Ohio History Journal






During the past months researchers and scholars have made

considerable use of the manuscripts, maps and state archives under

the custody of this department. Not only have the various de-

partments of State, individuals and legal firms availed themselves

of reference service by telephone, letter, or personal visit but

there have been a succession of out-of-city and out-of-state visitors

who spent extended periods examining collections here. Among

these may be noted the following: Professor and Mrs. Ralph P.

Bieber, Washington University, St. Louis, hunting data on the

gold rush; Professor and Mrs. Everett Dick, Union College, Lin-

coln, Nebraska, in search of material for a social history of the

frontier; Mr. W. J. Hamilton, Dayton Public Library, collecting

bibliographical information on the Shakers; Mr. R. J. O'Dell,

University of Michigan, in preparation of a doctoral dissertation

on the "Antislavery Movement in Ohio before 1840"; Mr. James

H. Reding, Wheeling and Lake Erie Railway Company, Cleveland,

in search of data on Ohio Canal Maps and Surveys; and Mr.

George R. Woolfolk, Prairie View State College, Texas, in prepa-

ration of a doctoral dissertation on "Northern Economic Influ-

ences during Reconstruction."

Among the 100 or more maps recently cataloged may be listed

the following:

Antietam--1867--36" x 24"

Appomattox Court House--1867--36" x 24"

Atwood Reservoir -- War Dept. Proposal -- 1934 -- 4 sheets -- each

27"x 40"

Beach City Reservoir--War Dept. Proposal--1934--6 sheets--each

27" x 40"

Bermuda Hundred, Virginia--1867--36" x 24"

Bolivar Reservoir -- War Dept. Proposal -- 1934 -- 5 sheets -- each

27" x 40"



DOCUMENTARY DATA                             57


Chancellor[s]ville--1867--36" x 24"

Charles Mill Reservoir--War Dept. Proposal--1934--4 sheets--each

27" x 40"

Clendening  Reservoir--War Dept. Proposal--1934--3 sheets--each

27" x 40"

Coal Fields--Ohio--1939--22" x 14"

Cold Harbor--1867--36" x 24"

Conservation--Ohio--1938--11" x 17"

Crawford County, Ohio--1938--By C. I. McNeal--14" x 11"

District of Columbia--1861--16" x 44"

Dover Reservoir--War Dept. Proposal -- 1934 -- 13 sheets -- each

27" x 40"

East Neebish Rapids and River St. Mary (Between Michigan and

Canada)--1853--By Capt. E. P. Scammon--23" x 19"

Fredericksburg--1867--36" x 24"

Freeport Reservoir -- War Dept. Proposal -- 1934 -- 3 sheets -- each

27" x 40"

Fort Ancient--1889--By G. Fowke and C. Cowen--13" x 11 1/2"

Geology--Ohio--1920--By J. A. Bownocker--34" x 42"

Gettysburg, Pa. and Appomattox Court House, Va.--Region between

1869--36" x 24"

Harper's Ferry--1867--36" x 24"

High Bridge and Farmville--1867--36" x 24"

Indian Territory, S. W. and Parts of Neighboring States and Terri-

tories--1869--By Lt. H. Jackson--38" x 26"

Indian Towns, villages, camps and trails in the Virginia Military Dis-

trict and S. W. Ohio--n. d.--Compiled by R. G. Lewis--17" x 17"

Jetersville and Sailors Creek--1867--36" x 24"

Kansas, Texas, Indian Territory and Parts of Colorado & New Mex-

ico--1867--36" x 24"

Knox County, Ohio--Road Map--1935--14" x 17 1/2"

Leesville Reservoir -- War Dept. Proposal -- 1934 -- 2 sheets -- each


Marion County, Ohio--1934--Roads and Railroads--By C. H. Tozzer

--14"x 21"

Mineral Industries of Ohio--1928--By J. A. Bownocker and W. Stout

--35" x 40"

Mohawk Reservoir -- War Dept. Proposal -- 1934 -- 7 sheets -- each

27" x 40"

Mohicanville Reservoir--War Dept. Proposal--1934--5 sheets--each


Monterey, Tenn. & Corinth, Miss.--1862--27" x 34"

Nebraska & Dakota & Portions of the States & Territories Bordering

Thereon--1867--By Bvt. Maj. Gen. G. K. Warren--33 1/2" x 24"




New Mexico--1859--37" x 28"

North Anna--1867--12" x 18"

Ohio--1844 (?)--County Seats, Canals, and Railroads--16 5/8" x 19 1/4"

Ohio--1847--Counties--Votes for governor, 1840-2-4-6; votes for As-

sembly, 1847; Census--1847--15 1/2" x 17"

Ohio--1849--By Jesse R. Straughan--Canals and Railroads--Census

by counties-54" x 62"

Ohio--1863--By H. Anderson--Highways--Census, 1850--44" x 34"

Ohio -- 1856 -- By Charles Desilver -- Highways and Railroads --

14" x 17 1/2"

Ohio--1864--By Johnson and Ward--18" x26 1/2"

Ohio--1865--By E. Mendenhall--Townships and Railways--18" x 24"

