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Dorothy R. Donaldson, President

David Ault has been serving as vice president of the society since the

death of the former vice president, Walter Ellet. Wilberta Johnston has

been acting secretary and treasurer during the prolonged illness of Mabel


The society participated in the observance of the state sesquicentennial

with a special program in September. Dr. B. J. Stanton gave a historical

address; Dorothy R. Donaldson gave a talk on quilts and displayed a

number of examples of the craft; Mrs. Wade Hoover and Alta Stoll pre-

sented pioneer music in period costume.



Jacob R. Marcus, Director

The director, Dr. Marcus, has recently published a booklet, How to Write

the History of an American Jewish Community.



J. Richard Lawwill, Director

Michael V. DiSalle has resigned from the parkway board because of the

press of other business, and Governor Lausche has appointed Lucas County

Engineer Guy Neeper of Toledo to fill the vacancy.

The board has prepared an inventory of the historical and recreational

resources in the parkway district and is ready to publish its findings. The

inventory, which is basic to the board's program, will be of considerable

interest to the public.



John A. Talcott, President

The society was granted a charter by the state of Ohio in November 1953.

The annual meeting of the society was held on January 26. Officers

elected for the current year are as follows: Dr. John A. Talcott, president;

Mrs. E. W. Lohmann, first vice president; E. C. Patterson, second vice

president; Mrs. C. S. Shiflet, secretary; Doris Kuncz, corresponding secretary;

Mrs. W. H. Field, treasurer; Henrietta McKinsey, historian; and Frances




182 Ohio State Archaeological and Historical Quarterly

182      Ohio State Archaeological and Historical Quarterly


Lewis, chaplain. Charles Dow was named a member of the executive com-

mittee, and Mrs. J. D. Loomis was elected a new member of the board of

trustees. Features of the meeting were a talk by R. C. Patterson on the

early history of Geneva, and a paper on the life of Platt R. Spencer prepared

by Mrs. E. W. Lohmann and read by Mrs. R. C. Spencer. Specimen copy-

books, pictures, and other relics of Spencer's were exhibited.

The membership of the society has passed 260 and is continuing to grow.

Mrs. Lohmann is membership chairman.



Edward McDaniel, President

Officers of the society elected at the annual meeting on January 11 are

Edward McDaniel, president; Russell Roll, vice president; Charles J.

Brennan, second vice president; Otto Kersteiner, secretary; and Fred

Hammerle, treasurer. The board of trustees organized by electing Dr. C. J.

Baldridge, chairman; Charles J. Brennan, vice chairman; Mrs. George

Benzing, Jr., secretary. Mrs. Walter A. Rentschler and Charles F. Reiner

were appointed to one-year terms on the board.

The curator of the museum, Katharine Brown, reported 1,200 visitors for

the year and the acquisition of 175 items for the collections.

Harry Crasmy of the Miami University Speakers Bureau spoke on "Little

Known Facts About Ohio," and Mrs. Benzing presented a brief history of

the Zion Lutheran Church in Hamilton.



Sylvia Linnert, President

Present officers of the society are Sylvia Linnert, president; Betty Hugett,

secretary; and Ruth Ober, treasurer.

The society took part in a parade and other events on August 29, 1953,

commemorating the sesquicentennial of the state and Chagrin's 120th




W. E. Scheele, Director

The staff has continued to collect Cleveland shale fossil fishes through the

winter months. More than 150 new specimens were added.

Fund raising for a new building was begun on December 11, 1953. The

goal is $2,000,000. Three main units are planned: a hall of nature, a hall

of science, and a planetarium.

Historical News 183

Historical News                        183



C. Clayton Terrell, President

At the annual business meeting of the society on Monday evening, January

25, the following officers were elected: president, C. Clayton Terrell; vice

president, Louis Lieurance; second vice president, Mrs. H. N. Lazenby;

secretary, Mabel Leslie; treasurer, Mrs. Harry W. Hague, Jr.; historian,

Ethel H. Hayes; and librarian, Claire K. Hague. Trustees elected were

H. H. Thorne (three-year term); Robert P. Cotner and Clarke Nagley (two

years); and H. N. Lazenby and Mrs. J. Gurney Terrell (one year).



