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00:00:07 - Introduction

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Partial Transcript: Tyler can you state your full name and spell it.

Segment Synopsis: Tyler Ogden is being interviewed for Standing Together Ohio Veterans in the War on Terror for the Ohio History Connection in Ohio Humanities.

Keywords: Introduction; Ogden: Tyler Ogden; Tyler; name; purpose; reason

00:00:45 - Early Life

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Partial Transcript: So were just gonna start sort of from the beginning to get a sense of who you are and kind of where you come from. When and where were you born and what was your early experience like?

Segment Synopsis: Tyler Ogden was born 4/29/1992 in Springfield, OH. He went to Horace Mann Elementary, Nightgale Montessori, and moved to North Western High School. His parents bought a farm on Valentine? Pike. He currently lives and works in Huber Heights.

GPS: Community Hospital, Springfield Ohio where Tyler was born ; Horace Mann Elementary ; Nightgale Montessori ; North Western High School ; Huber Heights, OH ;
Map Coordinates: 39.921535, -83.77713419999998 ; 39.9131575, -83.76577939999998 ; 39.9215113, -83.79264189999998 ; 40.3325577, -83.4640913 ; 39.84394699999999, -84.12466080000001
00:01:57 - Siblings

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Partial Transcript: How many siblings do you have? And what were some your early experiences like around middle school or your neighborhoods? What was your family like?

Segment Synopsis: As for early experiences and family he speaks of his younger brother who is a hard worker, and very mature. Tyler's parents did divorce in 1991 when Tyler was nine or ten years old. His mother kept the farm house, while his father worked in cement sales as well as became remarried. His mother however gave birth to another baby (twins) at 42 or 43. He explained how at 18 it made a big impact on their lives. After the initial shock he was very happy about it, as well as expressed approval for his step father. His mother has been his mentor his whole life, even through the rebellious stages. The new integration of the entire family feels strange but comforting to have, since he was a 'floater' in the family.

Keywords: Accessories; Mature; Roles; age; animals; black sheep; brother; call; cell phone; concrete; dependence; divorce; family; farm; farm house; father; generational; integration; kids; loners; marriage; mentor; mother; old; pregnant; pride; progress; reliance; stepbrothers; stepdad; stepmom; talent; twins; work; young

00:06:18 - Family Did Not Have a Tradition of Military Service

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Partial Transcript: Is there a tradition of military service on either side of your family?

Segment Synopsis: While there is no other military service throughout his family, he feels ties to military heritage through the past wars. He found a civil war rifile in his grandparents house that his grandparents were unaware of. After some research it was found that it was an extra gun (66 or 67) that ended up being passed out to farmers in Pennsylvania. This significant artifact started his path of personal growth and passion for the military.

Keywords: Armory; Artifact; Farmers; National Archives; Pennsylvania; Significance; Washington D.C.; belonging; civil war; coincidences; evolving; family; grandparents; heritage; history; importance; job; military; riffle; service; tradition; untraditional; wars

GPS: Washington D.C.; Pennsylvania
Map Coordinates: 38.907192, -77.036871 ; 41.203322, -77.194525
00:09:37 - Thoughts on Enlistment

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Partial Transcript: So at what point did you decide to enter the armed services? How did you very first start to make that a consideration?

Segment Synopsis: Tyler began this process when he was going to school, and working a few jobs. While he was receiving help from his mother he was not doing well in school since he was unsure of a career path. So one night his father suggested the military, but since it was about a week before the 9/11 attacks his mother was against any type of armed service. After two years passed, his father brought up the necessity to receive some form of formal education or practice. So after looking into it once again Tyler decided to join (Feb. 3rd 2003).

Keywords: 9/11; Memphis; active duty; base; blue collar; brother; career; certifications; convincing; f-16s; fall back; father; full time; importance; job; marriage; money; night flight; part time; plan b; process; productive; recruiter; reliance; school; semesters; service; students; technical school; terror; terrorist; terrorist attacks; tour; trip; wonder; working; young

GPS: Columbus, Ohio ; World Trade Center, NY
Map Coordinates: 39.9611755, -82.99879420000002 ; 40.7118011, -74.01312
00:14:07 - Joined the National Guard Knowing He Would Deploy

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Partial Transcript: How did that impact how your considerations of joining the national guard at a time when you knew it would be very likely you would be deployed.

Segment Synopsis: At this point in his life joining was something that he needed for himself. His mother was very worried but he was able to comfort her himself since he was confident in the decision at this point.

Keywords: 9/11; armed; decision; deploy; destiny; family; forces; growth; join; life; military; mother; national; national guard; operations center; service

GPS: Springfield, Ohio
Map Coordinates: 39.924227, -83.808817
00:14:44 - Recollections of 9/11: Working on a Golf Course on 9/11

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Partial Transcript: What are your recollections of 9/11?

Segment Synopsis: Tyler talks about his recollections of 9/11. He was working at a golf course working on the landscape. (Slander Gold Course in Springfield). He recalls listening to Bob and Tom on a wireless headset when the alert came over the radio that one of the towers had been hit. Feeling scared, and confused he recalls being devastated. He also recalls seeing a plane in the distance (NAYOK-an operations center in the sky) which he later came to protect. He explains how he knew it was an important aircraft because of the style but was unsure of what exactly it was or why it was in the area.

