Ohio History Journal





Contributors to This Issue

HARRY R. STEVENS, who is also the author of Ohio Bridge

(1939) and Six Twenty, Margaretta Hunt, and the Baker-Hunt

Foundation (1942), is at present with our fighting forces some-

where in the Pacific area. His home is in Cincinnati, Ohio.

ROBERT L. JONES is instructor in history at Marietta College.

EDWARD C. REILLEY is assistant professor of history at John

Carroll University, Cleveland, Ohio.

MABEL WATKINS (MRS. W. C.) MAYER, the granddaughter

of the Ohio Hundred Day man, Wallace W. Chadwick, is a sub-

stitute teacher and housewife who resides in Flint, Michigan.

B. S. PICKETT is the head of the department of horticulture

at Iowa State College, Ames, Iowa.



New Appointments

Professor Beverley W. Bond, Jr., head of the Department

of History in the University of Cincinnati and a member of the

Ohio State Archaeological and Historical Society, was recently

elected president of the Historical and Philosophical Society of

Ohio, at Cincinnati. Professor Bond is the author of the first

volume of the new History of the State of Ohio now being pub-

lished by the Society.

Dr. E. J. Benton, in addition to his duties as secretary of

the Western Reserve Historical Society, has been made acting

director, and Mr. Laurence H. Norton, a member of the Board

of Trustees of the Ohio State Archaeological and Historical

Society, is president of the Western Reserve Historical Society.

All these appointments assure a closer cooperation and com-

mon interest in the preservation of Ohio's history.