Ronald Buchanan

Ohio Historical Society
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00:00:06 - Introduction

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Segment Synopsis: Ronald Buchanan was born in 1942 and grew up in Addyston, Ohio before moving to Cincinnati. He talks about growing up with his mom and brother and moving to Cincinnati when he was young. He discusses his military heritage, his uncle and father were in WWII and two of his great uncles were in the infantry in WWI. He received his draft letter in December 1965. At the time he was working at Longview Asylum. He was and continues to be involved in weightlifting and bodybuilding; he won Mr. Cincinnati in 1964.

Keywords: Addyston (Ohio); Bodybuilding; Cincinnati (Ohio); Draft; Foster home care; Longview Hospital (Cincinnati, Ohio); Vietnam Veterans of America, Inc.; Walnut Hills (Cincinnati, Ohio); World War II; YMCA of the USA

Subjects: Bodybuilding; Draft; Introduction; Military Heritage

GPS: Addyston (Ohio)
Map Coordinates: 39.1346537,-84.7271561
00:06:19 - Drafted

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Segment Synopsis: After receiving his draft notice Buchanan felt a duty to serve. He adapted easily to the military way of life comparing it to athletic training, of which he was very familiar. In him the Army fostered an appreciation of time. He was assigned the MOS of 72B20, or Communications Center Specialist.

Keywords: Basic training; Communications, Military.; Draft; Fort Knox (Ky.); United States Army School/Training Center (Fort Gordon, Ga.); United States. Army. Signal Brigade, 1st

Subjects: Draft; Military discipline

GPS: United States Army School/Training Center (Fort Gordon, Ga.)
Map Coordinates: 33.4209703,-82.1795741
00:09:32 - Shipping to Vietnam

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Segment Synopsis: Buchanan got married in June of 1967 then shipped to Vietnam. He was attached to the 1st Signal Brigade at the Phu Lam Signal Battalion. Later he was transferred to Dong Ha with the 3rd Marines for a short time before being sent to Chu Lai with the 43rd Signal Battalion, Company . In Phu Lam he lived in a hotel and warehouse, but was stationed in Barracks for the rest of his time in Vietnam.

Keywords: Chu Lai (Vietnam); Phu Lam Communications Base (Vietnam); Tet Offensive, 1968; United States. Army. Infantry Division, 25th; United States. Army. Signal Battalion, 43rd; United States. Army. Signal Brigade, 1st; United States. Marine Corps. Marine Division, 3rd; Vietnam War, 1961-1975; Đông Hà (Vietnam)

GPS: Phu Lam Communications Base (Vietnam)
Map Coordinates: 10.7516283,106.6294275
00:13:35 - Life in Phu Lam, Mostly

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Segment Synopsis: Buchanan worked with high precedence communications primarily concerning troop movement and other combat related information. He talk about his life on base and its dangers such as taking fire and the need for guard duty. He also talk about the various forms of entertainment at the USO and listening to Chris Noel on the radio.

Keywords: Abrams, Creighton W. (Creighton Williams), 1914-1974; Clark Air Base (Philippines); Hickam Air Force Base (Hawaii); Mortars (Ordnance); Noel, Chris; Security clearances; Teletype; United Service Organizations (U.S.); Westmoreland, William C. (William Childs), 1914-2005

GPS: Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam) (Saigon)
Map Coordinates: 10.7546664,106.415032
00:23:52 - Tet Offensive and Coming Home

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Segment Synopsis: Buchanan recalls that he didn't really feel a sense of danger until after the start of the Tet Offensive. On January 27, 1968 he spent the night in a foxhole as attacks went on around him. He discusses communicating with family home and because of his position in the communications center he was able to call home. After his year in country he finished his time working with the 330 Transportation Company in Richmond, VA. In addition to his normal duties he served on the honor guard, possibly for the funeral of 4 Star General John L. Hines.

Keywords: Communications; Fort Lee (Va.); Hines, John Leonard, 1868-1968; Richmond (Va.); Tet Offensive, 1968; United States. Army. Transportation Company, 330th

Subjects: Communications; Honor guards; Tet offensive

GPS: Fort Lee (Va.)
Map Coordinates: 37.2516728,-77.3672408
00:33:43 - Post-Army Employment

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Segment Synopsis: Buchanan was able to secure employment prior to fulfilling his military obligation and became a detention attendant for Hamilton County Juvenile Courts. He discusses working at the River City Correctional Center, working as an adjunct professor in criminal justice at Cincinnati State, and how the Army prepared him for his future.

Keywords: Cincinnati Technical College; Criinal justice; Ohio. Juvenile Court (Hamilton County); Security; Sociology

GPS: Cincinnati Technical College
Map Coordinates: 39.1496368,-84.5365547
00:39:19 - Bodybuilding and the Military Police

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Segment Synopsis: Buchanan was able to continue Bodybuilding in the Army, coming in 2nd in the Mr. Virginia contest. In 1982 he joined the 377th Military Police as an E-4 until 2000. He talks about why he left the 377th, going to the 2075th, and why he joined the Army Reserve. He discusses volunteering and how that overlaps with his military experiences.

Keywords: Blood--Collection and preservation; Bodybuilding; Recruiting and enlistment; September 11 Terrorist Attacks, 2001; United States. Army Recruiting Command; United States. Army Reserve Armor School, 2075th (Cincinnati, Ohio); United States. Army. Military Police Company, 377th; Weight training

Subjects: Bodybuilding; United States. Army Reserves

00:48:06 - Reflections on Service

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Segment Synopsis: Buchanan never had an opportunity to deploy with the reserves, the closest was a deployment after 9/11. He talks about his pride in contributing to the training of his men and their 1998 flood assignment. He describes the values of integrity and leadership by example, his son in the military, and the importance of a plan B. He feels that understanding the experiences of troops is the most important thing people who haven't served can do.

Keywords: Deployments; Military training; September 11 Terrorist Attacks, 2001