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Checklist of Major Research Projects

Initiated in 1973 and Completed

Masters and Doctors Degrees

on Topics Relating to Ohio, 1973*






GUTGESELL, STEPHEN C., Union Guide to Ohio Newspapers. Chief Cataloger, Ohio Histori-

cal Society.

LEVSTIK, FRANK R., Guide to State Archives at the Ohio Historical Society. Assistant State

Archivist, Ohio Historical Society.

PIKE, KERMIT J., Guide to the Manuscripts in the Shaker Collection at the Western Reserve

Historical Society. Chief Librarian, Western Reserve Historical Society.

ROWLAND, JOHN, Guide to Ohio Biographical and Family History Records. Reference Li-

brarian, Ohio Historical Society.

WEBB, LINDA S., Guide to Manuscripts at the Ohio Historical Society, Vol. 2. Manuscripts

Librarian, Ohio Historical Society.





CARNER, VERN, Biography of William Miller, 1782-1849. Religion prof., Loma Linda Univ.

COTTOM, ROBERT I., JR., James A. Garfield. Johns Hopkins Univ., Ph.D., hist. dept.

DANNENBAUM, JED, The Temperance Movement in the United States and England,

1830-1900: A Comparative Study of Sheffield, Yorkshire, and Cincinnati, Ohio. Univ. of

Calif., Ph.D., hist. dept.

GLASS, BRENT D., Influence of New England Culure and Community in the Western Reserve.

Univ. of North Carolina, Ph.D., hist. dept.

GRUBER, ROBERT H., Salmon P. Chase, Idealist in Politics. Univ. of Maryland, Ph.D., hist.




*The data has been compiled with the aid of staff members of the Ohio Historical Society, from re-

cords of patron registration at the eight libraries comprising the Ohio Network of American History

Research Centers, from mail and telephone reference inquiries, from published research-in-progress lists

in professional journals, and from information solicited from professors at Ohio's fifteen history graduate


Revisions, corrections and additions should be directed to the compiler, Chief Reference Librarian,

Ohio Historical Society, for inclusion in the next checklist. For a list of on-going major research proj-

ects, see Ohio History, Vol. 82 (Winter-Spring 1973). 105-112.

Checklist 213

Checklist                                                                  213


HALL, ROGER L., Shaker Music. Case Western Reserve Univ., Ph.D., hist. dept.

HARKNESS, BARBARA M., Ohio Hopewell Lithics. Ohio State Univ., Ph.D., archaeology dept.

LIEBERMAN, ROBERTA M., Akron, Ohio, 1850-1860. Univ. of Akron, Ph.D, hist. dept.

LUPOLD, HARRY F., General Pioneer History of Lake County, Ohio, to 1860. Hist. prof.,

Lakeland Community College.

MEIGS, BEVERLY VINCENT, Biography of Return J. Meigs, Sr., 1740-1823. Businessman, Bas-

king Ridge, New Jersey.

MILLER, AMY BESS W., Shaker Herb Industry. Author, Pittsfield, Mass.

SMITH, SAM SPENCER, Political and Judicial Career of Charles W. Byrd, 1770-1828. Ohio

State Univ., Ph.D., humanities education dept.

SMITH, THOMAS H., History of Ohio, 1803 Present. Hist. prof., Ohio Univ.





ALTHERR, THOMAS LAWSON, Two Villages: Randolph Bourne in Greenwich Village,

1911-1918, and the Candidate's Grandparents Growing up in Ironton, Ohio, 1903-1923.

An Imaginative Interpretation. Ohio State Univ., Ph.D., hist. dept.

BREEN, WILLIAM JAMES, Ohio Council of National Defense, 1917 1919. Hist. prof., Latrobe

Univ., Bundoora, Australia.

CRAMER, CLARENCE H., History of Case Western Reserve University. Hist. prof., Case West-

ern Reserve Univ.

DONOFRIO, SUSAN S., Narrative Development of Selected Novels of William Dean Howells.