Jay Lawrence, President

Jay Lawrence was elected president of the society in November, for a

one-year term, replacing Harry A. Caton.



Ernest G. Hesser, President

The society opened its program for 1954 with a meeting on January 20

with William T. Utter, chairman of the history department at Denison

University, as guest speaker. Dr. Utter's subject was, "When Ohio Was

Young--the Frontier State." The March meeting featured an address by a

member of the society, the Rev. Simon A. Metzger, who spoke on "The

Circuit Rider and the Early Ministry of This Area."

J. B. McCarter, treasurer for the society, arranged a special coin collection

display, which was shown during January and February.

Many interesting items are constantly being added to the museum col-

lections. Mrs. Francis C. Comer, a direct descendant of Colonel William

Crawford, who presented the colonel's sword to the museum, has added a

brass kettle from the Crawford family.



George G. Pensyl, President

The annual meeting of the society was held on January 25 at the home of

Edith H. Gardner. All incumbent officers were reelected. They are George

G. Pensyl, president; Edith H. Gardner, vice president; B. E. Kelley,

secretary; Elizabeth Johnson, treasurer; Valdo McCoy, Chester Zimmerman,

Robert Jefferson, Mrs. B. E. Kelley, George Robinson, Jr., and Howard

Allen, directors. Miss Gardner was presented an honorary life membership

in recognition of her outstanding contributions to the society. Many of the

184 Ohio State Archaeological and Historical Quarterly

184      Ohio State Archaeological and Historical Quarterly


family heirlooms presented by her were arranged for display at the con-

clusion of the business meeting.

Much interest and enthusiasm was evinced in the acquisition of the Sharp

homestead at the intersection of East Court Street and Columbus and

Washington avenues for a museum. The trustees had secured an option on

the property earlier in January, and a campaign is now under way for funds

to purchase the home, which is ideally located and well suited for museum

purposes. Scores of worthwhile museum pieces have been obtained in recent

months, including furniture, old silver, glass, china, brass, wearing apparel,

and pictures, and space is needed to house them.

New memberships and renewals are being received at a gratifying rate.

One of the most active committees is that of records and research headed by

Mrs. Max G. Dice.



Mrs. John Longley, President

Officers elected at the November meeting for the year 1953-54 are Mrs.

John Longley, president; James Boggs, first vice president; Floyd Freemyer,

second vice president; Elizabeth Hedrick, secretary; and Leo Hildbold,

treasurer. New trustees, elected for three-year terms, are Leona McAlexander,

Mildred Stevenson, Charles Jetter, O. B. VonderHaar, and George Zehringer.

The total membership of the society at the time of the annual meeting

was 137.



Frank A. Livingston, President

William H. Hildreth, professor of English at Ohio State University,

addressed the society on January 29 on "Pictures of the Ohio Frontier." On

February 10 a special holiday program presented short motion picture

biographies of Abraham Lincoln, Robert E. Lee, and George Washington.

On March 5 and 6, in association with the Ohio Telephone Pioneers

Association and the Ohio Bell Telephone Company, the society gave a

historical musical program on early telephone history in Franklin County.

The society has planned a "film classic" series for its 1954-55 season,

beginning in October. The showings will be open to the membership and

to the junior chapter of the society, which comprises junior and senior high

school students. Six film productions will make up the series: "The Story of

Will Rogers," "Les Miserables," "Sergeant York," "Wilson," "Young Mr.

Lincoln," and "How Green Was My Valley."

Work on the society's October annual publication is already under way.

This year's issue will be devoted to pioneer agriculture in Franklin County.

Historical News 185

Historical News                       185



W. Powell Jones, President

At the annual meeting of the society held on December 15 at the museum,

former vice president W. Powell Jones was elected president; former

secretary Alfred Mewett, vice president and secretary; Carter Kissell, second

vice president; and former president Tinkham Veale was named to the

executive committee. The bylaws of the organization were changed to

increase the term of trustees from one to two years.

Mr. Veale gave a report on the observance of the Ohio sesquicentennial

at Gates Mills. Over one thousand people attending the celebration were

said to have been served at the old-fashioned pit barbecue.

