The Late Prehistoric Period, Introduction

Mississipian Influence In Ohio

Mississippian groups spread into some of the major river valleys of eastern North America, in part because of their farming needs. As their influence widened, they came into contact with resident Late Woodland cultures. Sometimes these contacts may have been hostile, other times peaceful.

Gradually the Late Woodland groups adopted some of the Mississippian ways of farming, arranging their villages, and making pottery. In Ohio, the Fort Ancient, Whittlesey, and Sandusky cultures were the results of this mixture.

At the same time, there were Late Woodland groups living in central and eastern Ohio who were apparently not influenced by the Mississippian. Why this occurred is the subject of current archaeological research. In Ohio, this time period usually is referred to as the Late Prehistoric. And several distinctive Late Prehistoric cultures are recognized in different parts of Ohio: Fort Ancient in southern and central Ohio; Sandusky in northwestern Ohio; Whittlesey in northeastern Ohio; and Monongehela in eastern Ohio.