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Notes and Queries

Notes and Queries




The Spring meeting of the Ohio Academy of History will be held April 4th and

5th, 1997, at Malone College in Canton, Ohio.


The historical Encyclopedia of African American Associations is seeking

scholars interested in contributing assigned entries. This single-volume reference

work will include associations established by African Americans and interracial

groups working in the interest of African Americans. For a list of entries and fur-

ther information please contract Nina Mjagkij, History Department, Ball State

University, Muncie, IN 47306.


The Indiana Religious History Association, in cooperation with Guild Press of

Indiana, proudly announces the publication by subscription of Where God's

People Meet: A Guide to Significant Religious Places in Indiana, the first com-

prehensive survey of Indiana's houses of worship, religious institutions, and his-

torical sites that are especially notable for their architecture and relation to

Indiana's religious heritage. For the first time ever, a competent, detailed survey

will concentrate on significant material symbols of Hoosier faith in all of the

state's 92 counties. Information for each country briefly summarizes the present

religious affiliations of its residents, and then presents the history and signifi-

cance of the religious sites in that county. County listings are grouped into nine

regions to make it easy to study the religious sites of adjoining counties, or to use

the book as a travel guide in that area of the state. The book was prepared by

Joseph M. White, a religious historian, who checked all available county land-

mark inventories and traveled 40,000 miles to inspect the listed sites. He notes

cathedrals and meetinghouses; churches, synagogues, mosques, and shrines;

motherhouses of religious orders, and international denominational headquarters;

church-related educational institutions and historical markers related to the reli-

gious past; and places where religion has had a social significance. Some 70 sites

are designated "Must See." Where God's People Meet is illustrated by renowned

photographer Kim Charles Ferrill of the Indiana Historical Society. To order a

copy of the guide, contact: Indiana Guidebook Offer, Indiana Religious History

Association, P.O. Box 88267, Indianapolis, IN 46208.


Greenwood Press has issued Law and the Great Plains: Essays on the Legal

History of the Heartland, edited by John R. Wunder. This collection of essays by

some of the most respected American legal scholars represents the first investiga-

tion of the legal history of the Great Plains. It challenges existing theories about

the legal culture of the region by showing the area's distinctiveness. The four-part

study offers overviews of law and the region, analyzes landmark cases, discusses

the impact of important legal thinkers, and provides a short history and case stud-

ies of the work of leading jurists. This provocative work developed from the first

conference held on law and the Great Plains. The contributors and the participants

addressed fundamental questions about race, ethnicity, and civil rights, and the le-

gal culture of the region. Law and the Great Plains may be ordered by phoning 1-