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Notes and Queries

Notes and Queries



The Society of American Archivists (SAA) will hold its 1994 annual meet-

ing at the Westin Hotel in Indianapolis, Indiana, September 6 through

September 11. The general theme will be "The Archival Core: Defining the

Profession in the Information Age." For more information about the meeting

contact either Bruce L. Johnson, Director of the Library at the Indiana

Historical Society, at (317) 232-1879, or Eric Pumroy, Head of Special

Collections and Archives at Indiana University-Purdue University at

Indianapolis, at (317) 274-0462. Johnson and Pumroy are serving as co-

chairs of the local Host Committee for the meeting.


The historian of the Hillsboro First United Methodist Church is seeking to

improve that church's collection of historical information on Hillsboro

Methodism. This includes information about: Ambrose Chapel United

Brethren Church, the Old Constitution United Brethren Ambrose Class and

Hillsboro Mission, United Brethren Hillsboro District Leaders, the Hillsboro

District of the Methodist Episcopal Church, Hillsboro M.E. Station, Hillsboro

M.E. Circuit,Hillsboro African Methodist Episcopal Church (Black Rock and

Wayman Chapels), Leesburg A.M.E. Society, Hillsboro Wesleyan Church,

and Hillsboro Female College. Any evidence of a Women's Christian

Association before the 1873 Crusade is also welcome. Contact: Church

Historian, First United Methodist Church, 133 E. Walnut St., Hillsboro, Ohio



The Western Reserve Historical Society has received the papers of Julian I.

Krawcheck, retired commentary columnist and reporter for the Cleveland

Press. The collection consists of material from his early career as a reporter

in Charlotte, North Carolina; scrapbooks of Krawcheck's Cleveland Press

newstories and series from the years 1949-1977; and the complete collection

of the union newspaper, the Cleveland Record, printed during the newspaper

strike of 1963. Of greatest significance are Krawcheck's unpublished articles

and interviews and the research notes, memos, and drafts used for his

columns and series. For further information about this collection, contact the

Library Director, Western Reserve Historical Society, 10825 East Blvd.,

Cleveland, Ohio 44106.


The Kentucky Historical Society has presented its 1993 Richard H. Collins

Award to A. Gwynn Henderson, staff archaeologist at the Program for

Cultural Resource Assessment, University of Kentucky. The award, designed

to recognize outstanding research and writing, was given for Henderson's ar-

ticle entitled "Dispelling the Myth: Seventeenth- and Eighteenth-Century