Ohio State Univ., Ph.D., English dept.

DOOLEN, RICHARD M., Midwestern Greenbackism, 1878-1886. Hist. prof., Ohio Univ.

FIELD, MARTA, A Re-evaluation of the Uses of Swedenborg by Emerson, Howells, and Henry

James. Univ. of New Mexico, Ph.D., English dept.

FLEMING, WILLIAM F., Biography of Ohio Columbus Barber, 1840-1920. Case Western Re-

serve Univ., Ph.D., hist. dept.

FURIN, TERRENCE, Berea. Ohio: Social Change in an American Town. Case Western Re-

serve Univ., Ph.D., Amer. studies dept.

GIGLIO, JAMES H., Biography of H. M. Daugherty. Hist. prof., Southwest Missouri State


GIRARD, JOLYON P., Biography of Myron T. Herrick. Hist. prof., Univ. of Maryland.

GRADY, JOHN P., The Urban Response to Poverty, 1900-1920; Cleveland. Kent State Univ.,

Ph.D., hist. dept.

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English prof., Indiana Univ.

MURRAY, PERCY E., Harry C. Smith and the Cleveland Gazette. Miami Univ., Ph.D., hist.


OLSEN, RODNEY D., William Dean Howells and the Problem of History. Univ. of Missouri,

Ph.D., Amer. studies dept.

RIGGS, PAULA, Social and Cultural Changes in a 19th Century Town: Marietta, Ohio. Case

Western Reserve Univ., Ph.D., Amer. studies dept.

ROGERS, JAMES H., The Novels of Charles Chesnutt. Univ. of Iowa, Ph.D., English dept.

SIFRITT, SUSAN KATHERINE, The Ohio Wine Industry, 1820-1973. Kent State Univ., Ph.D.,

geography dept.

WATSON, ROBERT MEREDITH, JR., Civil War Union Army Personnel from Portage and Stark

Counties. Memphis State Univ., Ph.D., hist. dept.

WILLIAMS, RUBY ORA, A Biography of Alice Ruth Moore Dunbar. Univ. of Calif. at Irvine,

Ph.D., English dept.

WHEELER, JOE L.. Social Criticism and the Popular Novel: The Unknown Zane Grey.

George Peabody Univ., Ph.D., English dept.


214                                                            OHIO HISTORY





DAVIS, RUSSELL H., History of the Cleveland Branch, N.A.A.C.P. Author, Bratenahl, O.

GIFFIN, WILLIAM W., Afro-American Staffed Hospital Issue: Cleveland in the 1920's. Hist.

prof., Indiana State Univ.

HICKERSON, JERRY H., Relationship Between Student Protest and Change in Cleveland High

Schools. Kent State Univ., Ph.D., ed. dept.

KEARNEY, JUNE FRANCIS, Women's Intercollegiate Athletics in Ohio, 1945-1973. Ohio State

Univ., Ph.D., physical ed. dept.

MUSSELMAN, BARBARA L., Organized Labor in a Changing Urban Environment: Cincinnati

Labor, 1893-1960. Univ. of Cincinnati, Ph.D., hist. dept.

RICHARDSON, JAMES F., Cleveland Government and Politics, 1900-1940. Hist. prof., Univ. of


ROSE, PATRICIA TERPACK, The Ohio Federation of Labor and the Crusade for Social Justice,

1897-1955. Ohio State Univ., Ph.D., hist. dept.




AIELLO, JOHN, The Bank of the United States vs. Ralph Osborn. Ohio State Univ., Ph.D.

ANDERSON, JUDITH ICKE, A Mountain of Misery: An Intimate History of William Howard

Taft. Univ. of Calif. at Los Angeles, Ph.D.

BIBBEE, HELEN, Christian Socialism as a Force in Selected Works of William Dean Howells,

Bowling Green Univ., M.A.

BLAINE, CRAIG, Forgotten Man: A Collective Biography of Black and White Ohioans in the

Rank of the Union Army. Kent State Univ., M.A.