Keywords: 9/11; Bob and Tom; NAYOK; aircraft; alert; anger; conspiracy; crash; emotions; golf; golf course; government; grass; important; ironic; knowledge; lawn; memories; music; new; old; personal; plane; radio; scared; shock; shut down; slanders; technology; terror; terrorist attacks; theories; towers; trauma; validation; wireless

00:17:19 - Sonic Boom

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Partial Transcript: Did you hear the sonic boom in the area that day?

Segment Synopsis: He does not recall hearing the sonic boom. From talking with other friends he knows that there were live armaments on the aircraft. Most people say that the plane that went down in Pennsylvania was due to people fighting for survival. He is also in disbelief that the nose and tail were 3 miles apart unless something hit it to cause that situation. He hears from aircraft workers on the runway that were overtaken by authority and were given instructions to intervene. They thought they were doing trainings, but ended up having to shoot down civilian aircrafts. The pilot that shot down the plane quit right afterwards since he was so disgusted in his act. His actions saved the lives of many others but is still tragic.

Keywords: Michigan; Pennsylvania; actions; aircraft; alternative; area; authority; boom; civilians; conspiracy; crash; date; demands; disbelief; disgust; explosion; feelings; friends; hero; instructions; justification; life; lives; military; morals; obedience; overtaken; people; plane; practice; quit; quitting; real; realization; right; runway; shoot; sonic boom; target; theory; tragedy; trainings; villain; workers; wrong

00:20:22 - Oath of Service

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Partial Transcript: What did it mean to you to take the oath of service? And has that meaning changed over the years?

Segment Synopsis: Tyler explains the meaning behind the oath of service. At the time it did not mean much since he was overwhelmed with emotion and new experiences. Later on, it becomes repetitive since they review it often as a reminder of the service that he is doing for others. This instills pride in himself and his job.

Keywords: career; emotions; experiences; importance; inspiration; job; life; meaning; oath; oath of service; overload; overwhelming; passion; pride; reminder; repetitive; review; senses; service; transition; vital; work

00:22:22 - Basic Training

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Partial Transcript: Maybe we can zoom in to boot camp? Where did you do boot camp? Can you describe that experience and what that transition from civilian life to military life?

Segment Synopsis: While Tyler does not recall most of basic training he does remember being very hot since he was in San Antonio, Tx at Lackland Air Force Base in 3-24th training squadron (the knights). His drill instructor was Serg. Nance. He recalls getting there in a bus and wondering what he got himself into since people were scrambling and yelling in peoples faces. He remembers the chaos that was going on as people ran around, and were reporting. He also explains the differences between real life and full metal jacket, and how while it is very intense it is slightly different. Everybody had some sort of job even scrubbing the bathroom floors. Laundry was recommended for him. So he volunteered for that job and ended up creating a system to organize the laundry. Since there were no names on the laundry (just the first letter of your last name) he put them in alphabetical order in piles on the floor to try to eliminate looking dumb ending up wearing clothes that does not fit. Since there were instructors everywhere they were not allowed to talk while doing laundry, they could only study after the clothes was done in the dryers he took them back up stairs where he used his system to finish up his job.

Keywords: Full Metal Jacket; airport; alphabetical; army; authority; bags; basic; boot; boot camp; brave; burdens; bus; career; civilian; clothes; confusion; coordination; dedication; discipline; down; drill; dryer; elves; emotions; experiences; flight; hard work; heat; hot; hound dogs; human; instructor; intense; intimidation; job; knights; last name; laundry; laundry crew; maiden name; military; no; no talking; noisy; normal; organization; people; rainbow; rainbow flights; reporting statements; room; scared; separation; shape; sir; size; small; stairs; strict; study; sweat; tag; tasks; training; transition; uncertainty; up; washer; worry; yelling; yes

GPS: Lackland AFB, San Antonio, Texas ;
Map Coordinates: 29.380036, -98.588476
00:27:49 - Basic Training Story

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Partial Transcript: One of the most unique things that he remembers about basic training.

Segment Synopsis: This is one of the unique things Tyler remembers. The dorm chief which is one the oldest, wisest, or best there. Has the job of accountability to keep you straight. They did this by threats of cops, and dogs. He then explains the setup of the camp and how it compares to prison in a way. Since he missed evening mail call due to laundry crew he missed the embarrassment that the Sergeant. would put on them. At first the sergeant would rip them apart. However, after awhile they all became friends. Tyler recalls having to redo his reports since they were not very good.

Keywords: about face; accountability; arrest; basic; call; care; chow; classroom doors; concrete; cops; day room; dining; discipline; dogs; dorm; dorm chief; facility; fleet; food; formation; harsh; intimidation; jail; k-9; mail; mail call; meal; mean; nerves; patience; perfect; pods; practice; repetitive; report; reports; rip; sergeant; service; set up; stories; threats; training

00:31:38 - Bunkmate Story

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Partial Transcript: I remember seeing Dominic Logilia inside his office all the time. (Bunkmate)

Segment Synopsis: Tyler also remembers seeing his bunkmate in his office very often. Since he was never available for the trainings for the displays in the bunks so Tyler helped him out. He decided teamwork was very important to get through those eight weeks. Tyler and Dominic worked very hard and one day during inspection the inspector noticed that Tyler was helping Dominic out. He leans forward to Tyler and tells his to dust the top shelf one more time. Then proceeded to rip the next person apart. They knew his name and asked them to work all the time especially since they worked well together. They trained hard together. Everything continued going smoothly then they moved on with their lives at their home bases. So they did not see or talk to each other for ten years. Then, in El Paso, Tx they were unknowingly reunited since they were both going to Baghdad. They joke about age, which leads to Tyler explaining how much service can age you quickly. He also expresses surprise in the change in technology that now allows people to stay connected unlike himself and Dominic.