The weekly historical column in the Chagrin Falls Exponent is being




B. J. Shanower, President

A Pioneer and General History of Geauga County was published last year

by the society. The book has nearly 800 pages and 91 illustrations. A large

number of the members of the society and others contributed to its compila-

tion. It has been favorably received, and sales have been very satisfactory.

The price is $7.50.



W. A. Hammond, President

The present officers of the society are W. A. Hammond, president; Vaughn

Lewis, vice president; and Florence Swan, secretary-treasurer.

William E. Smith, chairman of the department of history and dean of the

graduate school at Miami University, was guest speaker at the first meeting

of the 1953-54 season on December 11.

Repairs to the Galloway cabin have recently been completed, and the

problem of protecting memorials at Old Town is now under consideration.



Watt P. Marchman, Director

Burt Tolhurst, superintendent, Ruth Raifsnider, and Emma R. Brooks from

the Hayes Memorial staff attended the field staff school of the Ohio State

Archaeological and Historical Society at Columbus on January 18-19.

Watt P. Marchman, director, attended the annual meeting of the Southern

Historical Association in Jacksonville, Florida, on November 12-14, 1953.

He served on the association's membership committee in 1953. The director

was guest speaker at the annual dinner of the Men's Literary Club of

186 Ohio State Archaeological and Historical Quarterly

186      Ohio State Archaeological and Historical Quarterly


Sandusky on the evening of January 25, 1954, at the Hotel Rieger. His

topic was "Literary Friends and Acquaintances of President Rutherford B.

Hayes." An exhibit of about sixty original letters and manuscripts of

prominent American authors illustrated the director's talk.

Rose N. Sberna, associate librarian, spoke before a group of 65 Kiwanians

on Tuesday evening, January 12, on historical data on the life of President

Hayes and on the work of the Hayes Memorial.

The recent acquisition of all remaining records of the Permiscot Land and

Cooperage Company of Missouri, a cotton producing and ginning corpora-

tion, completes the library's records of this business concern. These records

improve the library's holdings in American business history. Other important

business collections are the papers of Sardis Birchard, 1813-74, Rutherford

B. Hayes, Dr. James W. Wilson and Charles G. Wilson, 1835-1904, and the

Trommer Extract of Malt Company, 1875-90, all of Fremont; the Lampazos

Silver Mines Company, Arizona, 1908-14; and the A. L. Conger and

K. B. Conger Papers (Akron).



Virginius C. Hall, Director

The annual spring exhibition of the society will open at the Taft Museum

April 23 and continue through June 3. The subject of this year's exhibition

is the interests and activities of women in Cincinnati from its founding to

the twentieth century.

The historical society will be host at a tea at the Taft Museum for the

Picture and Museum Divisions of the Special Libraries Association during

the national convention in Cincinnati, May 17.



Randolph C. Downes, Executive Director

At the annual meeting of the society on January 19, 1954, the following

officers were reelected: Lehr Fess, president; Paul Block, Jr., vice president;

Carl B. Spitzer, secretary-treasurer; Harvey S. Ford, assistant secretary-

treasurer; and Randolph C. Downes, executive director. Irene McCreery,

head of the local history department of the Toledo Public Library, was

named librarian to replace Mrs. Max Shepherst, who retired.

Four new members have been named to the editorial board of the

Northwest Ohio Quarterly: Robert F. Bauman, Indian consultant for the

law firm of Harrison, Spangenberg, and Hull of Cleveland; Walter

Bonkowski, artist and teacher in the Toledo public schools and illustrator

Historical News 187

Historical News                         187


of the society's public school textbook soon to be published; Harvey P.

Groves, consultant in biography; and Catherine G. Simonds, teacher in the

Cherry Street School, Toledo, and co-author of the forthcoming textbook.



Mrs. William M. Ahlstrom, President

Capt. Herbert W. Dosey of Cleveland spoke on the history of the Great

Lakes at the semiannual meeting of the society.

The society has on display the original letter of condolence written by

Queen Victoria to Mrs. Garfield at the time of President Garfield's death.

A black crepe dress worn as a "Sunday dress" by the president's widow from

1910 to 1915 was presented to the museum by Mrs. Herbert Feis of

Washington, D. C., a granddaughter of President and Mrs. Garfield.



