Ohio History Journal




Contributors to This Issue.

DR. CARL WITTKE is head of the Department of History,

Ohio State University.

WELLINGTON G. FORDYCE, instructor in history at Euclid

Central High School, Cleveland, received his master's degree from

Ohio State University. His article is a part of a larger study of

immigrant groups.

EDGAR B. NIXON, a descendant of one of the members of the

Zoar community, is a member of the staff of the Editorial Di-

vision of the Department of State, Washington, D. C.

EDWIN ADAMS DAVIS is an instructor in the Department of

History of Louisiana State University and archivist of the Uni-

versity Libraries.

JOHN C. L. ANDREASSEN is an assistant in the Department

of History of Louisiana State University.

ROBERT PRICE of Alexandria, Ohio, was formerly with the

Department of English, Ohio State University.

JOHN FRANCIS MCDERMOTT is in the English Department

of Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri.


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