Keywords: Baghdad; Dominic; El Paso, Texas; Facebook; Lockland; Myspace; Ohio; Salt Lake City; Texas; Utah; account; ageing; alignment; bag; base; bed; bunk; bunkmate; camps; catching up; center; cops; deployment; discipline; display; dust; existence; experiences; failure; friends; growth; help; history; hospital corners; hug; inspections; instructors office; internet; isle; lockers; months; name; night; offers; office; perfect; photo; picture; reunion; self reflection; self-discipline; shelf; shirts; sleep; stress; success; team work; tech school; technology; training; tweezers; unloading; wall locker; week 4; work

GPS: Fort Bliss, El Paso, Tx ; Airport St, Baghdad, Iraq
Map Coordinates: 31.812438, -106.421321 ; 33.273166, 44.226129
00:37:48 - Moment of Transition

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Partial Transcript: Is there a moment where you realized that you had transitioned. That you are no longer a civilian in your thinking in your actions or the way you interacted with others. Is there a moment or event where you--

Segment Synopsis: He feels like when he started doing his job after tech school, and wearing the uniform everyday. As an officer he sees the lines and knows when to cross what line. He knows its embedded inside of him. He is also cognoscente of how to interact with people depending on whether they are military or not. He knows that when approaching military he needs to flip the switch and use his authority however, civilians are usually scared. Everyday was an adventure and he was often stretched thin.

Keywords: actions; adventure; air force; alcohol; anxiety; army; arrest; authority; base; brain; career; change; commitment; cop; drugs; environment; excel; experience; forces; friends; inside; interactions; job; jurisdiction; language; law; member; military law; mind set; moment; officer; outside; perform; process; professional; reflection; regular; responsibilities; retired; scared; school; scuffles; security; service; stretched thin; tech; thefts; thoughts; transition; uniform; vehicle

GPS: Wright-Patterson AFB, OH, USA

Map Coordinates: 39.8137298, -84.053745
00:41:30 - AIT for Security Forces

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Partial Transcript: What was your military occupational specialty? And did you receive advanced training after basic training?

Segment Synopsis: There was advanced training after basic training in Savanah Georgia. Since we were at war a lot of active duty was being deployed. He was taught security so that's what he was continuing his training in. He was young and did not really know what he was doing so training was basically every second that you were not working. The professionalism he needed to show was very important since it was the first impression that people were receiving of the base. He mostly waved people into the base at the gates. He was stuck at Wright Patterson since that was just his job, until eventually he was promoted to supervisor. He explains that they get burned out quickly in security forces since they have to use a lot of brain power as well as struggle with having to change mind sets every six months. which leads to high divorce rates, high suicide rates, and high rates of drug use.

Keywords: Savanah Georgia; Springfield; Wright Patterson; abuse; accelerate; action; active duty; air force; airmen; best; burn out; car; care; cars; check ins; chief; coffee; constant; coping; death; deployment; detail; development; disorders; divorce; enjoyment; entry control; events training; excelling; fight; financial; gear; gratitude; grind; guard; gun weapons; hand cuffs; hard; help; home; in charge; installation; kind; lanes; law enforcement; learning; life; mace; mentally; military cop; mind power; money; morning; no days off; no enforcement; patrol; people; perception; performance; personal; physical; pleasant; pride; process; professionalism; promotion; property; rates; saluting; score; security forces; self help; six months; social constructs; statistics; struggle; suffering; suicide; supervisor; support; tech school; tough; traffic; tragic; trauma; turn over rates; uniform; unique; war; winter; years; young

GPS: Savannah, GA, USA ; Wright-Patterson AFB, OH, USA

Map Coordinates: 32.083541, -81.099834 ; 39.81373, -84.053745
00:48:34 - Assigned to a "Really Cool Job in Supply"

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Partial Transcript: You support your friends. And then I got a really cool job-

Segment Synopsis: Tyler got a job working in supply where he would work on vehicles. His work included 28 vehicles and he was in charge or controlling the fleet of vehicles. He decided to apply since the younger kids (18) did not take care of them and he had a passion for vehicles thanks to his grandfather. He treated them like family, and did well. He changed the whole program worked very hard, and tried saving them money he used different methods to renovate vehicles. His supervisor loved his work and dedication to his job. Since his base had deployments coming in and out they would send them the "rod squad" to fix their attitudes and make them work. He ended up mentoring these kids as well as using them as man power that was needed to prepare everything for deployment. He learned to be a leader rather than a boss to help these kids work through issues. He then tells the story of how one of his kids was very difficult, but was worked with by communication. Although, one day this kid put him in a choke hold so he tried to fight back. Afterward, they talked it out and this kid ended up being deployed for a year and succeeded. Then Tyler was then dismissed from the job, and transferred to another job.

