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"ABRAHAM Flexner, Rockefeller Philanthropy,

and the Western Reserve School of

Medicine," by Darwin H. Stapleton,


Academic Board of Instruction for Infantry

Officers, ONG, 47-48

AEF. See American Expeditionary Forces

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Agricultural Adjustment Act, 27

Agricultural programs, 26-36

Akron-Barberton Belt Railroad, 20

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1861: Ohio and Mississippi Boatmen and

the Myth of the Alligator Horse, rev., 60-61

AMA. See American Medical Association

American Expeditionary Forces (AEF),

"Ohio's Best: The Mobilization of the

Fourth Infantry, Ohio National Guard, in

1917," by David G. Thompson, 37-53

American Heritage, 140

American Medical Association (AMA), 102

Americans and Their Forests: A Historical

Geography, by Michael Williams, 54

Ann Arbor Railroad, 18

Antioch-The Dixon Era, 1959-1975,

compiled and edited by Edla M. Dixon,

bk. note, 86

Anti-Redeemers: Hill-Country Political

Dissenters in the Lower South From

Redemption to Populism, The, by Michael

R. Hyman, rev., 77-78

Arab oil boycott (1973), 15

Arms expenditures, 26-36

Articles of Association, Connecticut Land

Company, 120, 121

Ashland Railroad, 20

Atchison, Topeka & Sante Fe Railroad, 18

Atlantic & Chicago Railway, 6

Atlantic Monthly, The, 137-138

Atlas of American Indian Affairs, by Francis

Paul Prucha, bk. note, 87


BABIES and Children's Hospital (Cleveland,

Ohio), 108, 111

Baker, Newton D., 44

Balanced budget, 32-33

B&M Railroad. See Boston & Maine Railroad

Bank closing laws, 26-36

Banking and currency problems, "Land in the

Old Northwest: A Study of Speculation,

Sales, and Settlement on the Connecticut

Western Reserve," by Brian Harte, 114-139

Bankruptcy Act, Section 77, 16, 17

Bankruptcy in the railroad industry, 5-20

Barbar, (Colonel) Byron L., 41-42, 47, 50

Barnhart, Terry A., book rev., 58-60

Barth, Gunther, Fleeting Moments: Nature and

Culture in American History, rev.,


B Company, ONG, 42

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Politician and Diplomat Extraordinary, rev.,

66-68; Reverend John Walker: Renaissance

Man, rev., 66-68

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Benjamin O. Davis, Jr., American: An

Autobiography, by Benjamin O. Davis, Jr.,

rev., 148-149

Bertrand, Charles, 18

Between The Hills and The Sea, by K. B.

Gilden, 141

"Between the Ocean and Lakes" Route, 5

"Big Four" Line (Penn Central), 18

Biggar, Hamilton F., 104

Billington, Monroe and Cal Clark, "Ohio

Clergyman, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and the

New Deal," 21-36

Billington, Ray Allen, 137

Bingham, John A., Bingham of the Hills:

Politician and Diplomat Extraordinary, by

Erving E. Beauregard, rev., 66-68

Bingham of the Hills: Politician and Diplomat

Extraordinary, by Erving E. Beauregard,

rev., 66-68

Boston & Albany Railroad, 12

Boston & Maine Railroad (B&M), 10, 15, 16

Boston, Hartford & Erie Railroad, 5

Botanical Exploration of the Trans-Mississippi

West, by Susan Delano McKelvey, 141

"Breadbasket of the Erie." See Mahoning


Brookings, Robert, 103

Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers, 13

Brown, Charles P., Brownie the Boomer: The

Life of Charles P. Brown, an American

Railroader, edited by H. Roger Grant,

bk. note, 86

Brown, Elsa Barkley, "Womanist

Consciousness: Maggie Lena Walker and

the Independent Order of Saint Luke"