Ohio History Journal

A Survey of Publications

A Survey of Publications

In Ohio History and Archaeology,

August 1957 - July 1958








BUCKMASTER, Henrietta, Flight to Freedom: The Story of the Underground Rail-

road. New York, Thomas Y. Crowell Company, 1958. 217p. For ages twelve

and older.

JELLISON, Charles A., "The Martyrdom of John Brown," West Virginia History,

XVIII (1957), 243-255.

LOTTICK, Kenneth V., "The Connecticut Reserve and the Civil War," History of

Education Journal, VIII, No. 3 (Spring 1957), 92-104. Discusses the influence

of education on antislavery sentiment in the Reserve.




BABY, Raymond S., "The Adena Pipe," Museum Echoes, XXXI (1958), 11-13. A

famous artifact of the Adena People in the Ohio State Museum.

"A Colorful Variety of Flint from the Collection of McDonald Schumm, Circleville,

Ohio," Ohio Archaeologist, VIII (1958), 57. Most of the specimens are from Ohio.

CROCKER, C. T., "A Collector's Reminiscence," Ohio Archaeologist, VIII (1958),

69. Early collecting in Geauga County, Ohio.

DIAMOND, Walter V., "An Ancient Ohio Engraving," Ohio Archaeologist, VII

(1957), 143.

GALITZA, Edward, "Glacial Kame Artifacts," "Ohio Archaeologist, VII (1957),

140. From Hardin and Wyandot counties.

GALITZA, Edward, "A Report of the Zimmerman Kame Site--Thirty Years Later,"

Ohio Archaeologist, VII (1957), 140-142, 144.

GORDON, Fred, "Pickaway County Spears," Ohio Archaeologist, VII (1957),

148, 149.

GOSLIN, Robert M., "A Hopewell Pottery Fragment from Circleville, Ohio," Ohio

Archaeologist, VIII (1958), 100.

MUNGER, Lynn, "The Cincinnati Head Pipe," Ohio Archaeologist, VIII (1958), 73.

PORTER, Tom, and Don McBeth, "Report on the West Mound," Ohio Archaeologist,

VIII (1958), 29-31. Near Marshall in Highland County.

SCHATZ, John W., "Late Woodland Projectile Point Types from Central Ohio,"

Ohio Archaeologist, VII (1957), 134-135.

SMITH, Arthur George, "A Point Peninsula Type," Ohio Archaeologist, VIII (1958),

32-33. A type found frequently in northeastern Ohio.




SMITH, Arthur George, "A Very Early Archaic or Late Paleo-Indian Type," Ohio

Archaeologist, VII (1957), 118-119. All but one of the fluted points illustrated

are from Ohio.

"Some Fluted Points from Collection of Stanley G. Copeland, Columbus, Ohio,"

Ohio Archaeologist, VIII (1958), 88-89. Most of the points were found in Ohio.

STARR, S. Frederick, "Excavation of an Indian Mound in Sayler Park," Historical

and Philosophical Society of Ohio, Bulletin, XVI (1958), 31-40. Located in


"Unique Sandal-Sole Gorget (Gravel Kame)," Ohio Archaeologist, VII (1958), 26.

From Hardin County.

"Unusual Cannel Coal Gorget of Gravel Kame," Ohio Archaeologist, VIII (1958),

26. From Allen County.

WACHTEL, H. C., "An Ohio Discoidal," Ohio Archaeologist, VII (1957), 113.

From northern Ohio.

WACHTEL, H. C., "Ohio Triangles," Ohio Archaeologist, VII (1957), 120-121.

Serrated flint points.

WACHTEL, H. C., "The Trophy Axes of Ohio," Ohio Archaeologist, VIII (1958),


WEBB, William S., and Raymond S. Baby, The Adena People No. 2. Columbus,

Ohio State University Press for Ohio Historical Society, 1957. 123p.

WITTHOFT, John, "The Art of Flint Chipping," Ohio Archaeologist, VII (1957),

17-20, 35, 42-45, 80-88, 92, 122-127.

WOOD, James J., "Rock Shelters in Gallia County, Ohio," Ohio Archaeologist, VIII

(1958), 66-67.