Keywords: 12 hour work day; Afghanistan; air compressor; anger; apologies; appreciation; assurance; auction; back talk; bad attitude; bills; boss; boys; built; buy; capacity; care; cars; choke; classic cars; collection; commander; commanders; communication; conditions; cones; confide; correct; court marshal; crazy; crying; cussing; debt; decent; declassified; deploy; desk; destructive; diligent; direction; discipline; dismissed; duty; ease; emotions; enforcement; enlistment; equipment; ethic; failure; family; favors; fight; finances; flags; free; frustration; fumes; gear; grandfather; grinders; hand to hand; hard work; hate; head; hiding; hollering; honorable; human; instruct; interview; issue; kids; labels; labor; law enforcement; leader; leadership; life; love; males; malfunction; man power; material; me; mentor; mes; military; mind; mindset; money; mortgage; mouth off; new job; nuance; obedience; opportunity; orders; original; passion; pay; persona; perspective; plans; policies; positive; prep; problem; productive; productivity; profanity; program; protocol; proving yourself; punch; purchases; reckless; reflection; renovation; respect; rod squad; role model; ropes; rust; sales; satanic music; save; scratch; screaming; sedan; send; sergeant; serve; service; solution; space; spite; spray paint; spreadsheet; squadron; stripe; stupid; success; supervisor; supply; support; survival; swap; task; team work; tech support; temple; threats; throw; time; trucks; uncle Sam; understanding; used car; vehicles; voice; weekly; work; work ethic; wreck; yearly; you

01:04:16 - Leaving WPAFB

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Partial Transcript: I left Wright Patt. in August of 2010

Segment Synopsis: Tyler left Wright Patterson in August of 2010. He was already married, and in March he came home from a drill weekend and told his wife that he had volunteered to deploy in Iraq. Next, he explains how in 2009 he was on the road mainly responding to many incidents. However, his time was cut short he needed to find a temporary job since deployment was not for another three months. On his very last day he processed everything as well as returned all the equipment.

Keywords: deployment; drill; home; left; march; marriage; weekend

GPS: Wright-Patterson AFB, OH, USA
Map Coordinates: 39.81373, -84.053745
01:07:22 - Volunteering to Deploy

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Partial Transcript: So what was the international scene like, when you volunteered where did you expect that you would land? And what motivated you?

Segment Synopsis: Tyler explains the process of volunteering. He sat in a room where deployment volunteers were needed, although the location was not provided. Tyler added himself to the primary list with some friends. After awhile they would receive an unclassified briefing about the location, dates, and where they would be specifically. Tyler was very excited and surprisingly not afraid of deployment.

Keywords: afraid; air force; airbase; base; brief; challenge; danger; deployment; excitement; follow; intel; lead; location; logistics; military; month; mystery; need; plan; primary; secondary; service; squadron; time; unclassified; unknown; volunteer

01:09:00 - Deploying to Baghdad

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Partial Transcript: What were you told? Where was your first deployment?

Segment Synopsis: Tyler's first deployment was in Baghdad at the Baghdad international airport. On the south side with Saddam's personal airport was. He explains how it was a central area of where they were at since from an airial view it was shaped as a bell.

Keywords: Baghdad; Saddam; air force; airport; area; camp; career; civilians; guard; international; job; liberty; moment; north; patrol; region; risk; service; set up; share; south; victory; war; year

GPS: Airport St, Baghdad, Iraq
Map Coordinates: 33.273166, 44.226129
01:10:24 - Late in the War

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Partial Transcript: So when you first landed in Baghdad what moment were we in-in the war? What year was it?

Segment Synopsis: In the late half of the war they had just changed into Operation Enduring Freedom to free the Sunni and Shiite people from Suddams ruling. Then moved onto Operation Newdam with the new presidency to create a democracy which was hard since they were previously been ruled by religion not government. He feels you cannot put religion into everything you do because of strong feelings towards religious groups. The way of life of others can create culture shock which can be dangerous. When he first arrived it was nighttime and very dark in a barrel roll tactical manner in a C-130. Once there they were placed in a Living Sustainment Housing Area with no running water for them to live in which was not the best living situation but created a decent way of life. It was cramped four per room, with no working air conditioning. The heat was very intense in Baghdad and made for a difficult transition for him. It also proved to be scary once he got there since it was late, dark and there were explosions going off in the background. Since he was unable to sleep he ended up sleeping in a cot in the main building. His job was to maintain contain and sustain the airbase, in a tactical manner. It was very dangerous to fly by helicopter at the time, but necessary to let people in and out. security forces; training; occurrence; maintain; sustain; limitations; travel;

Keywords: C-130; Late; Living Sustainment Housing; Muslims; Sunni; UAE; adjustments; air; aluminum; assimilation; barbaric; beliefs; boss; buildings; cavemen; changes; city; cold; concrete; cot; cross; cultural appropriation; culture; culture shock; danger; democracy; deployment; devotion; displacement; electricity; empathy; equipment; explosions; flares; fleet; flight; food; force; global war; government; gravel; growth; half; heat; helicopter; identification; identity; jetlag; landing; lasers; life; lives; lost; mediocre; missiles; mountain; neglect; obedience; operation; operation enduring freedom; optimism; orders; outcasts; packed; people; pessimism; rats; religion; scary; shite; sight; situation; sleep; standard of living; supervisor; suspense; sweat; sympathy; tactical; terminal; transition; understand; war; water; way of living; westerners; wind chill

01:18:01 - Day-to-day Life

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Partial Transcript: So what was day-to-day life like for you during that deployment? Help me understand what your experience was like. What was the sentiment on the ground-

Segment Synopsis: In Baghdad Tyler felt very miserable for the first month since it was extremely rainy, cold, and dreary. So the mud proved difficult to work with it was a hard adjustment. His primary job however was a VOC that he was able to volunteer for since he had already done it for two years at Wright Patt. After going through the inventory he realized that everything was broken. Out of the 48 vehicles he spent every day looking for ways to fix and restore these vehicles for use. With help from the motor pull guys he was able to have some more insight on how to work with them. Since everything was short supply it took awhile to be able to fix all the vehicles, although they would still break down often he was able to create a better system. Tyler was also able to create a mobile tire changing system that would make it easier to change tires often since metal in the mud would puncture tires all the time while people were on patrol duty. Due to all the dirt and mud as well the sensors and solar panels often got overpowered by sand so his peers had to clean them off all the time. KBR was a huge transporting company that operating over eventually some employees branched off and maintained sky towers. These were used as spots to guard and watch. After planning and operation manuals were made for these sky towers he was able to work more efficiently. People also expected him to clean the dump but without the time it seemed problematic. So he only did it in his spare time with a forklift and a semi. So after awhile he asked for help since he was already working very hard. After meeting a retired SEAL that put him under his wing. It was apparent that hard work was worth it when the sky towers went up.

