Russell Galeti, Jr.

Ohio Historical Society
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00:00:07 - Introduction

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Segment Synopsis: Russell P. Galeti Jr. was born in Garfield Heights, Ohio in 1980. He was drawn to the armed forces when he became interested in his family's military history. He enlisted in the Ohio National Guard in 1998 as an M1 Abrams armor crewman. In his interview Galeti talks about growing up in a big family, his interest in his family's military service, joining the National Guard, going to The Ohio State University, and his experiences in basic training. He explains his choice to transfer to Kent State, his memories of 9/11, the pull between the Navy and National Guard, and his deployment to Iraq. He discusses the difficulties of war, preparing Humvees for duty, his interactions with Iraqis, and his day-to-day activities. Galeti reflects on his experiences at Forward Operating Base Caldwell, his return home, dealing with the difficulties of coming back to civilian life, and his homecoming at Fort Bragg.

GPS: Forward Operating Base Caldwell
Map Coordinates: 33.719444, 45.290000
03:19:23 - Returning home and second deployment

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Segment Synopsis: He speaks of his attempt to join the Navy, his Army aviation training and Officer Candidate School, working for Ted Strickland's campaign, and working a civilian job. Galeti recounts learning that he was assigned to an Operational Mentoring and Liaison Team in Afghanistan, training at Fort Riley, and working with the Hungarian Army. He speaks about his time with the Afghan National Army, the combat operations they undertook, moving from Bagram Airfield to Joint Combat Post Khilagay, and his decision to go to graduate school.

GPS: Combat Outpost Khilagay, Afghanistan
Map Coordinates: 35.8009873,68.504421
06:12:06 - Reflecting on service and future prospects

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Segment Synopsis: He concludes with his reflections on his service, how it influenced his view on the United States' involvement abroad, and how he feels the National Guard fits into the modern military.