ANDREWS, Edward D., "The Shakers in a New World," Antiques, LXII (1957),

340-343. Discusses furniture and other artifacts, some made in Ohio communities.

ARRINGTON, Joseph Earl, "Samuel A. Hudson's Panorama of the Ohio and Missis-

sippi Rivers," Ohio Historical Quarterly, LXVI (1957), 355-374.

COMSTOCK, Helen, "Shaker Crafts on View," Antiques, LXII (1957), 344-347.

Includes the Shaker room at the Dunham Tavern, Cleveland.

DODDS, Gilbert F., Early Ironmasters of Ohio. Columbus, Franklin County Histori-

cal Society, 1957. 16p.

HOPPING, D. M. C., and Gerald R. Watland, "The Architecture of the Shakers,"

Antiques, LXII (1957), 335-339. Mainly New York, but typical of Ohio.

INNES, Lowell, "Glassmaking in the Ohio Valley," Antiques Journal, XII, No. 10

(October 1957), 9-15. Deals with the Pittsburgh area, but data are comparable

to Ohio.

Ohio Artists and Craftsmen. Massillon, Ohio, Massillon Museum, [1957]. 5p.

STILL, John S., "Early Ohio Blown Glass," Museum Echoes, XXXI (1958), 3-6.

STILL, John S., "Ohio Ceramics," Museum Echoes, XXXI (1958), 51-54.

STILL, John S., "Ohio Coverlets," Museum Echoes, XXXI (1958), 27-30.




SMITH, S. Winifred, comp., "A Survey of Publications in Ohio History and Archae-

ology, August 1956-July 1957," Ohio Historical Quarterly, LXVI (1957), 407-417.


A SURVEY OF PUBLICATIONS                 371




ANDERSON, Elliott J., "The Scott Nearing Controversy in Toledo, 1916-1917

(Part II)," Northwest Ohio Quarterly, XXIX     (1957), 161-173; (Part III)

XXIX (1957), 206-233.

BROWN, Morrison, Louis Bromfield and His Books, New York, Essential Books,

1957. 165p.

COATE, Janet, "Tribute to a Pioneer," The Agricultural Student of the Ohio State

University, LXIV (March 1958), 13. A. B. Graham, pioneer in agricultural exten-

sion work.

CUTLER, Ann, "The Man Who Snubbed Lincoln," Esquire, XLVII, No. 3 (March

1957), 61, 123. Concerns Edwin M. Stanton and the McCormick case at Cincinnati.

EISENDRATH, Joseph L., Jr., "'The Wright Brothers Are in Europe . . .': A

Vignette from the Who's Who Archives," Manuscripts, X (1958), 38-39, 52.

GARST, Doris Shannon, Annie Oakley. New York, Julian Messner, 1958. 190p.


GOETSCH, Bertha Louise, "John Wendel Eysenbach, Pioneer Musician and Teacher,"

Northwest Ohio Quarterly, XXIX (1957), 194-205. Eysenbach taught at Delphos

and Lima.

GELD, Ellen Bromfield, Strangers in the Valley. New York, Dodd, Mead and Com-

pany, 1957. 229p. Largely on Malabar of Brazil, but relates memories of her

father, Louis Bromfield, and Malabar Farm in Ohio.

HILL, Leonard U., John Johnston and the Indians in the Land of the Three Miamis.

Piqua, Ohio, privately published, 1957. 192p.

"Knight Praises Cox as Great Man," Ohio Newspaper, XXXIX, No. 1 (October

1957), 1-3. Governor James M. Cox.

KNOX, Israel, Rabbi in America: The Story of Isaac M. Wise. Boston, Little, Brown

and Company, 1957. 173p. Wise lived in Cincinnati from 1854 until his death

in 1900.

LOWITT, Richard, and Randolph C. Downes, eds., "George W. Norris--Monclova

Township Schoolmaster," Northwest Ohio Quarterly, XXX (1958), 78-81.

LOWITT, Richard, "The Ohio Boyhood of George W. Norris," Northwest Ohio

Quarterly, XXX   (1958), 70-77.

