David Kitchen

Ohio Historical Society
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00:00:06 - Introduction

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Segment Synopsis: David Kitchen was born in London, Ohio in 1988. He went to college and trained as an EMT, but wanted to do something new so he enlisted in the Ohio Air National Guard in 2009. In his interview Kitchen talks about his family's history of military service, his decision to enlist, his time during basic training, and an experience with an attempted suicide. He explains his original Military Occupational Specialty, how he transferred to the Air Transportation specialty, and preparing to deploy to Bagram Airfield in Afghanistan.

Keywords: Camp Perry (Ohio); Color blindness; FedEx Corporation; Fort Lee (Va.); London (Ohio); Mount Sterling (Ohio); Quartermaster School (U.S.); San Antonio (Tex.); United States. Air Force. Medical Service Corps; United States. Air Force. Rapid Engineer Deployable Heavy Operational Repair Squadron, 819th.

GPS: Quartermaster School (U.S.)
Map Coordinates: 37.248661,-77.3372726
00:26:24 - Deployment

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Segment Synopsis: Kitchen describes the deployment process, his mission in Afghanistan, what Bagram Airfield was like, and the details of his job. He discusses being on Alpha shift, volunteerism in the Armed Forces, what being in a combat zone was like, and being on the base as opposed to the frontline. He recounts some accidents around the base, a major incident involving a 747, working with contractors of different nationalities, some examples of Medevac flights to Ramstein Air Base, and transporting caskets. He tells of the secrecy around prisons and prisoners, the kind of contraband he would find on flights, what it was like getting ready to come home.

Keywords: Bagram Airfield (Afghanistan); Balad Air Base (Iraq); Columbus (Ohio); Kyrgyzstan; Mansfield Lahm Air National Guard Base (Mansfield, Ohio); Ohio. Air National Guard. Airlift Wing, 179th; Turkey; United States. Air Force. Air Expeditionary Wing, 455th

GPS: Mansfield Lahm Air National Guard Base (Mansfield, Ohio)
Map Coordinates: 40.8123932,-82.5154448
GPS: Bagram Airfield (Afghanistan)
Map Coordinates: 34.946111, 69.265
01:53:43 - Reflections on Service

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Segment Synopsis: Being on the road a lot is hard on David, mostly being away from his daughter and pregnant wife. Kitchen talks about his homecoming experience, how being at war changed him, and his Air Transportation work stateside. He concludes by speaking about leaving his friends, how he feels about his military service, what he brought back from Afghanistan, tattoos, and what he'll tell people about his service.

Keywords: September 11 Terrorist Attacks, 2001.; tattoos