Ohio History Journal




Count Byron Khun de Prorok on the evening of

January 28, 1924, delivered his lecture in the audience

room of the Elks' Club to an appreciative audience on

the subject, "My Excavation of Ancient Carthage."

When the Count reached Columbus those interested in

the lecture were surprised to find in him a very young

man.   He might easily have passed without notice

among the thousands of students at the Ohio State

University.  He is still in his twenties and younger

looking even than his years.  His presentation of his

subject through the aid of a series of excellent illustra-

tions at once won his audience. His manner is modest

and charming and his voice clear and pleasing.  He

was distinctly heard by everyone present. For a time

his audience was carried back in history to the days

when Carthage disputed with Rome for the title of mis-

tress of the world. His description of the rebuilding of

Carthage generations after its destruction by the

Romans and his pictures of the ruins of the rebuilt area

were especially interesting.

An illustrated account of his excavations in

Carthage appeared in the April number of the National

Geographic Magazine.

Count Prorok arrived in Columbus the evening be-

fore the lecture and spent much time of the day follow-

ing in the Museum of the Ohio State Archaeological

Society. In his lecture he made complimentary refer-

ence to the exhibit in the Museum.