MANN, Arthur, Branch Rickey: American in Action. Boston, Houghton Mifflin

Company, 1957. 312p.

NOBLE, Iris, Clarence Darrow: Defense Attorney. New York, Julian Messner, 1958.


NORTH, Gene, "The Tafts Went to Texas," Historical and Philosophical Society of

Ohio, Bulletin, XV (1957), 290-301. Recounts a visit of President Taft to the

Texas ranch of Charles P. Taft.

OSBORN, George C., "Woodrow Wilson's First Romance," Ohio Historical Quarterly,

LXVII (1958), 1-20.

PARK, Clyde W., That Grant Boy. Cincinnati, C. J. Krehbiel Company, [1957].

52p. Ulysses S. Grant as a boy in Point Pleasant and Georgetown, Ohio.

SIEGEL, Leo K., "John Eaton and the Freedman," Northwest Ohio Quarterly, XXIX

(1957), 127-143. A Toledoan and chaplain of the 27th O. V. I., Eaton became

assistant commissioner of the Freedmen's Bureau.

THOMAS, Henry, Thomas Alva Edison. New York, G. P. Putnam's Sons, 1958.

128p. For ages ten to fourteen.

VITZ, Carl, "Martin Baum, Pioneer Cincinnati Entrepreneur," Historical and Philo-

sophical Society of Ohio, Bulletin, XVI (1958), 215-239.




WEBB, Robert N., The Story of Dan Beard. New York, Grosset and Dunlap, 1958.


WHITNEY, Frank P., School and I: The Autobiography of an Ohio Schoolmaster.

Yellow Springs, Antioch College Press, 1958. 173p.

WILKIE, Katherine E., George Rogers Clark: Boy of the Old Northwest. Indianapolis,

Bobbs-Merrill Company, 1958. 183p. Childhood of Famous Americans series.




FISK, William L., "John Bailhache: A British Editor in Early Ohio," Ohio Historical

Quarterly, LXVII (1958), 141-147.

O'CONNOR, E. L., "Oglebay Norton Company," Inland Seas, XIV (1958), 115-122.

A Cleveland, Ohio, firm engaged in iron ore and coal mining and in dock opera-

tion and transportation.

ROSENTHAL, Fred, "Early Ohio Currency," Numismatist, LXXI (1958), 26-28.

STILL, John S., "Ohio Farm Machinery," Museum Echoes, XXXI (1958), 43-46.

WEED, Merrill, "The Public Be Served," Ohio Engineer, XV, No. 11 (November

1957), 6-9, 28-29. The growth of public utilities in Ohio.




BINGLE, Alice, A Woman's Diary. New York, Vantage Press, 1958. 91p. The

author was for years director of the infirmary at Antioch College.

"Caldwell Letter," Historical and Philosophical Society of Ohio, Bulletin, XVI (1958),

254-258. A letter of John W. Caldwell to Robert Hamilton Bishop, October 5, 1887.

COYLE, Leo P., "Howells' Campaign Biography of Rutherford B. Hayes: A Series

of Letters," Ohio Historical Quarterly, LXVI (1957), 391-406.

JOHNSTON, John, Recollections of Sixty Years. Republished in Leonard U. Hill,

John Johnston and the Indians in the Land of the Three Miamis. Piqua, Ohio,

privately published, 1957. 192p.

SHEPARD, Lee, ed., "News from North Bend," Historical and Philosophical Society

of Ohio, Bulletin, XV (1957), 316-329. Letters of the Howell family, 1789-93.

SHEPARD, Lee, ed., "Two Early Quaker Letters," Historical and Philosophical

Society of Ohio, Bulletin, XVI (1958), 245-253. Letters of Samuel Linton, a

settler at Waynesville, Clinton County, Ohio, in 1802.

SMITH, Dwight L., "Nine Letters of Nathaniel Dike on the Western Country, 1816-

1818," Ohio Historical Quarterly, LXVII (1958), 189-220.

WARNER, Robert M., ed., "Miss Newcomb and the Talking Machine," Ohio Histori-

cal Quarterly, LXVII (1958), 148-151. A letter of Mary E. Newcomb to her

father, May 25, 1878, relating a demonstration of an early Edison phonograph at

a female seminary at Painesville, Ohio.