BYERLY, CHESTER, JR., Leaders of the Progressive and Republican Parties in Wood County,

Ohio, in 1912. Bowling Green Univ., M.A.

CARDINAL, ERIC, The Growth of Anti-Slavery Sentiment in Portage County, Ohio,

1830-1856. Kent State Univ., M.A.

CONN, CARY C., Biography of John Porter Brown, 1814-1872. Ohio State Univ., Ph.D.

FOX, STEPHEN C., Group Bases of Ohio Political Behavior, 1802 1848. University of Cincin-

nati, Ph.D.

GAMBLE, DOUGLAS ANDREW, Garrisonian Abolitionism in the Old Northwest. Ohio State

Univ., Ph.D.

GRINDER, ROBERT DALE, The Anti-Smoke Crusades: Early Attempts to Reform the Urban

Environment, 1893-1918. Univ. of Missouri, Ph.D.

HAUSER, ROBERT ELLWOOD, Warren G. Harding and His Attempts to Reorganize the Re-

publican Party in the South, 1920 1923. Pennsylvania State Univ., Ph.D.

HOGAN, CHARLES MARSHALL, Timothy S. Hogan: Ohio's Crusading Attorney General,

1911-1914. Xavier Univ., M.A. (1972).

HOWSON, EMBREY B., Jacob Sechler Coxey: A Biography of a Monetary Reformer,

1854-1951. Ohio State Univ., Ph.D.

JAROS, JAMES A., Americanization in Cleveland. Case Western Reserve Univ., Ph.D.

KAPLIN, MARGARET A., Paul Laurence Dunbar: A Re-evaluation. George Washington Univ.,


KELLER, FRANCES RICHARDSON, Biography of Charles Waddell Chesnutt. Univ. of Chicago,


KESILMAN, SYLVAN H., Popular Support of the Tyler Administration from the Center: Ohio as

an Example. Ohio State Univ., Ph.D.

KESSEN, THOMAS PAUL, Segregation in Cincinnati Public Education: The Nineteenth Century

Black Experience. Univ. of Cincinnati, Ph.D.

Checklist 215

Checklist                                                                 215

LEET, DON R., Population Pressure and Human Fertility Response: Ohio, 1810-1860. Univ.

of Pennsylvania, Ph.D.

LOBUE, WAYNE, Religious Romanticism and Social Revitalization: The Oberlin Per-

fectionists. Univ. of Kansas, Ph.D.

LUCIANOVIC, WILLIAM M., Design Concepts for Multi-Jurisdictional Regional Planning Infor-

mation System: The Case of Northeast Ohio. Case Western Reserve Univ., Ph.D.

METCALF, EUGENE W., Selected Letters of Paul Laurence Dunbar. Univ. of Calif. at Irvine,


MONKKONEN, ERIC H., Crime and the Poor in Franklin County, 1850-1885. Univ. of Min-

nesota, Ph.D.

NEWMAN, MARSHA C., The Wife-Husband Relation in Selected Novels of William Dean

Howells. Bowling Green Univ., M.A.

SIBERT, THOMAS, Small Town Political Leadership in Nineteenth Century America: The Case

of Perrysburg, Ohio, 1845-1885. Bowling Green Univ., M.A.

SMITH, TERRENCE, The Italians in Akron. Univ. of Akron, M.A.

WALKER, SAMUEL E., Ohio Labor History, 1870-1890. Ohio State Univ., Ph.D.

WRAY, DIANE, The Social Phenomenon of Summer Resorts as Seen by William Dean How-

ells. Bowling Green Univ., M.A.

WYE, CHRISTOPHER G., Midwest Ghetto: Patterns of Negro Life and Thought in Cleveland,

Ohio, 1929-1945. Kent State Univ., Ph.D.

ZINZ, KENNETH, A History of the Future Outlook League of Cleveland, Ohio, 1935-1968.

Kent State Univ., M.A.