VFM 1476: Vertical File Manuscript Coll., Cecil C. Abbott, 17 items.

VFM 1851: Vertical File Manuscript Coll., Mrs. Fred D. Adams, 10 items.

OVS 1531: Oversize Coll., Ohio Adjutant Generalís Office, 1 item.
SERIES 1: Adjutant General, Quartermaster General. Abstracts of clothing and equipment issued to 1st-80th Regiments, Ohio Volunteer Infantry, 1863-1864 , 3 items
SERIES 2: Adjutant General, Quartermaster General. Record of arms issued, 1857-1887, 4 items
SERIES 4: Adjutant General, Roll of voluntary militia and executive department of the Adjutant General, 1857-1873(scattered), 1 item
SERIES 5: Adjutant General, Record of appointments, commissions, and promotions of officers in the Ohio volunteer regiments, 1861-1865, 21 items
SERIES 6: Adjutant General, Enrollment of militia, and enumerations of soldiers in the service of the state of Ohio, from Lucas County, 1863-1867, 1877, .3 cf
SERIES 7: Adjutant General, Applications for the report of the Chickamauga and Chattanooga Battle Monument Commission, 1896-1899, .3 cf
SERIES 8: Adjutant General, Quartermaster General. Arms on hand and memoranda of arms received by the Ohio State Arsenal, 1858-1863(volumes), 2 items
SERIES 10: Adjutant General, Veteransí claims books, 1865-1868, 2 items
SERIES 11: Adjutant General, Record of Clothing Accounts with Firms, also Individual Soldiers Clothing Accounts in the 61st, 71st, 93rd and 94th OVI, 1861-1864, 5 items
SERIES 12: Adjutant General, Abstracts of soldiersí allotments from Ohio Counties, 1864, .3 cf
SERIES 14: Adjutant General, State transportation ledger, 1864-1865, 1 item
SERIES 16: Adjutant General, Descriptive roll of drafted men at Camp Dennison, Cincinnati, Ohio, 1864-1865, 1 item
SERIES 17: Adjutant General, Descriptive list of discharged soldiers, 1863-1865, 1 item
SERIES 18: Adjutant General, Descriptive roll of the 60th Regiment, Ohio Volunteer, 1861-1863, 1 item
SERIES 21: Adjutant General, Record of draftees and substitutes reported at Camp Zanesville, 1862-1863, 1 item
SERIES 23: Adjutant General, Militia enrollment record for Hocking County, 1863, 1 item
SERIES 26: Adjutant General, Extraordinary military contingent fund, 1861-1865(volumes), 8 items
SERIES 27: Adjutant General, Paymaster General. Ledger of pay agentsí expense accounts, 1864-1865, 1 item
SERIES 31: Adjutant General, Check stub book on the Citizensí Bank and Trust Company, Chattanooga, Tennessee, 1898, 1 item
SERIES 32: Adjutant General, Surgeon General. Hospital register, Western Theater, St. Louis, 1863-1865, 2 items
SERIES 33: Adjutant General, Index to pension increase applications for Civil War veterans, 1922-1926, 1 item
SERIES 36: Adjutant General, Index to the descriptive roll of drafted men and substitutes at Camp Dennison, Cincinnati, 1864-1865, 1 item
SERIES 37: Adjutant General, Index to books #1 and #2 of Ohio soldiers, 1861-1863, 4 items
SERIES 41: Adjutant General, List of members of county military drafting committees, 1864 (volumes), 3 items
SERIES 42: Adjutant General, Index of letters received by the Adjutant General, and the Governor of Ohio, 1861-1864, 7 items
SERIES 43: Adjutant General, Index to telegraphic dispatches, 1861-April 1862, 8 items
SERIES 45: Adjutant General, Scrapbook of the 113th Regiment, Ohio Volunteer Infantry, 1886-1913, 1 item