Keywords: KBR transportation; SEAL; VOC; Wright Patterson; airfield; branch; broken; career; company; coping; crew; degrees; difficult; dirt; dreary; duty; efficient; employees; encouragement; expectations; experience; fix; forklift; guard; heat; help; hours; intelligent; inventory; issues; job; life; local; manuals; metal; miserable; mobil; motor; motor pull; mud; need; operations; orders; overload; patrol; peers; problematic; pull; puncture; rain; restore; retired; sand; semi; semi truck; sensors; short; short supply; sky towers; smart; solar panels; spare time; storms; strategic; system; tire; tools; typical; vehicles; want; watch spots; weather; wisdom; work; workers

GPS: Wright-Patterson AFB, OH, USA ; Baghdad, Iraq ;
Map Coordinates: 39.81373, -84.053745 ; 33.312806, 44.361488
01:33:08 - Tuesday Morning Meetings

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Partial Transcript: So we had these Tuesday Morning Meetings-

Segment Synopsis: At the Tuesday morning meetings where he would report. His commander would praise him on his work. His commanders would also assign him other duties like cleaning the dump since he had access to the equipment necessary however, time restricted this so Tyler needed some help. Then he explains how hot it would get in the summers. (130-140 degrees F during the day and about 95-100 F through the night) he also talks of the dust haze that was there that accompanied sand storms that created a heat bubble atmosphere. He also talks about how a shelter would create a 30 degree difference, as well as the importance of staying hydrated over there in the intense heat.

Keywords: career; commander; days; discuss; extreme; heat; hot; hydration; meaningful; meetings; nights; presentation; progression; report; shelter; strategic; summer; talk; temperature; work

01:47:57 - Operational and Political Climate

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Partial Transcript: So, in the daily by-and-by how aware were you of the operation and political climate-

Segment Synopsis: Operational and Politically Tyler feels he was very aware. Tyler watched plenty of television (a air force network) as well as constant briefings, and emails from the security manager Major Neil. So they were constantly in the loop of the worlds political standpoints. He remembers hearing a riot going on at the capital when suddenly rounds were going off, and going into there area. Which almost killed his boss one day. This brought light to the impact of their position. Trying to curate the democracy there was very difficult in trying to get people to come together. The army seemed to run the entire area and enforce the laws even in the air force territory.

Keywords: air base; army; awareness; briefings; capital; curate; democracy; economics; emails; enforcement; fights; government; guards; guns; impact; killed; laws; life; manager; meetings; operation; peaceful; politics; protest; radical; religion; riots; rounds; security; shots; standpoints; t.v.; television; territory; wage; white; world

01:50:21 - Morale

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Partial Transcript: I am curious about morale. How-how were people doing? What were your relationships like with other people in the camp? And how was morale?

Segment Synopsis: Tyler feels the morale was very good since many people made their own bubbles in which they would go to work, then go home and do their own thing. As for entertainment they had access to a pool, volleyball, entertainment tents for concerts.

Keywords: access; base; bored; concerts; entertainment; life; morale; swim; tents; village; volleyball

01:51:00 - Fishing in Saddam's Lakes

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Partial Transcript: So morale was not to bad-

Segment Synopsis: Tyler also had the privilege to go out to nearby little towns or go fishing in Saddams personal man made lakes. Tyler liked to go take people on fishing trips using fishing equipment that Cabela's had sent them for free. All of the lakes were by Saddams palaces as well as full of these fish that had the face of a catfish, the body of an eel, and the mannerisms of a piranha. The fish were hideous and dangerous, but were found to love hotdogs. Since Tyler knew the paths, and had access to the vehicles he volunteered to take people on these trips to help ensure their safety. He would have people sign up on a schedule, and eventually started lending our vehicles for these trips.

Keywords: Saddams lakes; cabellas; care; catfish; chow; concerts; dangerous; drive; eels; entertainment; equipment; father; fishing; friends; gross; hot dogs; information; lakes; lists; loans; pain; palaces; privledge; responsibility; route; safe; scary; schedule; slither; technique; truck; trust; vehicles

01:53:34 - Larger Impact on the Mission

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Partial Transcript: How prevalent was it in your mind and in others mind that the work you did on a daily basis was a direct- had a direct impact on our troops and their safety? Was that ever present?

