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Notes and Queries

Notes and Queries



The 38th Annual Missouri Valley History Conference will be held in

Omaha, Nebraska, March 9-11, 1995. For information about the conference,

contact: Dale Gaeddert, Chair MVHC, University of Nebraska at Omaha,

Omaha, Nebraska 68182.


The 1995 Western Historical Association Meeting, will be held October

11-14, 1995, in Denver, Colorado. For details write to: the Western History

Association, University of New Mexico, 1080 Mesa Vista Hall, Albuquerque,

New Mexico 87131-1181; or phone (505) 277-5234.


A call for papers has been issued for a conference to be held June 9-11,

1995, at Youngstown State University, on the subject "Working Class

Lives/Working Class Studies." An interdisciplinary exploration of working

class life and culture in American by both academic and non-academic

workers, the conference will examine personal experiences and social and po-

litical strategies of the American working class from the past to the present as

well as the practical directions working class life may take in the future.

Conference organizers seek academic and non-academic papers, artwork, fic-

tion, poetry, and other representations of American working class life and

culture for both formal and informal presentations, discussion, and/or perfor-

mance. Possible areas for exploration include literature of and by the work-

ing class, social history, material culture, journalism, art, ethnography, biog-

raphy, autobiography, and personal narrative accounts of work. Presenters

should send 250-500 word abstracts describing their project with suggestions

for format presentation to: Bill Mullen and Linda Strom in the English

Department, or Janet Ore in the History Department, Youngstown State

University, Youngstown, Ohio 44555-0001.      E-mail address is:

linkon@unixl.cc.ysu.edu. Panel session proposals are also welcome.

Deadline for proposals is January 15, 1995.


The Center of North American Studies at the University of Alcala de

Henares welcomes contributions to Revista Espanola de Estudios

Norteamericanos (REDEN or the Spanish Journal of North American

Studies) in any area of American Studies. The journal's principal aim is to

provide a forum for a wide variety of approaches to the study of American

Culture and Society, past and present. Submissions may be written in either

Spanish or English, should be twenty-thirty pages in length (double-spaced),

should follow the guidelines of The MLA Style Manual, and should include an

abstract of no more than one hundred word in length. For further informa-