SERIES 48: Adjutant General, Location and battles engaged in by Ohio Volunteers beginning January 1, 1863(volume), 1 items
SERIES 49: Adjutant General, Morganís Raid claims letter book, 1865-1868, 2 items
SERIES 54: Adjutant General, Surgeon General. List of Volunteer Surgeons, 1861-1865, 2 items
SERIES 66: Adjutant General, Muster-in roll books, Ohio volunteers, 1861-1865, 179 items
SERIES 68: Adjutant General, Rosters of soldiers receiving reports of the Chickamauga, Shiloh, Vicksburg, and Antietam Battle Monument Commissions, 1896-1913, 4 items, .25 cf
SERIES 79: Adjutant General, Ohio war records, 1861-1865, 45 items
SERIES 82: Adjutant General, Original entries of veteransí credits, ca. 1867(volume), 1 item
SERIES 83: Adjutant General, Parole Releases of Prisoners of War, 1862-1863, .33 cf
SERIES 86: Adjutant General, Prisoners List, Camp Chase, 1861-1862, 2 items
SERIES 87: Adjutant General, Index to Prisoners at Andersonville, Georgia, and Salisbury, North Carolina, 1864-1865, 2 items
SERIES 89: Adjutant General, Record of militia drafted in 1862, 1 item
SERIES 90: Adjutant General, List of books and accounts sent to regimental adjutants, 1862-1863, 1 item
SERIES 92: Adjutant General, Record of credit to veteran volunteers, 1864, 8 items
SERIES 95: Adjutant General, Abstract of payments from Paymaster General of Ohio Volunteer Militia, 1861, 1 item
SERIES 96: Adjutant General, Time book of recruiting officers for Ohio volunteer regiments, ca.1862, 1 item
SERIES 98: Adjutant General, County draft record(statistical), 1862, 1 item
SERIES 99: Adjutant General, Index and record of Morganís Raid claims, 1865-1866, 2 items
SERIES 100: Adjutant General, Recruiting officersí record of regiments raised by county, 1862-1865, 3 items
SERIES 101: Adjutant General, Register of certificates of service and credits, by regiment, 1893-1896, 1903-1911, 2 items
SERIES 102: Adjutant General, Transportation cash books, 1863, 1865, 2 items
SERIES 103: Adjutant General, Ohio Military Agency correspondence and reports, 1864-1865, 2 cf
SERIES 104: Adjutant General, Weekly and monthly reports of vacancies in the officer corps in the Ohio Volunteer Infantry, 1862-1864(volume), 1 item
SERIES 107: Adjutant General, Record of Ohio Civil War service medals sent, 1894-1912(volumes), 2 items
SERIES 108: Adjutant General, Roll of deserters from Ohio regiments, 1861-1865, 1 item
SERIES 112: Adjutant General, Roster of Ohio Militia, 1863, 1 item
SERIES 117: Adjutant General, Special orders, 1862-1877, 1890-1948, 68 items, 7 cf
SERIES 119: Adjutant General, Squirrel Huntersí records, 1862-1864, 2 items, .3 cf
SERIES 121: Adjutant General, Telegraphic dispatches from the Adjutant General, 1861-1875, 1.6 cf
SERIES 122: Adjutant General, Telegraphic dispatches to the Adjutant General, 1861-1865, 1893-1901, 1 item, 2 cf
SERIES 123: Adjutant General, List of naval credits filed February 24, 1864, by the Cincinnati Provost Marshall
SERIES 125: Adjutant General, Record of veteran credits of Ohio soldiers, 1864-1869, 1 item
SERIES 127: Adjutant General, Quartermaster General, Appropriation book, 1863-1864, 3 items
SERIES 128: Adjutant General, Quartermaster Generalís daybooks, May-December, 1986, .3 cf
