Nicholas Chou

Ohio Historical Society
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00:00:07 - Introduction and Joining the Guard

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Segment Synopsis: Nicholas A. Chou was born in 1974 in Lowell, Massachusetts. His family moved to Miamisburg, Ohio when he was very young and he grew up there. In his interview Chou talks about his reasons for joining the National Guard, what he learned during basic training, his time studying engineering at The Ohio State University, and why he transferred to Cedarville College.

Keywords: 1974; Church work.; Engineering; Lowell (Mass.); Miamisburg (Ohio); Military training; Ohio State University; Ohio. National Guard.; Psychology

Subjects: Basic training; Family; Joining the Guard; Military heritage; Ministry; School and college

GPS: Miamisburg (Ohio)
Map Coordinates: 39.6370724,-84.3495034
00:36:30 - Seminary, Deployment, and Ministering to the Guard

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Segment Synopsis: Chou explains his personal struggle to find himself and his faith, enrolling in Grand Rapids Theological Seminary, his time in Michigan, and why he decided to reenlist as a candidate for chaplaincy. Chou describes meeting his wife, his desire to work with families, and his work with the National Guard doing post-Katrina support. He details his deployment to Camp Navistar in Kuwait, his work there preparing soldiers for the reality of a combat zone, and helping those who are dealing with loss. He discusses his choice to move from Michigan to Columbus, Ohio for a 1-year chaplaincy, how he worked to support families during the deployment of the 37th Infantry Division in 2007-2008, and the various support initiatives he has worked on since.

Keywords: Camp Navistar; Chaplains; Grand Rapids (Mich. : Township); Kuwait; Seminary; United States. Army. Infantry Division, 37th

Subjects: Chaplanicy; Deployment; Grand Rapids Theological Seminary; Ministering to the Guard

GPS: Camp Navistar
Map Coordinates: 30.074242,47.7211518
01:49:05 - Current work and the military's influence

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Segment Synopsis: Chou will be deploying again to Kuwait and he talks about the new difficulties and responsibilities. He speaks of his current work reaching out to soldiers during training, the importance of suicide prevention, and how he sees his faith tied to his military career.

Keywords: Chaplain Corps; Faith; Kuwait; Suicide--Prevention.

Subjects: Current work; Deploying Again to Kuwait; Intertwining of faith and military service; Military influences; Suicide prevention