WHEALEN, John J., ed., "The Jackson-Dawson Correspondence," Historical and

Philosophical Society of Ohio, Bulletin, XVI (1958), 3-30. Letters of Andrew

Jackson to Moses Dawson of Cincinnati on political subjects of the period 1830-44.




CHESSMAN, G. Wallace, Denison: The Story of an Ohio College. Granville, Ohio,

Denison University, 1957. 451p.


A SURVEY OF PUBLICATIONS                373


ESAREY, Logan, "Elements of Culture in the Old Northwest," Indiana Magazine of

History, LIII (1957), 257-264. An analysis of culture in southern Indiana, which

the author believes representative of Ohio and other states of the Old Northwest.

GRAHAM, A. B., "Teachers' Contracts--1827 Style," Ohio Schools, XXXV, No. 8

(November 1957), 11. Contract of John Neal to teach at Mosquito Creek in

Champaign County.

MILLER, Ernest I., "Libraries in Cincinnati," Historical and Philosophical Society of

Ohio, Bulletin, XVI (1958), 240-244. From the earliest subscription libraries to

present-day organizations.

SHOEMAKER, Forest L., "Our Debt to the Past," Ohio Schools, XXXVI, No. 3

(March 1958), 14-15. Deals with Ohio schools and the work of Hiram H. Barney,

state commissioner of common schools.




BOWMAN, James Cloyd, Mike Fink: Snapping Turtle of the O-hi-o-o, Snag of the

Massassip. Boston, Little, Brown and Company, 1957. 147p.

PUCKETT, Newbell Niles, Eighty Years of Ohio Folklore. Chillicothe, Ross County

Historical Society, [1958]. 6p. Mimeographed.




DICKORE, Marie, "Genealogical Research in the Cincinnati Area," Historical and

Philosophical Society of Ohio, Bulletin, XVI (1958), 259-261.

DICKORE, Marie, ed., "The Joseph Hayes Family," Historical and Philosophical

Society of Ohio, Bulletin, XVI (1958), 80-81.

DICKORE, Marie, ed., "Marriage Records from H. L. Hilmer's Docket," Historical

and Philosophical Society of Ohio, Bulletin, XV (1957), 341-343.

DICKORE, Marie, "Two Abandoned Pioneer Cemeteries in Hamilton County, Ohio,"

Historical and Philosophical Society of Ohio, Bulletin, XVI (1958), 261-264. The

Compton Cemetery in Colerain Township and the Smiley Cemetery in Springfield


DICKORE, Marie, "Virginia Military Lands in Ohio Often Present Genealogical

Problems," Historical and Philosophical Society of Ohio, Bulletin, XV (1957),


DICKORE, Marie, ed., "The Welsh Congregational Church in Cincinnati," Historical

and Philosophical Society of Ohio, Bulletin, XVI (1958), 76-80.

HERRON, Robert, "The Gwynne Family Papers," Historical and Philosophical Society

of Ohio, Bulletin, XVI (1958), 151-160. An account of a Cincinnati family.

IMLAY, Hugh and Nella, The Imlay Family. Zanesville, Ohio, privately published,

1958. 190p. One branch located in Zanesville, Ohio.

MAIN, Mrs. Carl, comp., "Delaware County, Ohio, Probate," American Genealogist,

XXXIV (1958), 103-105. Extracts from estate records for selected families.

MILLER, Mary McGregor, The Warder Family. Springfield, Ohio, Clark County

Historical Society, 1957. [20p.]. A prominent family of Springfield.

NICOLAI, Edna Ritzi, "Groesbeck, Ohio: The Olive Branch Church Cemetery,"

Historical and Philosophical Society of Ohio, Bulletin, XVI (1958), 179-186.

PHILLIPS, Hazel Spencer, "The Lebanon, Ohio, Presbyterian Church," Historical

and Philosophical Society of Ohio, Bulletin, XIV (1956), 329-332.




PRICE, John M., The Price Family Tree. Privately published, 1957. 32p. Descendants

of Thomas Davis Price of the Welsh Hills near Newark and Granville.