SERIES 130: Adjutant General, Quartermaster General. Ordnance issued and received books, 1861, 1863-1866, 2 items
SERIES 131: Adjutant General, Letter books of the Quartermaster General, 1861-1865(microfilm), 7 items
SERIES 132: Adjutant General, Copies of orders sent to the Ohio State Arsenal and Warehouse from the Quartermaster, May 1861-April 1862(microfilm), 2 items
SERIES 133: Adjutant General, Record of transportation, 1864-1867, 2 items
SERIES 134: Adjutant General, Telegraphic dispatches to the Quartermaster General, 1861-1865, .7 cf
SERIES 136: Adjutant General, Surgeon General. Payroll accounts, 1862, 1 item
SERIES 137: Adjutant General, Surgeon General. Abstract of the Board of Surgeons, Camp Chase Hospital, 1862, 1 item
SERIES 138: Adjutant General, Surgeon General. Dead Book of General Hospital, Columbus, 1863, 2 items
SERIES 139: Adjutant general, Surgeon Generalís correspondence, 1861-1864(volumes), 3 items
SERIES 140: Adjutant General, Telegraphic dispatches to the Surgeon General, 1861-1863(volumes), 1 item
SERIES 142: Adjutant General, Letter book and correspondence of the Governor of Ohio, 1862-1864, .7 cf
SERIES 143: Adjutant General, Register of agents of the governor recruiting in rebel states, 1864-1865, 1 item
SERIES 144: Adjutant General, Telegraphic dispatches from the Governor of Ohio, 1861-1866, 2.3 cf
SERIES 145: Adjutant General, Telegraphic dispatches to the Governor of Ohio, 1861-1865, 2.3 cf
SERIES 146: Adjutant General, Correspondence from the Adjutant General, 1861-1876, 1880-1898, 9.3 cf
SERIES 147: Adjutant General, Correspondence to the Governor and Adjutant General of Ohio, 1861-1866, 1875-1876, 1898, 19.3 cf
SERIES 148: Adjutant General, Correspondence from the Paymaster General, 1861-1867, .7 cf
SERIES 159: Adjutant General, Record of Volunteer Militia enrollment, 1863-1866, 1 item
SERIES 162: Adjutant General, Ohio National Guard. Regimental rosters, 1863, 1870-1904, 56 items
SERIES 168: Adjutant General, Record of Ohio volunteer regiments, 1861-1865, 31 items
SERIES 169: Adjutant General, Claims presented to the Commissary General 1861(volume), 1 item
SERIES 170: Adjutant General, Letter books from claims agents and the Commission of Claims, 1862-1869, 1 item, 1.7 cf
SERIES 171: Adjutant General, Record of Civil War bounty remittances, 1864-1911, .3 cf
SERIES 172: Adjutant General, Morganís Raid claims, 1863-1864, 2.5 cf
SERIES 173: Adjutant General, Abstract of military claims, 1861-1865(volumes), 6 items
SERIES 174: Adjutant General, Record of Civil War claims, 1904-1915, 1 item
SERIES 177: Adjutant General, Pension record book of Civil War veterans, 1866-1899, 2 items
SERIES 183: Adjutant General, Grave registration cards, A-Z, soldiers buried in Ohio (microfilm), 107 items
SERIES 224: Adjutant General, Ohio militia roster book, 3rd Brigade, 5th Division, Companies A, B, D, and E, 1860, 1 item
SERIES 720: Adjutant General, Photographs of Ohio battle flags, 1.25 cf
SERIES 1274: Adjutant General, Ohio Volunteer Militia personnel records, by county, 1863-1866, 11 cf
SERIES 1277: Adjutant General, Index to record of discharge papers sent to veterans of the Civil War, 1886-1888, 1 item
SERIES 1375: Adjutant General, Volunteer militia blotter, 1 item