Mrs. Clyde H. Butler, President

Present officers of the society are Mrs. Clyde H. Butler, president; Anthony

Poss, vice president; Mrs. L. B. Weddell, recording secretary; Mrs. William

C. Moench, corresponding secretary; and Florence Conley, treasurer.

A recent gift to the museum is an empire sofa presented by Mrs. A. N.

Dawson. The sofa was given to her grandfather, the Rev. Lewis Burton, by

his parishioners before his marriage in 1841. Mr. Burton later became rector

of historic St. John's parish, where for twenty-four years he served all the

west side, including Lakewood.

Volunteer workers have redecorated the kitchen of the Stone House




Katharine G. Thomas, President

At the December meeting of the society Mrs. Ernest G. Yocum of Oberlin

reviewed her late husband's book, High on a Hill. In January Captain H.

Chester Inches of Lakewood gave an illustrated lecture on "Shipping on the

Great Lakes," and in February George Metcalf presented "Pictures of an

English Historical Pilgrimage" taken on a recent trip to England.

Following the usual custom the March meeting was devoted to Elyria

history. Professor Robert S. Fletecher of Oberlin College described the

collection of Ely family papers which has recently been given to the society.

He regards it as one of the richest sources of the early history of Elyria and

the Western Reserve. The collection includes letters written before and

188 Ohio State Archaeological and Historical Quarterly

188      Ohio State Archaeological and Historical Quarterly


after the founding of the town, plats of town surveys, an 1816 map of the

area, business papers of Edmund West (the first storekeeper in partnership

with Heman Ely), and the ledgers of the Ely Land Company.



Howard C. Aley, President

Officers elected at the annual meeting of the society on February 22 are

Howard C. Aley, president; Joseph G. Butler, first vice president; Mrs.

Henry A. Butler, second vice president; Randall H. Anderson, third vice

president; Mrs. Ernest A. Goodman, recording secretary; Ada M. Rogers,

corresponding secretary; James L. Wick, Jr., treasurer; and Joseph G. Butler,

assistant treasurer.

The society is working toward the acquisition of a suitable property for

a permanent museum to house its growing historical collections.



Vincent B. Linn, President

The present officers of the society are Vincent B. Linn, president; Fred

McGlashan, vice president; Mrs. Herbert Baker, treasurer; Mrs. H. L.

Ackerman, secretary, and Norris F. Schneider, curator. Their one-year terms

expire in June 1954.



Helen Jo Scott, President

The election of trustees of the association on January 25, 1954, resulted

in the naming of Mrs. Avis W. Cullen, Walter Havighurst, and Mrs. Robert

S. Mann for three-year terms; Dr. John W. Ball, John C. Caldwell, and

Sylvia Ferguson for two-year terms; and Dr. W. E. Smith, Adelia Cone, and

Raymond T. Brown for one-year terms.



M. Herbert Heighton, President

At a meeting on January 29 M. Herbert Heighton was reelected president

of the society; Philip Jones, vice president; Iva B. Seymour, recording

secretary; J. B. Holm, historian; Cyrus Plough, curator; Earl Wilford,

treasurer; and Lucille Dudley, Merrible Myers, Ernest Jones, and Mrs. Ora

Taylor, trustees.

After the business session, Estrilla Daniels, Ravenna librarian, spoke on

the subject, "Portage County in Print."

Historical News 189

Historical News                        189



Caroline B. Piercy, Secretary

A cobbler's shop and a children's retiring room have been added to the

collection of Shaker miniature rooms made by the secretary, Caroline B.

Piercy. Mrs. Piercy has made a number of talks recently on the history of

the Shakers in cities in northern Ohio, in person, on radio, and on television.



Frederick Way, Jr., President

Dan M. Heekin, president of the Heekin Can Company of Cincinnati,

sent a collection of nine large steamboat whistles to the River Museum in

January. They arrived at Marietta by barge and were unloaded at Lock

No. 18. They were accepted and mounted for display by S. Durward Hoag,

owner of the Hotel Lafayette at Marietta. The story was featured prom-

inently in newspapers in Columbus, Parkersburg, Marietta, and Pittsburgh.

