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    Notes and Queries

    Notes and Queries



    The Ohio Academy of History will hold its Annual Meeting April 9-10, 1999, at

    the Universiyt of Dayton. The Academy was formed in 1932 to serve the needs of

    historians, archivists, museologists, fledgling historians, and many others in

    Ohio. Most members are professionally engaged as historians or in related fields

    and occupations throughout the state. For information about the Academy, it mis-

    sions, its biannual meetings, its publications, and how to participate, write to the

    Ohio Academy of History, c/o Richard Spall, Jr., Ohio Wesleyan University,

    Delaware, Ohio 430152-2398.


    The Edwin Mellen Press recently announced the publication of Louis Bromfield,

    Novelist and Agrarian Reformer: The Forgotten Author, by Ivan Scott. Using the

    archives at The Ohio State University, records in Mansfield, Ohio, and

    Bromfield's letters, the author has reconstructed the life and career of the promi-

    nent novelist and agrarian reformer of the 1940s and 1950s. The 700-plus page

    book is available for $139.95 from the U.S. order department of Edwin Mellen

    Press by writing to: The Edwin Mellen Press, Order Fulfillment Dept., P.O. Box

    450, Lewiston, NY 14092-0450. E-mail address <mellen@wzrd.com>.


    Recent publications by Ohio historians include: Changing Plans for America's

    Inner Cities: Cincinnati's Over-the-Rhine and Twentieth Century Urbanism, by

    Zane Miller of University of Cincinnati; Women Writers and the Early Modern

    Political Tradition in Britain, edited by Hilda Smith of University of Cincinnati;

    Bolshevik Women, by Barbara Clements of the University of Akron; Parting the

    Curtain: Propaganda, Culture and the Cold War, by Walter L. Hixson of the

    University of Akron; Martin Van Buren: Law, Politics, and the Shaping of

    Republican Ideology, by Jerome Mushkat of the University of Akron; Shifting

    Fortunes: The Rise and Decline of American Labor, from the 1820's to the Present,

    by Daniel Nelson of the University of Akron; and, Learning to be Loyal: Primary

    Schooling as Nation Building in Alsace and Lorraine, 1850-1940, by Stephen Harp

    of the University of Akron.


    The 42nd Annual Missouri Valley History Conference will be held in Omaha,

    Nebraska, March 11-13, 1999. For further information write to the Missouri

    Valley History Conference at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, Department of

    History, Omaha, Nebraska 68182-0213.

    Recent news from History Departments around Ohio include:

    University of Cincinnati. Frank Kafker and Gene Lewis have retired; Thomas

    Sakmyster has been appointed Acting Head; Mona Siegel, a specialist in modern

    French history, has been appointed as an assistant professor; Wayne Durrill re-

    ceived a research grant from Spencer Foundation; Elizabeth Frierson received a

    prize for the best article from the Turkish Studies Association; Geoffrey Plan re-

    ceived a Canadian Studies Research Grant; Joanne Meyerowitz received a Social

    Science Research Council Fellowship; and Linda Przybyszewski, received a

    Mellon Fellowship in History.

    The University of Akron. Lesley Gordon, a specialist in the antebellum era and

    Civil War and formerly at Murray State University, has been appointed assistant