SERIES 1379: Adjutant General, Record of burials at Greenlawn National Cemetery and Camp Chase Cemetery, 1863-1865(microfilm), 1 item
SERIES 1381: Adjutant General, Letter book of the Assistant Quartermaster General, 1861-1862, 1 item
SERIES 1382: Adjutant General, Quartermaster General. Contracts, 1861(volume), 2 items
SERIES 1384: Adjutant General. Surgeon General. Deaths, resignations, and transfers of Ohio infantry officers, 1861-1863, 1 item
SERIES 1385: Adjutant General. Paroled Prisonersí Correspondence, Union, 1862-1863, .3 cf
SERIES 1401: Adjutant General. Descriptive roll of the 71st Regiment, Ohio Volunteer Infantry, 1862-1863, 1 item
SERIES 1402: Adjutant General, Descriptive roll of the 136th Regiment of the Ohio National Guard, ďOne Hundred DaysĒ Men, 1863-1864, 1 item
SERIES 1410: Adjutant General, Records of Ohio soldiers buried in Antietam and Andersonville cemeteries, 1862-1865(folder), 1 item
SERIES 1411: Adjutant General, Time book of men enlisted by recruiting officers, 1861-1862, 1 item
SERIES 1412: Adjutant General, Monies, checks, and certificates received and forwarded by the Adjutant General of Ohio, 1867-1874(volume), 1 item
SERIES 1413: Adjutant General, Claims from the Washington, D.C. Agency, 1868-1879(volume), 1 item
SERIES 1419: Adjutant General, Naval records of Ohio personnel, 1861-1865, .25 cf
SERIES 1420: Adjutant General, Records of recruiting officers in Ohio, 1861-1865, .3 cf
SERIES 1421: Adjutant General, Militia of the reserve, 1861, 2 items
SERIES 1422: Adjutant General, Roster of Officers, 1862-1865, 1 item
SERIES 1423: Adjutant General, Book of the Union Dead, 1861-1865, 2 items
SERIES 1424: Adjutant General, Record of commissions issued specially for the ďOne Hundred Days Service,Ē 1864, 1 item
SERIES 1425: Adjutant General, Military Prison Record, Camp Chase and Johnsonís Island, 1861-1862, 2 items
SERIES 1426: Adjutant General, Rolls of drafted men and substitutes, by county, 1862, 2.7 cf
SERIES 1427: Adjutant General, Reports to the Governor re Ohio troops in the Kanawha Valley, 1862, and sanitary condition of Ohio troops, 1863(folder), 1 item
SERIES 1483: Adjutant General, Quartermaster General. Returns, abstracts, and vouchers for clothing and camp equipment, 1861-1865, 1 cf
SERIES 1515: Adjutant General, Index to the Twenty-Third Regiment, Ohio Volunteer Infantry, ca. 1862, 1 item
SERIES 1567: Adjutant General, Record of regimental locations, 1862-1863, 1 item
SERIES 1569: Adjutant General, Index to casualties, ca. 1862, 14 items
SERIES 1578: Adjutant General, Applications for positions in new regiments and companies, 1861-1862, 2 volumes
SERIES 1602: Adjutant General, Index to offers from artillery and cavalry companies for service, 1861, 1 item
SERIES 1606: Adjutant General, Governor Dennisonís military correspondence Letter books, August 1861-January 1862, 2 rolls of microfilm
SERIES 1607: Adjutant General, Quartermaster General, Record of arms issued, and requisitions referred to the Adjutant General for endorsement, 1863-1864, 1 item
SERIES 1629: Adjutant General, Correspondence of the Adjutant General, Governor, and Armory Board relating to the Civil War, etc, 1842-1918, 5 cf
SERIES 1638: Adjutant General, Election returns for officers, 1861-1862, 1 cf