"Roster of Members," Society of Indiana Pioneers, Yearbook, 1957, 53-117. Gives

names of ancestors and places of origin. Many were from Ohio.




JOHNSON, Davis Ben, ed. and comp., Stories of Ohio. [n. p. 1958]. 129p. Mimeo-


PATTISON, William D., American Rectangular Land Survey System, 1784-1800.

Chicago, University of Chicago, Department of Geography, 1957. 248p.




ELLIS, Marguerite, Free Soil. New York, G. P. Putnam's Sons, 1958. 288p. Story

opens (first seven chapters) in Ohio.

ELLIS, William Donohue, The Brooks Legend. New York, Thomas Y. Crowell

Company, 1958. 467p. Considerable Ohio background.

LANCASTER, Bruce, Roll Shenandoah. Boston, Little, Brown and Company, 1956.

316p. A story of General Phil Sheridan's campaign in the Shenandoah Valley.




BAUMAN, Robert F., ed., "The Last Gathering Under the Old Council Elm: A Selec-

tion from the Dresden W. H. Howard Papers," Northwest Ohio Quarterly, XXIX

(1957), 145-160.

BAUMAN, Robert F., ed., "The Removal of the Indians from the Maumee Valley:

A Selection from the Dresden W. H. Howard Papers," Northwest Ohio Quarterly,

XXX (1958), 10-25.

FABEN, W. W., "Indians of the Tri-State Area: The Potowattamis," Northwest Ohio

Quarterly, XXX (1958), 49-53, 100-105.

HILL, Leonard U., John Johnston and the Indians in the Land of the Three Miamis.

Piqua, Ohio, privately published, 1957. 192p.

HORSMAN, Reginald, "British Indian Policy in the Northwest, 1807-1812," Missis-

sippi Valley Historical Review, XLV (1958-59), 51-66.

LAMBERT, Harold, "Cornstalk--King of the Rhododendron Country," West Virginia

History, XIX (1957-58), 194-203.

"The Memorable October--1774," Cresap Society, Bulletin, XXII, No. 10 (October

1957), [1-3]. Exonerating Michael Cresap of the murder of Chief Logan's family.

VAN EVERY, Dale, "President Washington's Calculated Risk," American Heritage,

IX, No. 4 (June 1958), 56-61, 109-111. Background of the Indian Wars of 1790-

94 and the Battle of Fallen Timbers.




ALMY, Robert F., "Sherwood Anderson," Museum Echoes, XXX (1957), 83-86.

BARNARD, Kenneth H., "Presentation of the West in Conrad Richter's Trilogy,"

Northwest Ohio Quarterly, XXIX (1957), 224-234.


A SURVEY OF PUBLICATIONS                375


BREMNER, Robert H., "Brand Whitlock," Museum Echoes, XXX (1957), 67-70.

KUMMER, George, "Who Wrote 'The Harp of a Thousand Strings'?" Ohio Histori-

cal Quarterly, LXVII (1958), 221-231.

PECKHAM, Howard H., "Books and Reading on the Ohio Valley Frontier," Missis-

sippi Valley Historical Review, XLIV  (1957-58), 649-663.

REEVES, John K., comp., "The Literary Manuscripts of W. D. Howells: A Descrip-

tive Finding List," New York Public Library, Bulletin, LXII (1958), 267-278,


RODABAUGH, James H., "Louis Bromfield," Museum Echoes, XXX (1957), 91-94.

SINCLAIR, Robert B., "Ridgely Torrence," Museum Echoes, XXX (1957), 75-79.

SMITH, S. Winifred, "Zane Grey," Museum Echoes, XXX (1957), 59-62.

SOKOLOFF, B. A., "Printing and Journalism in the Novels of William Dean

Howells," Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters, Transactions, XLVI

(1957), 165-178. Considerable emphasis on the Ohio period.

STRONKS, James B., "Paul Laurence Dunbar and William Dean Howells," Ohio

Historical Quarterly, LXVII (1958), 95-108.




BLOWER, Arthur H., "Akron's Birth Date," Summit County Historical Society,

Bulletin, X, No. 11 (November 1957), [2].

