The Adena Pipe

5a.33 The Adena Pipe

The Adena Pipe

The Adena Pipe is one of the most famous ancient artifacts ever found in Ohio. It was found in 1901 during the excavation of the mound in Chillicothe for which the Adena culture is named. The pipe is typical of that culture in that it is tubular and made of Ohio pipestone. The bowl opening is between the figure's feet. The much smaller mouthpiece opening is on the top of the head.

The Adena Pipe is unique because it is a tubular pipe carved in the image of a person. Whether it is meant to be a portrait of an actual Adena man, of a mythological being, or just an artist's creation cannot be determined. The figure's proportions are not "normal." In fact, the enlarged head and neck in comparison to the torso suggest a type of dwarfism. Alternatively, the relative proportions may simply indicate what the artist chose to emphasize.

Catalog Number: A 1200/000010

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