SERIES 1657: Adjutant General, Register of soldiersí discharges and record of payment, 1862-1865, 2 items
SERIES 1709: Adjutant General, State transportation agentís letter book, 1862-1863, 1 item
SERIES 1711: Adjutant General, State transportation agentís record, 1862, 1 item
SERIES 1723: Adjutant General, Abstract of disbursements made by the State of Ohio, 1862-1869, 1885, .3 cf
SERIES 1736: Adjutant General, Account book of Ohio Militia, 1863-1864, 1 item
SERIES 1738: Adjutant General, Record of transcription of the Ohio Volunteer muster rolls into the War Record Books, 1864, 1 item
SERIES 1741: Adjutant General, Morning Report book of Company F of the 126th Regiment, Ohio Volunteer Infantry, 1862-1864, 1 item
SERIES 1753: Adjutant General, Copies of muster rolls and other correspondence related to veteran credits, 1861-1865, 1 cf
SERIES 1769: Adjutant General, Indexes (miscellaneous) to correspondence and dispatches, 1861, 5 items
SERIES 1774: Adjutant General, Descriptive rolls of Ohio Volunteers, 1861-1865, 4 cf
SERIES 1777: Adjutant General, Certificates of service of Civil War veterans, 1886-1887, 1 volume
SERIES 1792: Adjutant General, List of reenlistment volunteers for bounty credit, 1867, 1 item
SERIES 1865: Adjutant General, Index to appointment record, ca. 1861-1865, 3 items
SERIES 1935: Adjutant General, Index to telegraphic dispatches to the Adjutant General, 1861-July 16, 1983, 4 volumes
SERIES 2040: Adjutant General, Record of Morganís Raid claims, 1864, 4 items
SERIES 2073: Adjutant General, Surgeon General, Morning report book, 152nd Regiment, Ohio National Guard, 1864, 1 item
SERIES 2100: Adjutant General, Account of funds provided by Ohio to transport troops, 1862-1865, 1 cf
SERIES 2101: Adjutant General, Letter book of the Adjutant General regarding soldiers claims, 1867-1868, 1 item
SERIES 2102: Adjutant General, Morning reports and remarks of Company H, 148th Regiment, Ohio Volunteer Infantry, 1864, 1 item
SERIES 2106: Adjutant General, Officersí certificates of qualification and acceptances of commissions, 1861-1862, 2 cf
SERIES 2107: Adjutant General, Morning reports of drafted men and volunteers, 1861-1863, 2 cf
SERIES 2108: Adjutant General, Reenlistment muster rolls, 1865, 1 cf
SERIES 2109: Adjutant General, Monthly returns, Ohio Volunteers, 1861-1865, 1 cf
SERIES 2110: Adjutant General, Volunteer enlistment papers, 1861-1865, 5 cf
SERIES 2111: Adjutant General, Washington rolls of Civil War soldiers, 1881-1885, 6 cf
SERIES 2112: Adjutant General, Papers of Companies D and G of the 7th Regiment, OVI, 1861-1865, .7 cf
SERIES 2113: Adjutant General, Rosters of sergeants, discharge papers, and applications for uncollected bounties, 1864-1870, 1.3 cf
SERIES 2115: Adjutant General, Monthly and tri-monthly reports of volunteers mustered into the service of the United States, 1861-1865, 2 cf
SERIES 2120: Adjutant General, Descriptive roll and scrapbook of the 6th Regiment, Ohio Volunteer Cavalry, ca. 1865 and 1870-1900, 1 item
SERIES 2141: Adjutant General, Muster-in roll 5th Regiment, U.S. Colored Troops, 1863, 1 roll microfilm
SERIES 2142: Adjutant General, Report of examination of candidates for officers in colored regiments, 1863, 1 roll of microfilm
SERIES 2158: Adjutant General, Special enlistment returns, Ohio Volunteer Infantry, 1862, 2 cf
