Andre (Chris) Ballard

Ohio Historical Society
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00:00:07 - Introduction

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Segment Synopsis: Andre C. Ballard (Chris) was born in 1983 in Hampton, VA. His parents relocated to Columbus when he was young and he grew up in Marion, OH. He joined the National Guard in high school. In this section he discusses his childhood, family and their military heritage, and why he chose the Guard.

Keywords: Columbus (Ohio); Hampton (Va.); Howard (Ohio); Marion (Ohio)

Subjects: Family; Military Heritage; School

GPS: Howard (Ohio)
Map Coordinates: 40.0853056,-83.1788497
00:13:16 - Joining the Guard and Deployments

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Segment Synopsis: Ballard went to boat camp after finishing high school and describes how it can be a hard transition from civilian life. He also shares his experiences learning to be a Combat Engineer. Ballard talks about his first deployment to Wright-Patterson Air Fore Base after the attacks on 9/11. He describes balancing his duties with the demands of college. He discussed his adjustment to being married, achieving the rank of Sergeant, college at Mt. Vernon Nazarene, and his decision to become an officer. Ballard detailed his experience in Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina where he was part of a relief effort from the Ohio National Guard. He also explained his desire to deploy overseas, being stationed in Egypt in 2008-2009, working with soldiers from different countries, and his duties while there.

Keywords: Fort Leonard Wood (Mo.); Fort Sill (Okla.); Israel; Military training; Ohio. National Guard. Engineer Battalion, 112th; Ravenna (Ohio); Sinai (Egypt); United States. Army. Engineer Brigade, 35th; Wright-Patterson Air Force Base (Ohio)

Subjects: Boot Camp; Deployment - Egypt; Deployment - Louisiana; Deployment - Wright Patterson; MOS; ROTC

GPS: Sinai Peninsula (Egypt)
Map Coordinates: 28.859156,32.8432111
01:25:18 - Staying with the Guard

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Segment Synopsis: Ballard returns from his deployment in Egypt expecting to start grad school at the University of Akron, but gets a surprise job offer from Morehead State University. He continues to detail his return home, his movements at this time, serving with the 37th infantry, and a job that lead to his decision to have a military career. Ballard speaks of acting as Rear Guard Commander for his unit that was going to Afghanistan in 2011, working with the wounded, training, and organizing projects stateside. He explains returning to the civilian workforce before becoming full-time National Guard and his roles there. In 2016 Ballard worked logistics with the 371st Sustainment Brigade and is expected to deploy to Kuwait in the near future. He reflects on some difficult times when he has lost soldiers and friends, his family's adaptations to his career, and how he feels about his service.

Keywords: Camp Grayling (Mich.); Hebron (Ky.); Human resources; Morehead State College; Newark (Ohio); Ohio. National Guard. Brigade Combat Team, 37th; Ohio. National Guard. Sustainment Brigade, 371st.; Saint Marys (Ohio); Springfield (Ky.); University of Akron

Subjects: Full-time Guard; Rear command or Officer in Command; Recruiting; Reflecting

GPS: Hebron (Ky.)
Map Coordinates: 39.0598479,-84.7399801