Segment Synopsis: Tyler speaks of the levels of respect he received and how it progressed after proving his worth. After about two or three moths jealousy subsided and it was realized that he knew what he was doing and what good at it. Although, he had to get rid of a lot of vehicles he knew it was the best he could do for the conditions of leases as well as physical conditions of the vehicles. (He ended up with 22 out of about 48 vehicles.) Next, Tyler talks about how they would have to interact with some of the Turkish community to lease and fix vehicles for the fleets. Tyler soon became friends with one named Speedy. They even exchanged gifts from time to time. As their friendship progressed Speedy kept him updated, and even gave the fleet a truck for free since they already had so many trucks leased with Speedy. However, when Speedy's family found out he had to take the truck back due to financial concerns. Tyler's boss was very upset, but the truck was still returned and the relationship was maintained healthily. The Kurds however, did not really communicate well with them which made it kind of scary to interact with them. Tyler explains how they would carry around weapons for protection.

Keywords: affect; anger; best; bosses; broken; communication; conditions; connections; effect; envy; experience; fleets; friends; gifts; healthy; impact; issues; jealous; knowledge; leases; levels; losses; mad; months; others; people; progress; rank; relationships; respect; speedy; titles; troops; unhappy; upset; vehicles; weapons

01:59:38 - Significant Losses

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Partial Transcript: During your time there on base did you- did your base experience any major events or were there things that impacted you that were significant- were there any significant losses of um equipment that went out and didn't come back or-

Segment Synopsis: Tyler feels a brother/sister like connection to everyone on the base. While they kept all of the death off out on the outskirts, but he did often see the camera pointed on the C-130 with people loading 20-30 caskets. This was very impactful and devastating for Tyler. He recalls one Sunday where he remembers a loud explosion of some sort while his crew was getting ready to go play volleyball. Next, some army members came in and started pulling out body bags in the midst of sobbing. Tyler felt very impacted by this sight and was unsure of how to comfort his brothers and sisters. He does realize that this particular memory did not impact him to the same extent as his own situation and injury. These situations happened 2-3 times a month. He also thinks this is why he likes to do honor guard to respect the fallen with the purple heart members. He feels its very important to give these people their respects.

Keywords: C-130; bags; base; body; body bags; brother; camera; caskets; cope; death; depression; emotions; experience; explosion; fallen; hearts; honor guard; impact; indifference; losses; love; memory; often; outskirts; purple hearts; respect; sadness; sister; sobbing

02:05:17 - Injured During a Rocket Attack

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Partial Transcript: So um how long- how long were you there before you were injured?

Segment Synopsis: Tyler was there starting Jan. 3rd and was injured on July 8th at 10:30pm. Since it was almost the end of the deployment he was tasked with very dangerous acts. The embassy was going to take over so they were refortifying the walls. So all the Constantine wire, and concrete needed to be moved. After cutting them down from the walls Tyler was asked to clean them then move the walls to designated areas. Tyler would then use the fork lift to move them around, since they would sometimes get stuck in the forks, wheels, or axels, and such so he had to get big bulk cutters to cut them in a effort to release the tension. At this point in time he felt less comfortable taking others out on fishing trips since the rockets were coming frequently to the area. After a long day of working he went back to his bunk when his friend Tim called him asking to take him fishing. Although he felt hesitant he agreed to go. He also had already packed away his first aid kit, and was just very tired of being constantly aware of his surroundings and the safety of others. So despite the feelings he decided to go out on a fishing trip with some friends. They had parked by the bridge and stood on top of the bridge for awhile near the home of a general. This place was a safer zone and was called Freedom Rest for active members to take there two weeks off. Tyler also felt in the air that something was off, but decided to go out and have fun since it was one of their last nights. Tyler casted one last time, and felt a tug he enthusiastically started to reel it in when sirens went off. When the system went off (the system determined when and where the impact would hit) so after it determined what would be impacted the c-ram was notified. It is then their responsibility to shoot out the threat in the sky. He recalls knowing straight away that they were in the exact spot of impact. So he advised his friends to run, and try to escape from the bridge. After jumping over the ledge he saw the c-ram shoot a round and it missed the target. As that passes Jessica's hook caught on his shoulder, and turned him just in time to see the rocket landing next to him. The blast was so powerful it gave him an out of body experience, that made it hard to believe he was alive. The power and energy was so overpowering that it was crazy to think he was able to get up and run to take cover with Rob and Jessica. Next, the alarm finishes and they get the message that it was all clear. Tim then comes out of nowhere to help. It felt like an angel had appeared to save him since he had so much more experience. Rob then went to get help, although, they couldn't hear each other just read each others lips which was such a strange interaction for them all. Rob then stuck his finger into the would to hold pressure in an effort to save his life. Tyler recalls thinking wanting desperately to call his mother and apologize, and asking the lord to send a message for him. He then decided that he was going to live with his honor. He recalls feeling the presence of his father ever since his passing. He knew his father was with him in spirit. Next, Rob came back and the realization hit that his med-pack was not there. So Rob ended up running for help breaking his ankle in the process and came back with an army medic. All of these people started to show up to find the impact sight which was meant to be the generals home, but was deterred due to the wind. As they ran him out on a stretcher he was met by a private escort of the generals and put him in the back of the car to transport him. As he started losing consciousness the medic tried his best to keep him alert. Through all the pain Tyler insisted on getting into the truck by himself and with help he was able to get in using the strength from within. He recalls the medic letting him know that they were gonna worry about him and not to worry about his friends at the moment. While they were driving there came more rockets which landed right next to the suburban. Tyler recalls thinking he was just not meant to live that night. Next, he arrives at his first sight and the doctors begin to work on him, and put a new tunicate. By this point his leg was huge from collecting blood. He then noticed something sticking out of his leg which proved to be a piece of metal after x-ray tests were done. Overwhelmed he remembers being scared he was going to lose his leg. Another rocket was near, and the sirens started again so he yelled at everyone until they closed the doors to help keep them all alive. The general who they were targeting eventually caught up to the perpetrators in which one was killed, four were captured, and one escaped but turned himself in later on. Many people thought very highly of him and the incident reinforced this idea in him. Still humble he thanked each and every person who saved his life knowing that they worked very hard everyday and had seen worse on a daily basis. Next, he was loaded up and taken to the next base hospital. Loaded and geared up he was being transported when the person his vehicle was following suddenly had to leave due to another incident. So Tyler then used his intuition to direct the driver since he knew every inch of the place. When they pulled in everyone was expecting him to be dead, so it was a pleasant surprise for everyone on the base. Right when they got there the vehicle died, as the drivers communicated this Tyler's commander thought they were talking about Tyler dying and became furious. When everything was cleared up Tyler was checked up on and tested for brain trauma.