SERIES 2159: Adjutant General, Enlistment rolls, 1861-1864, 4 cf
SERIES 2160: Adjutant General, Ohio Volunteer Infantry company re-enlistment muster-in rolls, 1864, 7.3 cf
SERIES 2161: Adjutant General, Civil War Claims, 1861-1893, .75 cf
SERIES 2218: Adjutant General, Record of payment and claims, 1858, 1864-1868, 1 item
SERIES 2219: Adjutant General, Squirrel Hunterís claims, 1908, 1 volume
SERIES 2220: Adjutant General, Pension correspondence, ca. 1894-1908, 1.5 cf
SERIES 2223: Adjutant General, Quartermaster General, Record of ordnance issued, 1863-1871, 1878-1879, 2 items
SERIES 2224: Adjutant General, Quartermaster General, Ordnance and ordnance stores, 1860-1863, 1876-1879, 1888, 2 volumes
SERIES 2225: Adjutant General, Quartermaster Generalís account book, 1861-1867, 4 items
SERIES 2226: Adjutant General, Quartermaster General, Invoice of ordnance received from the U.S. government, 1808-1884, 1 volume
SERIES 2227: Adjutant General, Quartermasterís cash journal, 1861-1862, 1 item
SERIES 2229: Adjutant General, Record of certificates issued by county, 1865-1866, 1 item
SERIES 2234: Adjutant General, Paymaster General, Monthly allotment reports, warrants, and payrolls, 1864-1865, .7 cf
SERIES 2236: Adjutant General, Index to records (unidentified) of the Ohio Military Agency in Washington D.C., ca. 1864, 1 item
SERIES 2237: Adjutant General, Ohio Military Agency reports of operations at New Orleans, 1864, 1 volume
SERIES 2242: Adjutant General, U.S. Sanitary Commission Reports, 1864-1865, 1 folder
SERIES 2330: Adjutant General, Surgeon General, Muster-in roll of surgeons and nurses, ca. 1861-1862, 1 item
SERIES 2331: Adjutant General, Surgeon General, Prescription Book, 152nd Regiment, OVI, 1864, 1 item
SERIES 2332: Adjutant General, Surgeon General, Record of Ohio surgeons (indexed), 1861-1865, 1 item
SERIES 2333: Adjutant General, Surgeon General, Index to resignations, deaths, and transfers of Ohio Officers, 1861-1864, 1 item
SERIES 2335: Adjutant General, Book of Confederate Dead, 1862-1865, 2 items
SERIES 2440: Adjutant General, Muster-in and muster-out rolls, 1861-1865, (microfilm), 385 items
SERIES 2442: Adjutant General, Muster rolls and miscellaneous documents of the 89th, 94th, 121st, and 128th regiments, OVI, 1861-1865, 1 cf
SERIES 2443: Adjutant General, Burial record, National Cemetery at Columbus barracks, ca. 1885-1895, 1 item
SERIES 2444: Adjutant General, Morning reports remarks, Company M, 1st Regiment, Ohio Volunteer Cavalry, 1861-1864, 1 volume
SERIES 2445: Adjutant General, Furlough papers, Ohio Volunteers, 1862-1865, 1.3 cf
SERIES 2456: Adjutant General, Report to the Treasurer of State on settlement of accounts for officers expenses, 1861-1873, 1 item
SERIES 2814: Adjutant General, Index to unknown correspondence, 1864-1865, 1 item
SERIES 2816: Adjutant General, Lists of Union troops buried in the National Cemetery, 1863-1865, .25 cf
SERIES 2817: Adjutant General, Muster rolls of Companies E and H, 100th Regiment, OVI, 1861-1866, and Company K, 3rd Regiment, OVI, 1861, 1 folder
SERIES 2864: Adjutant General, Index of Officers of Civil War regiments (incomplete), n.d.
T 15: Transparency Coll. 15, Adjutant General, Ohio Battle Flags, 318 items

