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Notes and Queries

Notes and Queries



The ABC-CLIO America: History and Life Award is a biennial award of $750

given to recognize and encourage scholarship in American history in journal lit-

erature advancing new perspectives on accepted interpretations or previously un-

considered topics. The award is not confined to any particular subject area or

chronological period but instead seeks to recognize journal articles that display

a seminal character, articles that do not simply elaborate previous interpretations

but that propose new perspectives or examine new areas and in so doing extend

historical knowledge and raise new avenues of investigation. In seeking to rec-

ognize such pivotal articles the award acknowledges their creative achievement

in breaking the constraints of conventional thinking in their approach to histor-

ical sources. Individuals as well as editors are encouraged to submit nominations.

Each entry must be published during the period November 16, 1990, through

November 15, 1992. One copy of each entry must be received by each member

of the award committee by November 15, 1992. For further information contact:

Professor William Pencaka, Committee Chair, Pennsylvania State University,

Ogontz Campus, Abington, Pennsylvania 19001.


The Western History Association recently announced "The Bolton-Kinnaird

Award in Borderlands History." The Bolton-Kinnaird Award, a cash prize of

$300-$500, will be awarded annually for the best article on any phase of the his-

tory of the Borderlands, from the Floridas to the Californias, from the sixteenth

century to the present, including: the northward movement of Spanish-speaking

people into the U.S. in recent times; major political, economic, and social de-

velopments, cultures, peoples, institutions, and movements; and broad essays of

synthesis or new interpretations. To be eligible, articles must have been published

in the previous calendar year in any scholarly journal or edited volume. Articles

will be judged on scholarship and literary style. If judges find no manuscript wor-

thy of the prize, no prize will be given that year. The Bolton-Kinnaird Award con-

tinues the tradition of the Bolton Award initiated and funded biennially by

Lawrence Kinnaird in 1972 which continued until his death in 1985 and has been

administered by the Western History Association since 1989. For further infor-

mation about this award, contact Joseph Stout at Oklahoma State University, John

Kessell at the University of New Mexico, or Albert Camarillo at Stanford Uni-



The Forest History Society recently announced several 1991 award winners and

1992 travel grants. Michael Williams, a geography professor at Oxford Univer-

sity, won the Charles A. Weyerhaeuser Award for best book in the field of for-

est and conservation history, with his work, Americans and Their Forests: A His-

torical Geography. Lary M. Dilsaver of the University of South Alabama and

Douglas H. Strong of San Diego State University shared the Theodore C. Blegen

Award for their article, "Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks: One Hun-

dred Years of Preservation and Resource Management," which appeared in Cal-

ifornia History. The Ralph W. Hidy Award went to Thomas R. Cox of San Diego

State University for his article "The North American Timber Trade: The Roots

of Canadian and U.S. Approaches," which appeared in Forest & Conservation