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ored guest at their gatherings and re-unions. He was a member of the

military order of the Loyal Legion of the Grand Army of the Republic,

and of the Sons of the American Revolution, being president of the Ben-

jamin Franklin Chapter, (Columbus, Ohio), at the time of his death.

General Wright for many years past had taken an active part in the

work of The Ohio Archaeological and Historical Society. He was a

life member. February 25, 1897, Governor Asa Bushnell appointed Gen-

eral Wright trustee of the Society to fill out the term made vacant by

the decease of Judge William J. Gilmore. March 30, 1898, Governor

Bushnell appointed Mr. Wright trustee for the full term of three years

and at its expiration, April 5, 1901, Governor George K. Nash appointed

the general for another full term which would have continued until Feb-

ruary 18, 1904. Upon the death, June 5, 1899, of Rev. William E. Moore,

first vice president of the Society, General Wright was elected to that

office and was continued therein to the time of his death. As member,

trustee and vice-president, General Wright ever took the keenest and

liveliest interest in the work of the Society and the details of its affairs.

No one was more faithful in attendance upon the public gatherings or

the meetings of the trustees. His decease is a decided loss to the So-

ciety as well as to the community in which he lived.

The writer of these lines was especially indebted to General Wright

for a long and most loyal friendship. It was a pleasure and a profit to be

in his presence and many a delightful hour was passed in his companion-

ship. His kindly deeds and sunny disposition will not fade from our mem-

ory. Though he had been spared nearly two decades beyond the allotted

span of man, three score years and ten, yet seemed he to have drank at

the font of perennial youth for his days of the "sere and yellow leaf"

were serene and bright: his was-


"An age that melts in unperceived decay,

And glides in modest innocence away."









Gen. Thomas M. Anderson, Sandusky.

Hon. Martin B. Bushnell, Mansfield.

Mr. Clarence Brown, Toledo.

Mr. A. J. Baughman, Mansfield.

Prof. Frank T. Cole, Columbus.

Hon. Albert Douglas, Chillicothe.

Mrs. Jessie Myer Davis, Columbus.

Major W. F. Goodspeed, Columbus.


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Mr. David S. Gray, Columbus.

Hon. Marcus A. Hanna, Cleveland.

Mr. Vause Harness, Chillicothe.

Mr. Frank H. Howe, Columbus.

Col. Webb C. Hayes, Fremont.

Hon. Myron T. Herrick, Cleveland.

Mr. George A. Katzenberger, Greenville.

Mr. S. S. Knabenshue, Toledo.

Mr. William N. King, Columbus.

Rev. N. B. C. Love, Deshler.

Hon D. M. Massie, Chillicothe.

Prof. J. P. McLean, Franklin.

Hon William T. McClintick, Chillicothe.

Prof. Frank B. Pearson, Columbus.

Mr. Emil Schlup, Lovell.

Col. Edward L. Taylor, Columbus.

Hon. Henry C. Taylor, Columbus.

Mr. Harry P. Wolfe, Columbus.

Mr. A. N. Whiting, Columbus.