Alex Rozanski

Ohio Historical Society
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00:00:07 - Early Life and Childhood

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Segment Synopsis: Alex J. Rozanski was born in Columbus, Ohio in 1980. He served in both the United States Marine Reserves and the Ohio National Guard. In his interview Rozanski talks about his childhood, his family's history of military service, and his initial interest and enlistment in 1997 in the Marine Corp Reserves. He describes his experience at basic training, his advanced individual training to be an infantryman, and returning to attend Columbus State Community College. He discusses his memories of 9/11, waiting to be deployed for four years, his 2003 deployment to South America, and his family's reaction to the news he was deploying to Iraq.

Keywords: Camp Lejeune (N.C.); Columbus State Community College; Dublin (Ohio); Lima (Peru); Marine Corps Recruit Depot (S.C.); Marysville (Ohio); Panama; Parris Island (S.C.); United States. Marine Corps. Division of Reserve

Subjects: Childhood; College; Enlistment; Military heritage; Training

GPS: Camp Lejeune (N.C.)
Map Coordinates: 34.6160888,-77.6621342
00:44:48 - Deployment to Iraq

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Segment Synopsis: Rozanski finally got the order to mobilize for deployment in 2005, but was worried that all the fighting was over. He explains his pre-deployment training, the deployment process to Al Asad Airbase, his first months in Iraq, and his first firefight near Haditha Dam. He goes on to describe the camaraderie with in the unit, assimilating soldiers from other units, women's roles in the Armed Forces at the time, and clearing houses while looking for weapons caches. Rozanski speaks of the cultural differences in Iraq, the Iraqis attitude toward U.S. soldiers, and what contraband they found. He recounts the combat missions where they suffered casualties, his communications back home, his units continuing operations, and how he felt about the overall mission.

Keywords: Afghan National Army; Al Asad Airbase (Iraq); Hussein, Saddam, 1937-2006; Ḥadīthah (Iraq); Improvised explosive device; Mojave (Calif.); Twentynine Palms (Calif.); United States. Marine Corps. Marine Regiment, 25th. Battalion, 3rd. Lima Company; United States. Marine Corps. Reconnaissance Battalion, 4th; ʻUbaydī (Iraq)

Subjects: Camraderie; Clearing houses; Communications home; Deploying; Firefights; Iraqis; Media coverage

GPS: Ḥadīthah Damn (Iraq)
Map Coordinates: 34.206944,42.3528113
02:13:26 - Coming Home and Reflections on Service

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Segment Synopsis: On November 1, 2005 Rozanski returned home. Initially he tried to withdraw from the civilian part of his life but eventually things began to return to normal. He took a job with the Ohio National Guard and turned to a new chapter in his life. He concludes by talking about his return home, honoring his brother with his service, Lima Company, and what people should know about those who serve.

Keywords: Columbus (Ohio); Marysville (Ohio); Ohio. Army National Guard. Infantry Regiment, 148th; Suicide bombers.; United States. Marine Corps. Marine Regiment, 25th. Battalion, 3rd. Lima Company

Subjects: Coming home; Honoring brother's memory; Reflecting on service; Working with the Guard

GPS: Ohio Army National Guard Armory (Marysville, Ohio)
Map Coordinates: 40.2349543,-83.347824