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02:42:50 - Deciding to Stay

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Partial Transcript: If he has traumatic brain injury he leaves right now straight for Germany.

Segment Synopsis: At that moment he could hear a helicopter outside but the thought of being by himself in a strange place not knowing anyone was not favorable since he only had 26 days left. He felt very connected to everyone there and while it was scary he had gotten there with them so he wanted to stay there with them. The dedication he showed to everyone was returned in kindness and support his last days there as they took care of him in his time of need. It was a great life lesson for him and a very humbling experience.

Keywords: Germany; authorization; bacteria; bandage; bed; beneficiaries; care; colonel; comfy; death; decisions; deployment; effort; food; gange green; helicopter; hell; help; humbling; hygiene; lessons; life; live; lonely; major; options; questions; shower; stubborn; support; team work; time of need; trauma; vice versa; wits; wound

02:45:59 - Awarded the Purple Heart

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Partial Transcript: Um you were awarded the purple heart for your service?

Tyler: yes

Um, how did that come to be?

Segment Synopsis: Tyler was awarded the purple heart after his service, although he did not even know what a purple heart was at the time. He was also very unsure of what to expect when he got home. He was very surprised at how high listed the medal was that he was receiving. The history behind it astounded him. However, he was still shocked at how extravagant the celebration was and exactly who was going to be there. Tyler was new to all of this and did not really understand the significance of it all in the midst of all the issues he was going through at that time. Tyler was going through surgery, wound healing therapy, learning how to walk again, and physical therapy. At the ceremony he saw Dave Bower and one other gentleman that were both purple heart recipients, as he was interviewed by a news channel he saw his family in the audience and began to cry since he was so overwhelmed with all the commotion as well as the honor of having all of these important representatives there to shake his hand.

Keywords: Ashton; Dave Bower; George Washington; Ogden; Vietnam veteran; advice; award; award listing; banquet; big deal; blazers; break down; burn; camera; camera man; complexity; congress; distance; enemy; family; fast; fire; foot; general; grandparents; home; hurts; interview; jogging; join; leg; medal; merit; mother; news; old; organization; overwhelmed; pain; physical therapy; presentation; presidential; proclamation; purple shirts; representatives; research; rocket; running; scar tissue; serious; shake; show; sign; significant; small talk; speed; stretching; symbolization; talking; teaching; tears; thanks; therapy; throbs; tradition; two star general; walk; walking; wound healing

02:50:41 - Invited to Join the Order of the Purple Heart

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Partial Transcript: But when Dave came up to me he was like, "Tyler I want you to join this organization I figured we can help you."

Segment Synopsis: Still overwhelmed Tyler agreed to join the order of the purple heart. After the paperwork he was contacted, and the organization began to help him out.

Keywords: V-A; contact; deployment; help; issues; join; meeting; orders; organization; overwhelming; paperwork; pause; process; uncertainty; warrior

02:52:28 - "I was too scared to be on my own"

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Partial Transcript: -I lost focus on myself so finally I was like you know what? Fine. We can do this divorce thing-

Segment Synopsis: He recalls trying to work through his injury, and his relationship although it did not work out in the end. He needed a relationship to give him the companionship of a 'female'. So while he was recovering he met the mother of his child which was interesting since he was in the middle of a divorce and trying to work out a relationship and trying to recover physically and mentally.

Keywords: beer; brother; closeness; companionship; compassion; daughter; development; divorce; ex; father; help; love; marriage; mother; recovery; relationship; scared; self improvement; son; struggle; suffering; talk; tough; wife

02:54:18 - 90 Days (PTSD)

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Partial Transcript: Sierra was there she helped me, but at the same time I had issues that i would- like dark demons within me that I had no idea how to deal with or how to handle.

Segment Synopsis: Tyler wonders where his support system was. Sierra helped somewhat but she was unable to help him deal with his PTSD especially since even he was unaware of what was going on. Then a pregnancy complicated things further. He recalls being overwhelmed with all the things going on and decided to get help. The other veterans shared their stories with him and helped him work through the same problems that they had gone through at some point. This helped him a lot in the long run, as well as some counseling. So he felt very humbled to have that help from others who did not have the same resources.

Keywords: PTSD; Sierra; alcoholics; alive; dark; deal; demons; disorder; flying; focus; god; grateful; handle; hard; home; hot mess; human; humble; issues; overwhelming; persona; post; pregnancy; relationship strain; religion; rough; sacrifice; scary; share; stories; stress; support; survival; traumatic; war

02:58:32 - Admitting He Had PTSD

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Partial Transcript: So when did you admit to yourself that you were struggling with post traumatic stress disorder? And what did you decide to do?