VFM 1181: Vertical File Manuscript Coll., Grand Army of the Republic. Alexander Post No. 158, 1 item

VFM 2604: Vertical File Manuscript Coll. 2604, John M. Alexander

VFM 875: Vertical File Manuscript Coll., William Allee

VFM 712: Vertical File Manuscript Coll. 712
VFM 713: Vertical File Manuscript Coll. 713
VFM 714: Vertical File Manuscript Coll. 714

VFM 3664: Vertical File Manuscript Coll., Allton Family, 12 items

AMERICAN TRIBUNE, THE (Indianapolis, Indiana)
VFM 3255: Vertical File Manuscript Coll., The American Tribune(Indianapolis, Indiana), 1 item

VFM 2972: Vertical File Manuscript Coll., Lyman Daniel Ames, 1 item

VFM 2: Vertical File Manuscript Coll. 2

VFM 1402: Vertical File Manuscript Coll.

MSS 334: Manuscript Coll., Charles Anderson, .25 cf
OVS 1231: Oversize Coll., Charles Anderson, 1 item

MSS 84: Manuscript Coll., James House Anderson, 1 cf

AP 1508: Antique Photo 1508, Robert Anderson
VFM 1636: Vertical File Manuscript Coll., Robert Anderson, 6 items

OVS 1268: Oversize Coll., Thomas M. Anderson, 1 item
OVS 1269: Oversize Coll., Thomas M. Anderson, 1 item

OVS 3287: Oversize Coll., Andersonville Prison, birdís eye view, 1 item
OVS 3364: Oversize Coll., Andersonville Prison, 1 item
SC 1: Small Photo Coll., Andersonville and Elmira Prisons, 12 items
SERIES 87: Adjutant General. Index to Prisoners at Andersonville, Georgia, and Salisbury, North Carolina, 1864-1865, 2 items

VFM 251: Vertical File Manuscript Coll., James J. Andrews, 3 items

MIC 128: Microfilm Coll., Lorin Andrews, (1 item) Andrews Raiders
SC 9: Small Photo Coll. 9, Andrews Raiders, 3 items

VFM 812: Vertical File Manuscript Coll., Jesse Ankrom, 1 item

SERIES 1410: Adjutant General. Records of Ohio soldiers buried in Antietam and Andersonville cemeteries, 1862-1865(folder), 1 item

SERIES 2643: Special Boards and Commissions, Antietam Battlefield Commission, Report, 1903, 1 item

VFM: Vertical File Manuscript Coll.

SERIES 1578: Adjutant General, Applications for positions in new regiments and companies, 1861-1862, 2 volumes

SC 4505: Small Photo Coll., Wilmer McLean House, 1 item

SERIES 127: Adjutant General, Quartermaster General, Appropriation book, 1863-1864, 3 items

OVS 1785: Oversize Coll. 1785, Unknown military hospital, 1 item

SC 1400: Small Photo Coll. 1400, Grand Review of the Armies of Grant and Sherman, Washington, D.C., 1 item

SERIES 1629: Adjutant General, Correspondence of the Adjutant General, Governor, and Armory Board relating to the Civil War, etc, 1842-1918, 5 cf

SERIES 1607: Adjutant General, Quartermaster General, Record of arms issued, and requisitions referred to the Adjutant General for endorsement, 1863-1864, 1 item

VFM 101: Vertical File Manuscript Coll. 101, James B. Armstrong, 1 item

MSS 681: Manuscript Coll., Lester Arnold, .25 cf

OVS 133: Oversize Coll., Orris A. Lawson pencil sketch
OVS 134: Oversize Coll., Orris A. Lawson pencil sketch
OVS 135: Oversize Coll., Orris A. Lawson pencil sketch
OVS 136: Oversize Coll., Orris A. Lawson pencil sketch

VFM 1114: Vertical File Manuscript Coll.

SERIES 1381: Adjutant General. Letter book of the Assistant Quartermaster General, 1861-1862, 1 item

VFM 1030: Vertical File Manuscript Coll., Robert M. Atkinson, 28 items

VFM 1647: Vertical File Manuscript Coll.
VFM 2712: Vertical File Manuscript Coll.

VOL 1058: Volume 1058, Autograph Book, 1 item

VFM 1856: Vertical File Manuscript Coll., Autographs of Civil War Generals, 37 items