Ohio--1870--By Henry S. Stebbins--Highways--22" x 23 1/2"

Ohio--1925--By C. E. Sherman--30" x 30"

Ohio--1930--By National Map Company--Highways--46" x 49"

Ohio--1938--Principal Streams and Tributaries--30" x 30"

Ohio--n. d.--Manuscript--Indian Towns, Villages, Camps and Trails--

11" x 18"

Ohio, North Columbus and Vicinity--1920--30 1/2" x 40"

Ohio--Traffic Flow Map--1936--By Highway Dept.--18" x 22"

Petersburg and Five Forks--1867-36" x 24"

Piedmont Reservoir--War     Dept. Proposal--1934--4    sheets--each

27" x 40"

Pleasant Hill Reservoir--War Dept. Proposal--1934--3 sheets--each

27" x 40"

Railroads--Ohio--1887--By W. S. Cappeller--30" x 30"

Railroads--Ohio--1901--By R. S. Kaylor--36" x 30"

Railroads--Ohio--1907--28 1/2" x 32"

Railroads--Ohio--1909--30" x 37"

Railroads--Ohio--1909--30" x 36"

Richmond, Virginia--1867--36" x 24"

Road Map--Lorain County--1920--By C. T. Biggs--18 1/2" x 14"

Roads--Ohio--1920--By Ohio State Fair--16" x 21" (Copy of Sher-

man and Turnbull's Base Map of 1918).

Scenic and Historic Ohio-1923-By P. H. Elwood--22" x 24"

Senecaville Reservoir--War Dept. Proposal -- 1934 -- Muskingum

Watershed--5 sheets--each 27" x 40"

Sheep--Ohio--1939--14" x 22"

Southern and Southeastern Nevada--1869--By Lts. G. M. Wheeler

and O. W. Lockwood--38" x 22"

Spottsylvania Court House--1867--36" x 24"

State Institutions--Ohio--1939--14" x 22"

Tappan Reservoir--War Dept. Proposal--1934--3 sheets--each 27" x 40"

Totopotomoy, Virginia--1867--36" x 24"


DOCUMENTARY DATA                            59


United States and Part of Canada--1843--6' x 6'

Virginia, N. E., and Vicinity of Washington--1862--29" x 33"

Washington County, Ohio--1845--By W. D. Emerson--29" x 23"

Washington, D. C., and Vicinity--n. d.--42" x 28"

Wayne County, Ohio--1934--Highways--By P. E. Glasgow--22" x 17"

Wilderness, The--1867--36" x 24"

Wills Creek Reservoir--War Dept. Proposal--1934--13 sheets--each

27" x 40"

Yorktown, Virginia--Siege--1862--21" x 30 1/2"


The past few months have been unusually fruitful in acquisi-

tions of manuscript materials. Among recent and not so recent

acquisitions for which temporary catalog cards have been made

are the following, which bulk in total to approximately 2,000

different items:

Account Book--Day Book--1838-52--Anonymous. Purchase, 7/44.

Account Book--Liquor--1830's. Purchase, 7/44.

Arithmetic, handmade, 1810, Jacob Van Metre and John P. Finley.

Purchase, 7/44.

British Consuls--Correspondence, 1797-1818 (copies). Purchase, 7/44.


28 miscellaneous pieces, some quite early, others in 1840's and

50's, including a British broadside of 1802. Purchase,


15 miscellaneous pieces. Gift.

46 miscellaneous pieces. Gift.

Campbell, Mary E.--Penmanship Writing Book, n.d. Purchase, 4/44.

Centennial of 1903 at Chillicothe. Pencil List of Pictures and Paint-

ings used. Gift. 8/44.

Civil War Records.--1st Ohio Regiment (3 months volunteers). Doc-

ument on Lost Discharges, Dayton, O., 1890. From Adjutant

General's Office. 8/44.

Constitution of U. S. (copy)--Gift, F. and R. Lazarus Co.

Corry, Elnathan, Champaign County Court Docket, 1809-1814; for

Bethel Township (now in Clark Co., Springfield vicinity). Pur-

chase, 9/44.

Coverlets, Draughts of--before 1827, by Eleanor Jordan Haughn.

Cushing, Daniel, Photostats of Diary of.

Diary, from Stamford, Conn. to Clinton Co., Ohio, 1832. Purchase,


Dress Patterns, Harpers, for 1883.

Execution Warrants for Charles I and Mary, Queen of Scots (copies).




Greenville, Ohio--House Plans, n.d., 4 pieces, 13 1/4" x 20 1/4". Pur-

chase, 6/26/44.

Governors of Ohio--Letters, 1834-78. 48 pieces.

Hadden, John M., Papers, 1820's-60's. Purchase, 7/44.

Hull Collection. Miscellaneous certificates, etc. Gift of Miss Alice

Hull, through Mr. Manchester, 6/44.

Land Indentures, Miscellaneous. Some purchase, others gifts, 7/44.

Land Grant to Asa Gooden, Muskingum Co., 8/20/1818, signed by

James Monroe and Josiah Meigs. Gift of Mr. Charles Cohagen.



