Flint Workshops

2.22 Flint Workshops

Flint Workshops

Some flint was worked slightly at the quarry site – perhaps to determine its quality. Most of the processing was done in workshops. The steps followed to make a tool can be determined by studying artifacts found in workshops, and from modern attempts to duplicate the prehistoric processes.

The process of making flint tools is one of removing material from a large mass until the product is complete. To do the work, the craftsman used a variety of flint-chipping tools. These included hammerstones made of rocks, batons or club-like tools of wood, bone or antler, punches made from deer antlers, gritty stones to help make striking platforms, and leather pads to protect the knapper's hands.

Besides the finished tools made from flint, the leftover fragments were used. Thick flakes were chipped to form scrapers for shaving spear shafts. Point fragments were tapered into drills. Thin flakes were shaped along one edge to make cutting tools. Indeed, the razor-sharp flakes made fine knives.

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