An account was printed also in the New York Times.

Way's Directory of Western Rivers' Steam Towboats was published in

January. The 452-page book describes in detail all of the steam-propelled

towboats which have operated on the Mississippi River system. An index

lists 3,200 rivermen mentioned in the text. Mimeographed and cloth bound

but not illustrated, the book was published privately by the author, Capt.

Frederick Way, Jr., Sewickley, Pennsylvania.



J. M. Markley, President

Attendance at the annual dinner meeting at the American Legion Hall,

January 28, was 215. Mrs. George Lee Miller of Canton spoke on early

Stark County folklore and gave reminiscences of William McKinley, whom

she knew personally. The tables were decorated with carnations in honor

of McKinley's birthday (January 29). Mayor Wise and Safety Director

Stanley Cmich were present and received the congratulations of the society

on their part in winning the award for Canton as All-American City.

The society has accepted the offer of the county commissioners to occupy

two rooms on the second floor of the county offices in the old Harter home

at 933 Market Avenue North. Rent and utilities will be free. The growth

of both the Canton Public Library and of the society made the former

location in a corner of one room at the library no longer practicable. The

society had 1,159 members as of January 1, 1954, Secretary Heald reports.

190 Ohio State Archaeological and Historical Quarterly

190      Ohio State Archaeological and Historical Quarterly



Carl H. Pockrandt, President

The January lecture by the Rev. Orlando L. Tibbets, pastor of the First

Baptist Church in Barberton and formerly president of the Baptist Seminary

of Mexico City, was titled "Under the Mexican Sombrero." In February the

final portion of the color films made by Willard P. Seiberling in his travels

through Europe was shown.



Clarence Hooper, President

The society received by bequest last year the estate of the late Colonel

Dana Morey. The personal property has been sold, but the house and

grounds are still in the hands of the society. A committee has been appointed

to consider the possibility of using the house as a museum and headquarters

for the society.



Martin W. Feigert, President

The Van Wert County Historical Society was formally organized on

January 17, at a meeting in the Marsh Foundation school, when a constitu-

tion was adopted and officers elected. Elected for one-year terms were Martin

W. Feigert, president; Willson P. Brumback, vice president; Mrs. Albert

Kanan, secretary; and Herbert F. Wise, treasurer. All officers are ex-officio

members of the board of trustees, and provisions were made for twelve

additional trustees.

The purpose of the organization is "the promotion of historical studies

and investigation pertaining to the state of Ohio and Van Wert County,

through the discovery, collection, preservation, organization and, if practical,

the publication of historical facts and by the collection and preservation of

books, pamphlets, papers, maps, genealogies, pictures, manuscripts, letters,

journals, field books, records and other articles which describe or illustrate

the social, religious, political, industrial, or educational progress."

The society also proposes "to cooperate with the schools of the county in

the teaching of state and local history, to cooperate with the libraries of the

county in the upbuilding of state and local history sections, in the establish-

ment of historical museums, and the marking of historical places of interest

throughout the county."

Dr. John S. Still was present to extend the congratulations of the Ohio

State Archaeological and Historical Society. Mrs. Harry B. Longsworth spoke

Historical News 191

Historical News                         191


on the importance of recording local history and related some of the experi-

ences of the Allen County Historical Society, of which she is secretary.



Hazel S. Phillips, President

New officers elected at the January meeting were Hazel S. Phillips, who

succeeds her husband as president; Laura Cunningham, vice president;

Corrinne S. Schwartz, secretary; Lena M. Iorns, treasurer; Audrey Townsley,

historian; and Helen Lamb, curator. Trustees elected were Seth Furnace,

Perle M. Riley, Hazel Brookes, Harry C. Schwartz, and L. J. Gray.

Established in 1940 with nineteen members, this society now has over two

hundred members. A group of high school students are very active in the

organization. The program for the year will be arranged by the younger

members with John Brewer and Jerry Miller as co-chairmen.

In response to many requests the charter and bylaws of the society have

been published, and copies are being distributed.

