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Book Notes

Book Notes



Cincinnati Observed: Architecture and History. By John Clubbe.

(Columbus: The Ohio State University Press, 1992. xxvi + 531p.; illustra-

tions, bibliography, index.) At long last here is an engaging and informative

portrait of Cincinnati's architecture, history and cultural traditions. Written

by a native New Yorker and professor of English literature, Cincinnati

Observed wonderfully blends facts, descriptions, essays, quotes, and wit into

the first comprehensive examination of its kind since the frequently cited yet

exceedingly dated Cincinnati Guide (1943). Cincinnati Observed joins seven

previous works edited by Zane Miller and Henry Shapiro as part of the Urban

Life and Landscape Series. Clubbe has produced an insightful look at the

familiar and not so familiar aspects of the Queen City, ranging from a lengthy

discussion of the Carew Tower to a gustatory discourse on Skyline Chili.

Among the book's many pluses are the 45-page index, site maps, and pho-

tographs, both historic and contemporary. More a study of the urban experi-

ence than urban history, Cincinnati Observed provides a welcome breadth so

often lacking in similar studies. It is must reading for travel buffs, architec-

tural enthusiasts and urban historians alike.


Ohio Historical Society                               Steve Gordon



American Anxieties: A Collective Portrait of the 1930s. Edited by Louis

Filler, with a new introduction by the editor. (New Brunswick, New Jersey:

Transaction Publishers, 1993; originally published in 1963 by G. P. Putnam's

Sons. xxi + 378p.; notes, index.) A reprint of a meritorious 1963 work,

American Anxieties, as its subtitle promises, does indeed provide a collective

portrait of the thirties. Professor Filler chose well in selecting his authors and

snippets from their publications, as they offer the reader a stimulating cross

section of political, intellectual, social, and cultural views of a tempestuous

decade, and in the bargain provide clues to understanding the sixties and later.

Filler includes not only such heavy hitters as Sherwood Anderson, John

Dewey, John Steinbeck, John Dos Passos, and H. L. Mencken, but also such

lesser lights as Tom Kramer and Lauren Gilfillan.


Ohio Historical Society                         Robert L. Daugherty



A Book of Memories: Kent State University 1910-1992. Edited by William

H. Hildebrand, Dean H. Keller, and Anita D. Herington. (Kent: The Kent

State University Press, 1993. xii + 327p.; illustrations, index.) In this heavily