GAULT, Homer J., ed., History of Mentor Headlands and Vicinity, Lake County,

Ohio. Privately published. Pamphlet.

GRAHAM, Thomas D., ed., The Sesqui-Centennial of Delaware County and City,

1808-1958: Our History Through the Years. Delaware, Ohio, Delaware County

Sesquicentennial, Inc., Delaware County Historical Society, and Delaware County

Commissioners, 1958. Illustrated historical sketches of the county. [112]p.

HOLM, James B., and Lucille Dudley, eds., Portage Heritage: A History of Portage

County, Ohio. Ravenna, Portage County Historical Society, 1957. 824p. A history

of Portage County with biographical sketches.

HOOPES, Minta, Collected Traditions of "Ye Olde Log Cabin Town" at Chesterhill,

Ohio. McConnelsville, Ohio, Herald Printing Company, 1957. 54p.

KING, Arthur G., "The Earliest Map of Cincinnati (1792)," Historical and Philo-

sophical Society of Ohio, Bulletin, XV (1957), 302-310. Describes a map ordered

by Governor St. Clair and gives names and data on lot owners.

KLEIN, Benjamin F., ed., Cincinnati Souvenir. Cincinnati, Young and Klein, 1958.

96p. Illustrations, maps, and drawings of Cincinnati from its founding to the


LOTTICK, Kenneth V., "New Connecticut on Lake Erie," Social Education, XXI

(1957), 153-157.

MATTHEWS, Stanley, "Aftermath of a Golden Jubilee," Historical and Philosophical

Society of Ohio, Bulletin, XVI (1958), 143-150. Guarantors of the Saengerfest in

Cincinnati in 1899 attempt to liquify a large debt.

PABST, Anna C. Smith, ed. and comp., Berlin Township and Delaware County,

Ohio [,] History Told by Contemporaries. Mimeographed by compiler, 1957-58.

5 vols.

PHILLIPS, Hazel Spencer, The Golden Lamb. Oxford, Ohio, Oxford Press, 1958.

68p. An inn at Lebanon, Ohio.

PHILLIPS, Josephine E., "Moody vs. Cummins," Historical and Philosophical Society

of Ohio, Bulletin, XVI (1958), 206-214. Deals with the claims of David Cummins

over William Moody as the first white child born in Cincinnati.




"Razing of Goodale Hotel Recalls Early Days of Capital University," Franklin County

Historical Society, Historical Bulletin, X (1958), 6-8.

"River Town: Moscow, Ohio," Ford Times, XLIX, No. 8 (August 1957), 32. A

"ghost town" on the Ohio River in Clermont County.

RUPPERT, Arthur George, The City of Norwood, Ohio, 1809-1957. Norwood, Ohio,

Norwood Chamber of Commerce, 1957. 151p.

TEICHERT, Richard E., "The Exhibit--Columbus' First 'Respectable' Movie House,"

Franklin County Historical Society, Historical Bulletin, X  (1958), 2-4.




BUTCHER, Wendell A., and Mary Knoche, "One Hundred Years of Progress in the

Columbus State School," Ohio State Medical Journal, LIII (1957), 678-679,


EDWARDS, Linden F., "Dr. Frederick C. Waite's Correspondence with Reference to

Grave Robbery," Ohio State Medical Journal, LIV (1958), 480, 482, 600, 602.

Includes incidents at Willoughby, Granville, and Cleveland.

EDWARDS, Linden F., "The Famous Harrison Case and Its Repercussions," Bulletin

of the History of Medicine, XXXI (1957), 162-171. Body of John Scott Harrison

snatched from grave at North Bend, Ohio, in 1878.

FORMAN, Jonathan, "Meetings of the Faculty of Starling Medical College in 1859,"

Ohio State Medical Journal, LIII (1957), 926-927.

PATERSON, Robert G., "Governor Cox and Public Health in Ohio," Ohio State

Medical Journal, LIV (1958), 170-171, 318-319.