Mrs. Gardner S. Townsley will remain as editor of the monthly

Historicalog. Marion Snyder has been named chairman of the committee on

cemetery records. His committee will attempt to complete the tombstone and

burial records for the 114 known burial grounds in Warren County.



Edgar S. Davidson, President

Present officers of the society are Edgar S. Davidson, president; Donald

Newbold, first vice president; Edwin V. Pugh, second vice president; Ruth

Urie, secretary; and Luella Thompson, treasurer. Their terms extend to

November 15, 1954.

At the January meeting pictorial historical records of Wellsville's 155th

anniversary two years ago, the Ohio sesquicentennial, and the opening of

the River Museum were shown. The display was prepared by Isa Anderson.



Laurence H. Norton, President

Colton Storm, formerly assistant director of the Clements Library at the

University of Michigan, has been named director of the Western Reserve

Historical Society. He will assume his new duties on June 1. After gradua-

tion from Oberlin College in 1930, Mr. Storm served as cataloger for the

American Art Association in New York. In 1935 he formed Charles

Retz & Storm, Inc., dealing in manuscript collections and rare books. In

192 Ohio State Archaeological and Historical Quarterly

192      Ohio State Archaeological and Historical Quarterly


1942 he went to the Clements Library as curator of maps and manuscripts.

Mr. Storm is the author of numerous articles and books, and is co-author of

Invitation to Book Collecting. He has been editor of American Book Prices

Current and of Manuscripts, the periodical publication of the Manuscripts

Society, of which he is now serving as president. Mr. Storm replaces Dr.

Russell H. Anderson, who resigned in February.

At the annual meeting on January 22, 1954, the incumbent officers of the

board of trustees, headed by Laurence H. Norton, were reelected. The Hon.

R. Henry Norweb and Charles B. Bolton were elected as vice presidents to

serve with Herman L. Vail. Howard P. Eells, Jr., and James D. Ireland were

added to the board of trustees.

Erwin C. Zepp, director of the Ohio State Archaeological and Historical

Society, delivered the first of the winter historical talks on January 29.

William D. Ellis gave the second, on "Frontier Finance," on February 26.

The last of the industrial sesquicentennial exhibits were provided by the

railroads of Cleveland, which presented an excellent display of train models,

and the Lake Carriers' Association, which presented a marine exhibit. During

the month of January there was an extensive and colorful display of work

by Cleveland pupils who had visited the museum and made murals, models,

and so forth, based on their experiences there. The feature exhibit in

February was the annual photographic exhibit provided by four camera

clubs in Cleveland. Besides the selected prints there was a competition open

to high school students and a series of Sunday afternoon colored slide

programs, chiefly travelogs.


About Historians

Raymond W. Bixler is chairman of the department of history at Ashland

College succeeding E. G. Mason, who retired last year.


Robert Kreider of the department of history at Bluffton College presented

a paper, "The Anabaptists and the Magistrate of Strasbourg, 1525-1555,"

at the seventy-fifth program of the American Society of Church History, at

Chicago, December 28-30, 1953.


C. D. Cremeans, associate professor of history at Oberlin College, has

resigned his position there to continue work with the state department at

Washington, D. C. His successor at Oberlin has not yet been appointed.

The Mind of the Middle Ages, A. D. 200-1500 by Frederick B. Artz,

Historical News 193

Historical News                         193


chairman of the department, will appear in a second edition, revised, in the

spring of 1954. Alfred A. Knopf is the publisher.


Charles R. Mayes, doctoral candidate at the University of Minnesota, has

been added to the staff of the department of history at Ohio University.

John F. Cady, professor of history, received the award of the Carnegie

Endowment for Publications of the American Historical Association at its

December meeting in Chicago. The grant insures the early publication of

his manuscript, entitled The Roots of French Imperialism in Eastern Asia,

by the Cornell University Press.


Foster Rhea Dulles is the new chairman of the history department at Ohio

State University. His appointment was effective October 1, 1953.

Lawrence F. Hill is on the program committee for the April meeting of

the Mississippi Valley Historical Association at Madison, Wisconsin.

Eugene H. Roseboom and Francis P. Weisenburger have brought out a

new and revised edition of their History of Ohio. It was published by the

Ohio State Archaeological and Historical Society.