Kristin Cruikshank

Ohio Historical Society
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00:00:07 - Introduction

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Segment Synopsis: Kristin Cruikshank was born in 1981 in Newark, Ohio. Cruikshank enlisted in the United States Army in high school because it offered opportunities to do and see new things. She talks about growing up in Columbus and Portsmouth, OH, her life working and going to school at Fort Irwin, and what it is like being a garrison and field cook. Cruikshank details her memories of 9/11, her time at Giessen Depot in Germany, and her younger brother's enlistment in the Army.

Keywords: Columbus (Ohio); Cooks; Fort Irwin (Calif.); Giessen Army Depot; Hesse (Germany); Newark (Ohio); Portsmouth (Ohio); United States. Army. Armored Engineer Battalion, 16th; United States. Army. Armored Engineer Battalion, 58th

Subjects: Childhood; Cooking in the Army; Deployment to Germany; Military heritage

GPS: Giessen Army Depot
Map Coordinates: 50.596389, 8.728056
00:51:30 - Deployment to Iraq and travels

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Segment Synopsis: Cruikshank was deployed to Iraq via Kuwait in 2003 being stationed at Baghdad Island. She talks about what it is like to be in a mortar attack. She explains how she had family ties to Iraqis living in Baghdad, how they became part of her life while stationed there, and her perception of how the Iraqis felt about the Army's deployment. Cruikshank tells of participating in raids, being a part of convoys, and being a logistics coordinator. She reviews her travels during her time in Germany and the trips around the world she took after she left the Army.

Keywords: Australia; Baghdad Island; England; Greece; Guard Duty; Iraq; Kuwait; Logistics coordination; Nepal; Scotland; Singapore; South Africa; Weapons sweeps

Subjects: Aspects of deployment to Iraq; Family in Iraq; Traveling

GPS: Baghdad Island
Map Coordinates: 33442857,44344364
01:46:10 - Joining the National Guard and Reflecting on Service

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Segment Synopsis: Cruikshank missed her life in the Army and after some searching found a new home in the Ohio National Guard. She speaks of her civilian life after the Army and why she decided to join the Ohio National Guard. Cruikshank explains the various jobs she has held, what it has been like to be a woman in the Army, questions she has had about 9/11 and her service, and how she feels about her service in the Armed Forces.

Keywords: Avenger weapons system; Fahrenheit 9/11 (Motion picture); Human resources; September 11 Terrorist Attacks, 2001.; Training officer; Washington Air Defense

Subjects: Duties in the Guard; Ohio National Guard; Reflecting on 9/11; What it's like being a woman in the Army