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Death Certificates

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What's in the Death Certificate Index?

  • Ohio Department of Health Death Certificates, 1913-1944, 1954-1970
  • Ohio Department of Health Stillborn Death Certificates, 1913-1935, 1942-1953
  • Columbus Board of Health Death Certificates, 1904-1908


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Veterans' and Beneficiaries' Burials

in Ohio's Federal Cemeteries

What do I get?

  • Name
  • Birth, death, and burial dates (if known)
  • Service (veterans)
  • Familial relation to veteran (beneficiaries)
  • Burial location (section/row/plot)
  • Cemetery information (address, website, contact info.)

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This index covers through - January 2018.

There are no copies of records or images to order from this particular index. All the information is free. However, you can check to see if we have a Death Certificate or check out Research Resources for help conducting extra research.

Federal Cemeteries in Ohio

Veterans and their beneficiaries can be buried in federal cemeteries. One does not need to have lived or died in Ohio to be buried in one. Ohio's federal cemeteries include:

  • Dayton National Cemetery
  • Ohio Western Reserve National Cemetery
  • Camp Chase Confederate Cemetery
  • Confederate Stockade Cemetery Johnson's Island
  • Woodland Cemetery Soldiers' Lot

Who's That Guy?

The above ambrotype portrait is of Robert Niesel (1838-1911) of Cincinnati, Ohio in military uniform at approximately 22 years of age. He served in the Union Army in the Ohio Volunteer Infantry (OVI) and the United States Artillery. He is buried at Section Q Row 10 Site 21 in the Dayton National Cemetery under the name Robert Neasell.

Who will you find? And what will you learn about them during your research journey?

Reminder: this index will not include photographs; though it will have cemetery information! If you want to learn more about Robert Niesel, visit Ohio Memory to see the above ambrotype, his discharge papers, and his naturalization papers.

Veterans' Graves Registration Cards

Coming Summer 2018

What will you learn?

Want to learn where someone was buried? What their military-related occupation was? Their date of death, burial, or even where their relative(s) lived? You might be able to find out once the Veterans' Graves Registration Cards Index becomes available.

What's a "Graves Registration Card?"

These record soldiers in every war from the Revolutionary War until World War II. However, they are by no means all-inclusive.

Each card includes fields for the following items: soldiers name, residence, death date, cause of death, date of burial, date of birth, place of birth, name of cemetery, location of cemetery, lot number, type of grave marker, name of relative, address of relative, and military service record (war served in, date enlisted, date discharged, serial number, branch of service, rank, company, outfit, or ship name).

However, very few of these cards include all of this information. The majority of them include only the soldiers name, birth date, death date, and cemetery information. The entries for Civil War soldiers, in most cases, also include the military service record.

Something wrong?

Information incorrect or incomplete? Remember, these cards are part of a historical collection. Sometimes information was improperly recorded on the cards. Occassionally, the wrong information was recorded due to people having the same or similar names. Keep this in mind as you do your research!

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