the Wilderness Society and editor of its mag-

azine, Wilderness, recently won the 1992 John M. Collier Forest History Jour-

nalism Award. The award, sponsored by the Forest History Society, went to

Watkin's June 1991 American Heritage article which traced the early forestry ac-

tivities of conservation leader Gifford Pinchot. The Forest History Society is a

nonprofit education institution. Founded in 1946, it advances historical under-

standing of mankind's interaction with the forest environment through pro-

grams in research, publication, service, library, and archival collecting. For fur-

ther information about both the John M. Collier Forest History Journalism

Award and the Forest History Society, write to the Forest History Society, Inc.,

701 Vickers Avenue, Durham, North Carolina 27701.