PRESTON, Robert H., "Hospital Transports, with Special Reference to the Steam-

boat Allen Collier and the Cincinnati Branch of the U. S. Sanitary Commission,"

Ohio State Medical Journal, LIII (1957), 1037-1038, 1165-1167.

ROND, Philip C., "Samuel Mitchel Smith, M. D., Medical College Psychiatric Lamp-

lighter," Ohio State Medical Journal, LIII (1957), 1266-1267, 1405-1406. Smith,

a native of Highland County, practiced in Columbus, 1840-74.




GAY, Phil, "Ohio's Treasure House," The Agricultural Student of the Ohio State

University, LXIV (March 1958), 8-9. The Ohio State Museum described.

HEALD, Edward T., "History to the People: Stark County Historical Society's Radio

and Publication Program," American Association for State and Local History,

History News, XIII (1957-58), 46-47.

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(December 1957), 20-21. A brief history of salt production in Ohio.

STEWART, Kate MacLean, "The William Howard Taft Papers," Library of Congress,

Quarterly Journal of Current Acquisitions, XV (1957), 1-11. An account of the

acquisition of the Taft papers and an analysis of their contents.




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253-284. Numbers, organization, and service of Ohio troops.

FITES, Gilbert G., "Fort Fizzle," Ohio Local History News, III, No. 3 (August

1957), [3]. An account of draft resistance in Holmes County in 1863.


A SURVEY OF PUBLICATIONS                377


GILPIN, Alec R., The War of 1812 in the Old Northwest. East Lansing, Michigan

State University Press, 1958. 286p.

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(1957), 219-252.

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Commission," Historical and Philosophical Society of Ohio, Bulletin, XVI (1958),


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(1958), 21-34.

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History, III (1957), 307-313. Discusses mainly Civil War collections in the library

of the Ohio Historical Society.




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cludes Ohio place names on Lake Erie.




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Light Company, 1907-1913," Northwest Ohio Quarterly, XXX (1958), 26-48.

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Presidency by the Republican Convention of 1920. Washington D. C., published by

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of the Lincoln-Hamlin Republican Ticket of 1860," Lincoln Lore, No. 1445 (July

1958), 1-3.

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Through Proportional Representation. New York, New York University Press,

1958. 329p.




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Midwest in 1901," Northwest Ohio Quarterly, XXIX (1957), 235-246.

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Quarterly, XLI (1957), 407-422. The assassination of McKinley and the reaction

of numerous officials and prominent men.

WHEALEN, John J., ed., "The Jackson-Dawson Correspondence," Historical and

Philosophical Society of Ohio, Bulletin, XVI (1958), 3-30. Letters of Andrew

Jackson to Moses Dawson of Cincinnati on political subjects of the period 1830-44.




BOASE, Paul H., "'In Cases of Extreme Necessity': The Methodists Take Action

Against Tobacco Chewing and Spitting in Church Along with the Excessive Use of

Alcohol," Historical and Philosophical Society of Ohio, Bulletin, XVI (1958),


EVANS, James F., "A Brief History of St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Maumee, Ohio

(March 14, 1836--September 1, 1955)," Northwest Ohio Quarterly, XXIX (1957),


History of West Branch Quarterly Meeting of the Society of Friends, West Milton,

Ohio, 1807-1957. Sketch of more than a dozen constituent meetings and genealogi-

cal data on some thirty member families. Also heads of families from the 1820

census for three local townships in Miami County.

KUHNS, Frederick, "Religious Rivalries in the Old Northwest," Presbyterian Histori-

cal Society, Journal, XXXVI (1958), 19-51.

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Selected Papers, 35-111. Cleveland, Shaker Historical Society, 1957. Edited by Harry

D. Piercy. On the settlement of Warrensville Township, Cuyahoga County, Ohio,

by the Shakers.




HEUCK, Robert, "Show Business Over-The-Rhine," Historical and Philosophical So-

ciety of Ohio, Bulletin, XVI (1958), 121-142. German section of Cincinnati.

"History of the Amish in Wayne County, Ohio," Mennonite Quarterly Review, XXXI

(1957), 156-219.

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(1957), 339-354.

WITTKE, Carl, "Ora et Labora: A German Methodist Utopia," Ohio Historical

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