C. W. Fairbanks to Delevan Smith, 7/10/1876.

Cornelius R. Sedam to William McClellan, Ft. Hamilton, et al.,

1799 and 1803, copies.

Mark Hanna to H. P. Lewandowski, 8/22/1896.

George Blake to General Dearborn, 1810's.

3 letters to E. S. Martin, 1904-09.

Miscellaneous other letters.

Madison, O., Home Records.

McLean, Johanna--Diploma for 1834. Also Latin manuscript.

Marietta, Ledger and Cash Book, 1820, Wine Dealer. Also 2 Hand-

made Arithmetics, n.d., no place or name.

Medical Broadsides from Darke County, 1863 and 1888. Purchase,


Medical Lecture Notes, 1849; Case Histories, 1867, by I. K. Gilbert.

Mouk Collection, 6 MS. Diaries by John Mouk of Osborn, O., from

1863 to 1903. Mouk was born in Midway, O., 1845, and enlisted

at age of 16 with 44th O. V. I. Later he was a Mennonite

minister and bishop. Purchase, 9/44.

Meredith, William, Civil War Diary--Oct. 5/1863 to Feb. 8/1864.

New Carlisle, O. Purchase, 7/44.

Miller, James M., Manuscript copy of Genesis of Western Culture,

1800-1825. Gift.

Mt. Holly Mills--3 Account Books, E. H. Pence, Mt. Holly, Warren

Co., 0., 1852-67. Purchase, 9/44.

Newton, Lucy, Extract from Journal of 1817.

New York Magazine or Literary Repository, Oct., 1794, containing

official account of Wayne's defeat of the Indians; also map of

position of Wayne's Army, 1794. Purchase, 8/44.

Pengelly Collection. 29 rare MSS. and autographs of famous per-

sonages. Gift of the widow of William Pengelly. 6/44.

Piqua, Ohio--Miami Co., Broadsides, genealogical material and copy

of a letter. 7 items. Gift of Mrs. Forest Wilson.

Rarey Family History, typed MS. by Sara Lowe Brown, 10 pp. 1929.


DOCUMENTARY DATA                             61


Recipe Book of Mrs. A. Hofman, 1862. Purchase, 7/44.

Schoenbrunn, photostat.  Purchase, 8/44.

Templar's Lodge Ledger, West Milton, O., 1868. Purchase, 7/44.

Thayer and Potter, West Milton, O., Account Books (5). Purchase,


Trepte, Helmut, Germans in Ohio before 1820, MS. in German. Gift,

Warren Collection. 4 framed certificates:

Birth certificate of Elizabeth Monnett Sayler, 8/21/1820, Pick-

away Co., O.

Marriage certificate of Peter Warren and Ann Saylor, 8/11/1842.

Memorial Certificate for Sarepta Kinnear, 2/9/1859.

Life membership certificate for Clara Black, Zanesville, O., in

Ohio Annual Conference Missionary Society, Presbyterian

Church, 9/27/1921.

Gift of Miss Bernice Allen and Mrs. Anna L. Buckwalter,

Kingston, O., 9/22/44.

Warren Co., Genealogy and Barley Papers. Purchase, 7/44.

Waynesville, O., MSS., 1813-70. Purchase, 7/44.

Wilson, Frazer E., 6 Scrapbooks containing page proof of his book,

Arthur St. Clair. Gift by author. 8/44.

Wingert, Dr. H. Shindle, Hygiene Pamphlets and Dodgers.

Wayne, Anthony, Memorial Commission Material: Maps, Souvenirs,

Posters, etc. Also Anthony Wayne Sesquicentennial Correspond-


Miscellaneous Material:

Turnpike Act, 1833.

Act of Incorporation of Historical and Philosophical Society of

Ohio, 1831.

Statement of Disbursement for Geological Survey, 1870.

Ship's manifest, 1807.

Petition, War of 1812.

Sight Draft on General T. Kosciouski, 1803.

Photostatic copy of the Argus, Frankfort, Kentucky, May 18,

1825, about reception for Lafayette.

Additions to Existing Collections:

Comly (James) Collection.

Cooke (Jay) Collection.

Dunbar (Paul) Collection.

Evans (David) Collection.

Giddings (Joshua R.) Collection.

Harrison-Bates Collection.

Larwill Collection.

Hammond Collection, letter and copy book, 1829-39.

McArthur (Duncan) Collection.




Martin-Ewing Collection.

Presbyterian Records.

Smith (William Henry) Collection--16 letters, 1873-4.

Williams (Samuel) Collection--16 letters, 1873-4.

Wilson Scrapbooks on Interurban Lines.

Williamson (Dr. C.) Collection, diploma and certificate and

letter, 1851 and 1862.

Recent Map Acquisitions include:

Pictorial Map of Whitman Mission.

Map of West Indies and South American Coast, with route of


U. S. Coast and Geodetic Survey, Progress Map, 1901.

Route of Capt. J. C. Fremont, from mouth of Kansas to Pacific,


Railway Map of Southern States.

Plat of Richmond, Indiana, by William Dewer, 1840.