Ohio History Journal





Contributors to This Issue

Henry C. Shetrone is director of this Society.

Lee Shepard is a member of the board of curators (trustees)

of the Historical and Philosophical Society of Ohio.

Elbert J. Benton is director and secretary of the Western

Reserve Historical Society.

Albert Post is an analyst with the Foreign Economic Ad-

ministration in Washington, D. C.

Miss Florence Murdoch, who lives in Cincinnati, Ohio, is

the grand-niece of Milo G. Williams.

Robert Leslie Jones is a professor of history at Marietta


Miss Caroline M. Zimmerman, a life member of the Society,

is a former member of the faculty at Wittenberg College and

resides in Springfield, Ohio.

John H. Cramer, former member of the history faculty at

Western Reserve University, resides in Cleveland, Ohio.

William Marion Miller is associate professor of Romanic

Languages at Miami University.