Timothy Rickey

Ohio Historical Society
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00:00:07 - Early Life to Enlistment and 9/11

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Segment Synopsis: Timothy A. Rickey was born in Columbus, Ohio in 1971. He had a strong legacy of military service in the family because his grandfather served in WWII in the 3rd Infantry Division. He joined the military in September of 2001 because it seemed like the right thing to do. Rickey talks about his experience of 9/11, what he had been doing up until the time of his enlistment, and the pull the military had for him. He discusses his family's reaction to his enlistment, his choice of programs, and a secret surprise from his wife.

Keywords: Columbus (Ohio); Fort Knox (Ky.); September 11 Terrorist Attacks, 2001.

Subjects: Childhood; Enlsitment; Military heritage; September 11 Terrorist Attacks, 2001.

00:19:23 - Training and First Deployment

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Segment Synopsis: Rickey found his training tough but he was happy to be there. He was chose the specialty of 91-W or combat medic and was assigned to the 3rd Squad of the 7th U.S. Cavalry. He discusses his basic training, his instruction to be a combat medic, his deployment to Iraq in 2003, catching up with the front line, his daily duties, and seeing his first action at Balad Air Base. Rickey describes moving to Fallujah, his return to Fort Stewart, his perception of how the war was seen back in the United States, and the change in his training based on the introduction of Improvised explosive devices.

Keywords: Balad Air Base (Iraq); Camp Liberty (Iraq); Camp New York (Kuwait); Fallujah (Iraq); Fort Knox (Ky.); Fort Stewart (Ga.); Improvised explosive devices; Military police; United States. Army. Cavalry Regiment, 7th; United States. Army. Division, 3rd

Subjects: Basic training; Deployment; Life on the ground; Moving into Iraq

GPS: Fort Stewart (Ga.)
Map Coordinates: 31.8747992,-81.6446599
GPS: Balad Air Base (Iraq)
Map Coordinates: 33.933333, 44.366667
GPS: Camp New York (Kuwait)
Map Coordinates: 29.5929709,47.3863705
GPS: Camp Liberty (Iraq)
Map Coordinates: 33.300261, 44.246578
01:20:00 - Coming Home

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Segment Synopsis: Rickey shipped out through Kuwait, Frankfurt, Savannah, and finally to Fort Stewart where he was reunited with his wife and children. He found it easier to readjust to civilian life than some but still had some issues. While on vacation he found out that he would be re-deploying in 2005. He talks about his process of coming home, transitioning to being in the states, and his family's support system for his second deployment. He discusses his feelings about his second deployment, the training, and the new dangers they would all be facing.

Keywords: Camp New York (Kuwait); Camp Wolf (Kuwait); Frankfurt an der Oder (Germany); Savannah (Ga.); Thornville (Ohio); Tybee Island (Ga.)

Subjects: Coming home

GPS: Camp Wolf (Kuwait)
Map Coordinates: 29.21972, 47.98527
GPS: Thornville (Ohio)
Map Coordinates: 39.8936617,-82.429097
01:42:14 - Second Deployment to Iraq

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Segment Synopsis: Rickey's training for his second deployment was different than for his first in that it focused more heavily on IEDs. He deployed January 6th, 2005, along with bulk of the unit, into Kuwait and then right back to Camp New York. Rickey explains his second deployment in 2005 to Camp Rustamiyah, helping train the Iraqi Army’s medics in counter-IED treatment, and his first experience dealing with American fatalities. He described working with doctors, setting up MedCAPs, Medical Civic Action Programs, and the support the medical staff gave to each other. He discusses the ease of communicating home on this deployment, missing his 5th child's birth by days, coming home, and finisjing his time with the Army.

Keywords: Camp New York (Kuwait); Camp Rustamiyah (Iraq); Fort Irwin (Calif.); Fort Polk (La.); Improvised explosive devices; Military Training

Subjects: Casualties; Deployment; Training; Training Iraqi Medics

GPS: Camp Rustamiyah (Iraq)
Map Coordinates: 33.2800001,44.5195802
02:38:00 - Transitioning to the Guard and Reflections on Service

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Segment Synopsis: Rickey wanted to stay in the active duty Army, but didn’t want to be separated from wife and kids anymore. He tried to find a duty station closer to Ohio but they were all too far away other wise he would have remained with the Army. Instead he enlisted in the Ohio National Guard and after a year in the Guard he was offered an active-duty slot as a medic instructor. Rickey explains his choice to leave the Army, his work with the Guard, and his reflections on his service. He closes with a story about stealing his lieutenant's pants.

Keywords: Military training; Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center; Ohio. Army National Guard

Subjects: Joining the National Guard; Leaving the Army; Reflections on service