Segment Synopsis: Tyler did not fully understand it yet but recalls that his friends saw a different side of him and knew that it was not good. He ended up staying with his brother for two years and tried to pay him back by doing all the chores however, there were days when he would just flip out due to the PTSD. So his brother and his friends on base going through the same thing convinced him to go see the counselor on the base. After seeing her he realized that her work was amazing and had him replace that bad thought with a good thought. For him its the pine woods forest in Yellow Springs, Ohio.

Keywords: Ohio; PTSD; Pine Woods; Yellow Springs; action; active; admitting; adopted; bad; base; brain; break down; bridge; change your memory; changes; check-ins; chores; control; counseling; different; discussions; disorder; dream; emotions; eyes; family; fixed; flip; focus mind; friends; give back; happy; help; holster; hypnotism; leg; letting go; memory; normal; pause; picture; play; point of view; purpose; realization; recliner; relaxation; remote; replace; replaying; right leg; scared; sessions; sit; sleep; sobbing; stand; support; tears; tragic; trance; watch; world; wrong

GPS: Yellow Springs, Ohio
Map Coordinates: 39.806449, -83.886874
03:06:23 - Reintroduction to Life

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Partial Transcript: Do you wanna talk about reintroduction um more broadly about political landscapes that you have had to navigate. How are you welcomed back into different aspects of your life. Professionally? Socially?

Segment Synopsis: Tyler feels his experience has changed the way he thinks. He has broadened his horizons, and adopted stronger political views as well as received immense respect. He also realizes that he worked through his issues and there are others who ended up on the streets. He is astounded how people are always asking him for advice and help since he has all the connections that he has made through bring humble.

Keywords: accepting; advice; baby; broad; connections; cop; fund-raising; get things done; growth; heart; homeless; house; interactions; issues; life; love; material; mature; meaning; motorcycles; political; political views; purple heart; respect; service; share; social; steady; strange; symbolization; thankful; thought process; truck; vehicles; veterans

03:09:15 - Virtues of Service

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Partial Transcript: What do you think are your greatest virtues that you developed based upon your service. What -what are the things that you hold the closest about your self.

Segment Synopsis: Tyler feels he has always excelled at helping others, and the accomplishment in his life has come with its challenges. He also wonders how his life would have been like without the military and its unique mindset that made it possible for him be strong enough to go through all the terrors he went through.

Keywords: acceleration; accepting; accomplishments; challenges; development; driven into; experience; feeling; hopeful; hug; humble; impacted; mentality; mid set; minds; opportunity; overcome; person; reassurance; service member; share; situation; survival; taught; vice versa; virtues

03:11:20 - Working as a Recruiter

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Partial Transcript: How did you get into recruiting? And um what- how do you spend your days now?

Segment Synopsis: Tyler was friends with the old recruiter and recalls constantly picking on each other. However, he became ill so his position became open. Tyler decided to apply. When he interviewed he recalled talking about how he wanted to help others the way the military helped him and it was clear that he had a drive in him that the employers liked. So with the new income and Vp coming in he was able to relax about the finances for awhile. Still stressed out he ended up with Shingles the night before the new training. After seeing weird spots and being in immense pain he went to the hospital and refused to go home. With much determination he made it through the entire course and passed. He then speaks of how the great benefits of the guard can be. He is there to guide them onto a path so they can have the best out of life.

Keywords: Bacardi Miles; Charlotte; Shingles; Vp; ambitious; application; base; benefits; career; commander; course; determination; drive; employees; employers; ethic; excitement; finances; folders; friends; guard; helping others; hospital; immense; interview; job; life; love; medical; pain; path; personal; rash; recruiting; refusal; relax; share; slacker; story; stressed; superiors; training; weird spots; work ethic

03:22:47 - What the Public Should Know About People Who Serve

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Partial Transcript: Um, if about 1% of our population serves. What do you think people should know about military service? About combat or about the people who served.

Segment Synopsis: He feels that people should know that respect is given where respect is due. He feels like any other police, firefighting, and security profession but on a global perspective. He wants people to know its about impacting lives for the better of world and country. He wants everyone to know that its not all about killing and war. He likes to think that every type of job is a part of life even if you dont particularly like it. He doesn't ask for respect but does receive it and knows to give it back to others. He also feels grateful to receive more respect then he feels he deserves.

Keywords: career; challenge; comfortable; connections; country; criminals; fire fighting; global perspective; grateful; gun; impact; interference; job; killing; ma'am; mandatory; military; needs; obedience; orders; part of life; profession; protections; public; qualification; relationships; respect; responsibility; security; segregation; service; sir; social constructs; society; split; standard; wants; war; way of life; world

03:27:46 - To Soldiers Returning Home

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Partial Transcript: What would you say to the duty- troops or service support men who are returning now?

Segment Synopsis: Tyler thinks its very important for them to reach out for help. He wants people to know that selfish acts like suicide should not happen since there are resources with people who care about you. People understand what you are going through and are able to listen to your struggles then give you amazing insight. Tyler wants people to reach out and do something with their lives.

Keywords: American Legion; Masonic Temple; PTSD; Vietnam; abuse; accordances; advice; alcohol; care; clinics; continue; crazy; damage; depression; drugs; duty; experiences; favor; feelings; home; hope; humbling; insight; lazy; life; mental disorders; message; non profit; over seas; reach out; respect; returning; ridiculous; self fish; service members; shut out; stoop; stop; struggles; suicide; support; troops; wise